10 More days


Daily Dose: 10 more days

We are past the halfway mark. 

It will be 10 more days before Phase 2 HA ends. Will, there be a change in policy?

As a self-employed who rely on meeting people for work, Phase 2 HA has been a challenge. While part of me feels that things should be restricted, there is still the issue of hidden cases that are yet to be discovered. 

Yesterday's sole unlink case seems to suggest that the measures are working. Yet, the day before 27 people were identified as a new cluster from MINDSville@ Napier on a single day. Given the mix signals, it may be wiser not to remove ALL measures of Phase 2 HA. Instead, it could be fine-tuned such as allowed vaccinated people to meet in larger groups. However, activities like tuition centers and enrichment classes should continue online. 

10 more days and we will see if the needle has moved.

1) 45 New COVID-19 cases

  • 35 Community cases
  • 10 Imported
Out of the 35 community cases, 34 are linked with only 1 unlinked. However, from the linked cases 6 were detected through surveillance. 22 of the community cases were first reported 2 nights ago. 

Source: MOH

2) COVID-19 Vaccination drive for 400,000 students aged 12 and above kicks off
1st jab administered yesterday

Source: ST

3) Moderna COVID-19 vaccine erroneous administration to a 16-year-old boy.

This is the result of the investigation as per MOH

   On 3 June 2021, a 16 year-old youth was administered the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine[1] at Kolam Ayer Community Club Vaccination Centre. The error was discovered onsite when vaccination centre staff identified that the individual was under 18 years of age during the post-vaccination observation period. As an additional precaution, he was placed under a longer observation time of 50 minutes, and remains generally well.

     Our investigations found that the individual’s date of birth had been erroneously entered when booking a vaccination appointment after receiving the sign-up link. This resulted in his age being incorrectly registered as above 18 years of age, making it possible for a Moderna vaccination centre to be selected. The vaccination centre staff had failed to verify his age during registration, which should have been carried out.

Both sides ( Child and Vaccination centre) had made errors that led to this. Moderna is currently on trial but not approved to kids below 18.

Source: MOH


4) Singapore, South Korea in exploratory talks on air travel bubbles.

Seriously, they should change the name. Hopefully, third time lucky?

Source: ST


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