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 Daily Dose: Watch this number

Happy Vesak Day!

In recent days, if one was to glance through the daily MOH report, one might feel that the situation in Singapore is improving as unlinked cases remain in single digit.

Compared to the week before the circuit breaker, the unlinked cases appeared to be lower in terms of average cases. However, it is worth noting that cases detected under surveillance were not part of the reporting last year. Additionally, such cases are not quarantined. This meant that the risk of infection for both unlinked cases and surveillance cases must be considered equal as they are able to move freely in the community. In some cases, testing is not made compulsory ( eg Westgate / Jem) for certain groups of people. Thus there is always a possibility of seepage from these clusters.

As such, the number to watch would be the sum of unlinked cases and cases that are tested positive under surveillance. 

  • May 25:  6 Unlinked, 7 Surveillance - Total 13 Cases
  • May 24: 2 Unlinked, 10 Surveillance- Total 12 cases
  • May 23: 7 Unlinked, 10 Surveillance - Total 17 Cases
  • May 22: 7 Unlinked, 10 Surveillance - Total 17 Cases
  • May 21: 8 Unlinked, 13 Surveillance - Total 21 Cases

As seen from the numbers, cases not quarantined continues to be double-digit on the daily reporting. The need to be vigilant continues. That said, compared to countries like Taiwan or Vietnam that has previously avoid major waves, we are in a much better position. This was mostly due to the initiatives by the Government for early vaccination as well as the continued vigilance of the general public. Give credit where credit is due, we have done well despite the current wave. Continue to stay vigilant!

Stay home and stay safe!

1) 30 COVID-19 cases

  • 18 Community cases
  • 3 Dorms cases
  • 9 imported cases

Out of the community cases, 6 were unlinked and 7 linked cases detected through surveillance ( Not quarantine) . 4 students were part of this group.

There is also a new COVID-19 cluster at Harvest@ Woodlands dorm after 3 more workers tested positive

Source: MOH

2) 4 new schools added to the list with students tested positive for COVID-19

3 of the schools are from Jurong. 1 of the student (Westwood Secondary) has been in school on May 18.

Source: TWD

3) 2400 bed spaces for COVID-19 patients at community care facilities, 1700 more as buffer.

It is NOT the 5 star staycation one may be expecting.

 These facilities are D'Resort NTUC, Tuas South and Bright Vision Hospital. They are meant to house people who tested positive for Covid-19 but have mild symptoms and lower risk factors.

Source: ST

4) Why are some classmates of COVID-19 cases quarantine but others are not?

This article attempts to answer the questions on most parents minds. However, the examples chosen are a bit bias on reporting

Eg : 

Greendale Sec :  Last in school on May 17, tested asymptomatic on May 23 (1 week later)

Peicai Sec : Have not been in school for 16 days.

There were other schools reported with students tested positive a day or two after quarantine, but contact tracing was unnecessary. 

Source: ST

5) Woman in viral MBS video charged with not wearing face mask outside court

Honestly, this could turn out to be a mental issue especially if one chooses to be defiant despite the earlier incidents. Hope she gets help.

Source: Today

6) Minister Shanmugam defends police, calls TOC video unethical.

There is always 2 sides to every story. Don't always judge before one knows the whole facts.

Source: ST

7) NEA encouraged by takeaway orders at hawkers remind patrons to maintain safe distancing.

Support your hawkers but do keep a safe distance. If you see long queues for a particular store, why not go for other hawkers around there with lesser queues. They might not appear on social media, but they do need your support too.

Source: CNA

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