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Stay home, stay safe :HBL to be implemented this week

 Daily Dose: Stay Home, Stay Safe

Over the weekend, Singapore saw a jump in the number of community cases. Yesterday, as many as 38 community cases and 17 unlinked cases were reported. As school week approaches, there was apprehension among parents, especially those with primary school kids.

It's understandably so, given that there are now 8 schools with Covid19 cases. Due to the number of cases, there was even online feedback requested by the Government on concerns about infections in school. Personally, I think the survey was to gauge the response of parents to HBL. Frankly, regardless of the survey result,  any decisions made should not be swayed or seen as influenced by public opinion.  Leaders are met to lead and not be led. The right decision one makes may not always be the popular one.

With that said, HBL will start on Wed for all schools. For 8 selected schools, they will have an early HBL starting today. At the end of the day, HBL is meant to restrict movement outdoors, so do not use this opportunity to head outdoors for activities.

1) 49 new Covid19 cases

  • 38 Community cases
  • 11 Imported cases

Out of the 38 cases, 17 are unlinked. 6 are linked to Changi Airport cluster, 2 to Changi Prison cluster, 9 to learning point cluster, bringing that cluster to a total of 14. Additionally, there are 4 cases link to a new cluster (Wok Hey) at White Sands. 

There are no cases in dorms marking a stark difference from last year's outbreak. As for the unlink cases, It is interesting to note that 16 out of the 17 cases had symptoms, with 1 vaccinated and a handful receiving the first dose. 

Of the 9 cases from Learning Point Cluster, 4 are students, and 5 are household contacts

For the full list of cases, do refer to the MOH website

2 ) MOH studying if the second dose of Covid19 can be given later

Experts overseas and in Singapore believe that the two doses of the vaccine can be spaced further apart - up to six to eight weeks instead of three to four weeks currently. Given the current speed of spread, it may be wise to consider vaccinating more people at a faster pace. 

Regardless vaccination does not mean you are safe from Covid19, as evident by the increasing number of positive cases on those who are vaccinated.

Source: ST

3) All schools to shift to full home base learning from May 19-28 amid a sharp rise in community cases 

8 schools will be starting earlier due to positive Covid19 cases. The rest will start on May 19. The only Primary, Secondary, JC and MI are involved.

Source: Today

4) New Covid19 case at Frontier Primary School

HBL to start from today instead of May 19. The affected case is a staff of the school.

Source: TWD

5) Singapore Polytechnic student has Covid19

HIL is not slanted for home base learning. However, some lab lessons will be shifted online

Source: Today

6) You can now submit your feedback on Covid19 measures online

Call from the government to understand your response to Covid19.

Source: ST

7 ) 2 passengers limit for taxis, hire cars 

Limits imposed for taxi and hire cars. However, people from the same household, e.g. parent and 2 children can still take the transportation if they are living together.

Source: Today

8) Employee at Sheng Shiong outlet in Bukit Batok positive for Covid19

All staff will be swabbed. The employee is fully vaccinated and unlinked. The store will be close for 2 days for deep cleaning.

Source: CNA

9 ) Jem, Westgate visited by Covid19 cases during the infectious period.

The list is getting longer and longer!

Source: CNA

Stay safe!

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