Seedings World Student Care@Frankel identifeid as a location with Covid-19 case


An after school student care has been named as a location with possible Covid-19 exposure.

Based on a school letter from a school to inform parents of possible exposure of their students, we learn that Seedings World Student Care @ Frankel had been identified as a location with Covid-19 case. 

Seedings World Student Care is student care located along Frankel Ave. Judging from the premises, it probably has less than 100 students under its care.

Base on information from a school circular. 8  of their students are under Quarantine Order by MOH due to close contact with recent confirmed cases at Seedings World Student Care@ Frankel, Wang Learning Centre or HCL Education Centre. It did not state how many cases are detected in the respective centres.

The school that sent out the letter has not started HBL. This is probably due to no positive case reported as test results are still pending for the 8 cases. Nonetheless, anxious parents were debating if they should send their children to school. According to sources, some parents requested their children to be absent from school. However, this was not approved without a valid reason.

There are now 10 tuition centres that have exposure to Covid19. They are as follow

  1. Learning Point @ Parkway Centre
  2. Wang Learning Centre @ East Gate
  3. HCL Education Centre@ Katong V
  4. RMSS @ Parkway Centre
  5. Berris World @ Mountbatten
  6. Berris World @ Bishan
  7. Learning Lab @ United Square
  8. first Learning Point @ Hougang Green Shopping Mall
  9. CMA Arithmetic Centre @ Parkway Centre
  10. Seedings World Student Care @ Frankel

Do self monitor your children if they had been to these centres.

Full list of tuition and enrichment centres with positive cases can be found in this post.


This information was contributed by a reader.

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