Are we there yet?


Daily Dose: Are we there yet?

Singapore reported the lowest number of COVID-19 cases since Phase 2 HA.

While the local community cases are still considered higher than pre Phase 2 HA, it is really nitpicking since we are at 5 for the day. The fact that all 5 cases are linked to previous cases showed that there is a chance that we may have this contained? 

This showed 2 things. One, the measures implemented at Phase 2 HA works. Two, we did not need a full Circuit Breaker to get the results. Granted, today's situation of not dining out and meaning only in 2 has been restrictive especially for that business that is directly affected by it, nonetheless, it showed that policies can be tweaked to get results.

As for vaccination for teens, I had signed my child up. The earliest date is not until a week later, but it should be in time before school starts. The waiting period for the second dose is about 6-8 weeks depending on where you choose to be vaccinated.

With the vaccination program and the low cases, many would be like children on a long car trip. The one question on everyone's mind.... are we there yet?

1) 14 COVID-19 cases

  • 5 Community
  • 9 Imported

Community cases are all linked. Unlike the previous days, no children are on the list.

Source: MOH

2) Unlinked Cases connection to clusters found within days in Singapore

Kudos to contact tracers and the existing apps. As long as we can link the cases, we can ringfence and stop the spread.

Source: ST

3) Mandatory COVID-19 tests for residents of HDB Block in Punggol

Residents of Block 325A Sumang Walk in Punggol will be tested for the coronavirus on Tuesday and Wednesday (June 8 and 9), after Covid-19 cases were discovered there.

Source: Today

4) 3 Supermarkets in Bukkit Pangjang among places visited by COVID-19 cases while infectious

  • Giant supermarket at Fajar Shopping Centre located at 445 Fajar Road on May 24 between 12.30pm and 1pm and May 28 between 3.05pm and 3.40pm

  • Giant supermarket at Greenridge Shopping Centre located at 524A Jelapang Road in Bukit Panjang on May 25 between 7.35pm and 8.10pm

  • Choa Chu Kang Columbarium at 51 Chinese Cemetery Path 4 on May 30 between 3.50pm and 4.50pm

  • Sheng Siong Supermarket at 446A Fajar Road on May 31 between 7.40pm and 8.10pm and June 1 between 7.35am and 8.10am

Source: Today


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