Parkway Centre could be the next potential cluster : Confirmed cases from Learning Point and RMSS

There are now 2 official Covid19 cases with similar locations at Parkway Centre.

The first was a VJC student who was tested positive on May 8 who attended RMSS om May 3. 

The latest one to be tested positive is a 50-year-old tutor at Learning Point. She had developed diarrhoea and headache on 3 May and was tested on May 11. Results came out positive on May 12.

Learning Point is located on the 5th floor, and Parkway Center is located on the 3rd floor. Given that they are on different floors, one could conclude that they have a possibility of not being connected.

Parents with children at Parkway Centre would know that the lifts at Parkway.   Center are notoriously famous for long queues during the tuition period. It would not be surprising that transmission had occurred during at this stage. 

Parkway Centre is a popular spot for tuition centres, other than RMSS and Learning Point, it also houses popular tuition centres such as Tien Hsia as well as Platinum Yoga. Popular restaurants such as McDonald's and Liho are located within the vicinity. 

We have called for tuition and enrichment centres to revert to zoom in case of an outbreak. Given the popularity of Parkway Centre, a potential outbreak would definitely lead to HBL in the nearby schools. The next few days will be critical.

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