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The First Day of HBL


Daily Dose: The First Day of HBL

There was a sense of Deja Vu yesterday. 

On the first day of islandwide HBL, a familiar sight greeted students and parents. Not the familiar SLS screen, but rather the screen every parent dreaded... The system is under maintenance. Immediately, parents all around Singapore became tech support to solve the issue. Thankfully, nowadays, we just need to turn to social media to find out the problem. 

Thankfully, it did not take long for the issue to resolve. Given our experiences, no one press the panic button. We are glad that the new Minister of Education took this candidly with his Facebook update. In times like this, we just need to give and take.

As for today, I would think that there will be fewer hiccups along the way. Let's see how it goes as the day progress.

1) 38 new Covid19 cases

  • 34 Community Cases
  • 4 Imported cases

Out of the community cases, 4 are unlinked. Unlinked cases all had symptoms. One of them is an SDA at Westgate.  7 were from Changi Airport Clusters, 3 from Learning Point, 3 from Changi Prison and the rest are linked to various clusters and groups. There were 5 school children identified in the cases.

There are currently 221 cases in the hospital, with 5 in critical condition.

Source: MOH

2) 5 Students from 3 Primary schools, 1 Preschool and 1 Secondary school tested positive for Covid19

There are as follow

  • White Sands Primary
  • St Stephen's School
  • St Anthony Canossian Primary.
  •  Hokkien Huay Kuan Kindergarten
  •  Yu Ying Secondary School

4 of the schools are new to the list.

Source: TWD

3) Nparks to close outdoor areas if too crowded.

Given that the weekends are coming, it is anticipated that crowds would rise.

If you are heading out, do check the crowd status here 

Source: ST

4) Covid10 vaccination helped Singapore stave off second circuit breaker so far

With over 30 cases reported daily for the last few days, I would hesitate to use the words stave off.  Moreover, with scenes of empty streets around Singapore, we are in a pseudo Circuit Breaker, no matter how we try to term it.

Source: ST

5) Choose the right mask to wear

We share which mask to use and which mask to avoid base on MOH guidelines.

Source: TWD

6) POFMA Correction directions to be issued to Facebook, Twitter, SPH Magazine.

Why not POFMA the source?

Oh... it's beyond our shores.

Source: CNA

7) New places visited by Covid-19 cases

Includes Takashimaya, Marina Bay Sands Casino, IKEA, Great World City

Source: Today

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