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It ain't over till it's over

Daily Dose: It ain't over till it's over

Just 2 days had passed since the optimistic PM Lee's speech, and visions of the new normal were mooted as the nation heads full speed into vaccination. There is also an indication that restrictions may ease on June 13 if the numbers improved, giving rise to optimism among the population.

While the direction ahead is clear, the path may be rockier than one would expect. Yesterday's report is a clear indication that vaccination is NOT the cure. The 2 most common reasons for vaccination is to protect ourselves and the other to protect the families. However, it has shown that vaccinated people can still be infected and be infectious. Nonethless, those vaccinated had little or no symptoms. However, they still remain infectious during this time.

Thus the core reason for vaccination may not be necessary to protect the ones you love but to protect yourselves. To protect the ones you love, the best way base on the current medical situation is to get them vaccinated.

Everyone must act, only then will the finishing line be on sight  - a road back to normalcy.

1) 31 COVID-19 cases

24 Community cases

7 Imported

5 cases are unlinked, and 2 were detected through surveillance.  The numbers are edging up compared to previous days. However, the whammy here was that 24 other cases at MINDSville were reported late in the evening and not added to the tally. If it was added, it would be a whopping 55 cases for the day.

Interestingly, out of the 5 unlinked cases, 3 had the full dose of the vaccine, and 1 had the first dose. Some had minor symptoms, while others are asymptomatic. While this showed that vaccination helps to alleviate symptoms, it also poses a hidden danger. Infected persons will be harder to detect, is asymptomatic, and may be infectious in the community. This will, in turn, pose a risk to the unvaccinated. With that being the case, it may be Hobson's choice for vaccination, especially those most vulnerable such as old folks.

Source: MOH

2)  26 New COVID-19 cases surface at MINDSville@Napriri Home

This cluster has grown to 27 cases in total. Currently, 4 cases are reported. 1 staff (age 30) ad 3 residents between ages 47 and 64. All 4 are vaccinated. 

23 cases are reported to be asymptomatic and discovered through proactive testing. There is a possibility that they may have close contact with families and friends during the infectious stage.

Source: ST

3) Vaccination is the key to new normal under Singapore's Three-pronged COVID-19 strategy

Given the stage that we are already in, there is no turning back on vaccination. In a state where the majority are vaccinated, those that are not will face the brunt of COVID-19.  Will you take the vaccination?

Source: Today

4) Free COVID-19 Testing for people who visited shops in Sengkang West Ave between May 12 and May 30: MOH

Those who have been there between May 12 and 30 will be offered free Covid-19 testing to “pre-emptively mitigate any potential risk of wider, undetected community transmission” of the coronavirus.

Visitors who have been to the shops here during the specific dates are encouraged to visit a regional screening centre or Swab and Send Home Public Health Preparedness Clinic for a free Covid-19 test if they feel unwell.

Source: Today

5) Mandatory Tests for residents at Yishun HDB block completed, 3 COVID-19 cases found

Additionally, 1 COVID-19 case was found among Blocks 501 and 407 at Hougang Ave 8.

Source: CNA

6) Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine to be allowed in Singapore under special access the route after WHO approval.

This vaccine may be suitable for people with a history of severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis and immunocompromised individuals. Singapore has a stock of 200,0000 doses. However, Sinovac is not part of the national vaccine programme and will not be covered under the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme for COVID-19 Vaccination.

Source: CNA

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