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Daily Dose: Leave No Man Behind

During my army days, this was ingrained into our minds during training. Whenever there is a 'casualty during training, we are told to leave no man behind. Despite the 'casualty ability to walk, we had to either carry him in a stretcher or do the fireman lift to bring him to safety. 

During this past year, Singapore has adopted the same philosophy for COVID-19. Given that some of our ministers are generals, it is not surprising that the concept of 'Leave No Man Behind' was adopted. Fellows Singaporeans and PRs are invited to come home without the need for a pre-COVID-19 test. Along the way, several were tested positive. There was even speculation that the current wave might result from seepage from returning Singaporeans and PRs.

All these changes yesterday. MOH now requires pre-departure COVID-19 testing to Singaporeans and PRs before returning or transiting through Singapore for all high-risk countries. Those that arrive in Singapore may be denied entry. PR and long term pass holders who fail to comply may have their permit cancelled. 

While this sounds like turning its back on citizens, it has added that Singaporeans who test positive for COVID-19 while abroad and require urgent medical care can still return home to SIngapore via medical evacuation flight or other similar forms of transport. While this still opens the door for citizens, it may be a costly alternative. There may also be cases where the citizen is on his/her own and cannot arrange for such flights. The other implication is that outgoing citizens who are heading overseas for business or even leisure would probably think twice about doing it with this restriction.

There had been arguments that doors should remain open for our own citizens while others had stated that it has been more than a year and they have all the chance to return. While there is no right or wrong, there are some instances when those overseas are left with Hobson’s choice especially for students or those with careers/business overseas.

Given the approval of the decision by a large number of people in the comments section of the post when the news is out, one question if the notion "Leave No Man Behind" still applies. Have we reach the stage where it is "Every Man for Himself  " now?

1) 26 COVID-19 cases

  • 24 Local Cases, 2 Imported

Local cases as follows

  • 23 Community, 1 Dorm

Out of the total local cases, 3 are unlinked, while 7 are detected through surveillance. This means a total of 10 cases were NOT quarantined prior to positive results.

Given the different numbers in the report, it can get quite confusing to decipher. They should standardise the reporting especially when reported over news media

The unlinked cases are all working at various F&B outlets. 

Source: MOH


2) MOH extends pre-departure Covid19 tests to Singaporeans and PRs

Previously testing was done only upon landing. While this is a response to the current outbreak, it has been received with mixed feelings with the majority agreeing to this. It will be interesting to see the breakdown between returning  Singaporeans and PRs contribution to positive imported cases for the past 3 months. While it is understandable to be prudent, we think, at the very least, let citizens home to be treated. For this restriction to take place, it will send a death blow to any near term holiday plans. 

Source ST


3) More schools with students who tested positive added to the COVID-19 list

Out of the 4 schools, 2 are in Choa Chu Kang.

S)ource: TWD


4) Are Sports coaches who move across condos a weak link in Singapore's COVID19 fight?

Honestly, unless we go full lockdown, we cannot close all these gaps. In reality, yes they can be a weak link as they interact with different students from different places. In the same breath, the same argument could be made for 'in person' classes for adults. We could even infer that trains and buses are also potential threats since there was at least one case that was deemed to have been transmitted on a bus. 

The crux of the matter is not if they are a threat, but how much are we willing to sacrifice to curb the spread. Additionally, it will be the responsibility of everyone and not just specific groups. Parents who bring more than 1 kid to the condo pool also contributed to the risk of spread. 

To imply that Sports Coach are a weak link without acknowledging that other weak links are there is short-sided for an editor. 

Source: ST


5) Super Flower Blood Moon failed to show up last night

For those with neck strain, we apologise. The Bloody Moon did not show up in Singapore due to the cloudy condition.

6) More restaurants added to the list of COVID-19 cases visited while infectious

There was a forum letter urging to allow 1 person to dine in or for families to celebrate special occasions in a restaurant. Given that more restaurants are added to the daily list of places visited, it may be wiser to hold that thought.

The McDonald's outlet at The Woodgrove shopping centre in Woodlands was on Wednesday (May 26) added to a list of public places visited by COVID-19 community cases during their infectious period.

Source: CNA


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