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Unlinked cases : The key to stopping the spread

 Daily Dose: Unlinked cases

75 unlinked cases from May 7 to May 20

That is an average of 5.35  cases per day. The unlinked cases will be the number to watch to assess how many hidden cases that we had yet uncovered in the community. . On the other hand, while linked cases give us the impression that contact tracing is done, an ever-increasing number would mean that there will be more people to trace. While current resources seem to be able to manage it, the exponential increase might make it reach its limit.

Unlike Dorms, where we can do a lockdown for each cluster. The community cases are spread across different parts of Singapore. Unless there is a full lockdown, given the contagious effect of the current B1617 variant, I would suspect that we might be in for a long ride. While vaccination is effective in preventing serious illness, it does not prevent one from being infected or be infectious.

The underlying message is clear. This is a more contagious variant. The seriousness is confirmed when a 70year old man passed away yesterday as a result of Covid-19. To prevent an uncontrollable spread, everyone must do their part.

Stay Home, Stay Safe. If you are heading out, bring the right mask and WEAR it!

1) 41 New cases

  • 27 Community
  • 14 Imported 
Community cases include 6 unlinked cases

Unlink case includes a student from SP. She is the 4th person tested positive from SP. Linked cases include 3 students where 1 of them is a 3-year-old from Preschool from Skool4kidz at Punggol Way.

Source: MOH

2)  3 more schools, including a preschool added to the list of schools with positive Covid19 cases
The schools are 
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Madrasah Al-Ma'arif Islamiah
  • School4kidz Centre
  • Anglo Chinese School (Junior) 

All except for SP were linked to existing cases outside of schools. There are now 27 schools reported with Covid19 cases.

3) Compulsory Covid-19 testing for all residents of Block 506

This is after several cases found from that block. If this becomes a protocol, expect more mass testings should there be several cases from one vicinity.

Source: Today

4) 70-year-old man warded in TTSH dies of Covid-19 complications

He is the 2nd person to have pass away as the result of this current wave at TTSH. The man is identified as a Singapore man, Case 62687. He is Singapore's 32nd fatality from the disease. He was not vaccinated and had a history of lung cancer.

Source: CNA

5) 4th student tested positive in Singapore Poly, Covid19 testing to cover 2000 more people.

The total number of a test at SP will now be 8500. The student was from School of Chemical and Life Science.

Source: CNA

6)  Shangri La Dialogue cancelled. 

The organiser announced this just days after saying it was on track for early.   June. Frankly, with double-digit community case and the nation on P2HA, it will be a challenge for invitees to come and at the same time trying to impose P2HA restrictions.

Source: Today

7 ) P1 registration for 2022 begins on June 30 online.
This will be done online, like how it was conducted last year.

Source: Today

8) Sun Plaza, City Plaza visited by Covid19 cases during the infectious period

Shopping malls Sun Plaza and City Plaza were on Thursday (May.       20) included on the list of public places visited by COVID-19 community cases during their infectious period. City Plaza is well known as a gathering spot for helpers during the weekend.

The Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery in Bright Hill Road and an outlet of pawnshop Cash Converters at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 were also on the list, said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Source: CNA

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