New Month, New Beginning

Daily Dose: New Month, New Beginning

For those following this page, you may have come across a post I made a few weeks ago about embarking on a new career.  Having been freelancing for quite a long while since I left my corporate job, I had decided to take up a new challenge a year ago. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 had derailed the plans I had made earlier in 2020. For this new role, I am required to take classes and pass 2 exams. However, with COVID-19, classes and exams were suspended. As Phase 3 was introduced, an opportunity arrived. I managed to enrol in the necessary classes last Oct and took the exams in February this year. The exam is notorious for its low passing rate and I was blessed to be able to pass on the first attempt.

The plan was to start the new role in May. However, with Phase 2(HA), my application has been delayed for a few weeks. During this period, I was able to channel my time to update this website on COVID-19 matters. Hopefully, this had proved helpful for those reading this.

Today, I  received the official approval for my application.  This means that I am good to go for my Day job. It has been 6 months since I first started to get the wheel turning. Now, the cart is ready to move.

While it will be challenging, especially during this time, I am optimistic. In time to come, I will share the details with you. Regardless, TheWackyDuo has been a channel that allowed me to contribute a minuscule part to society. It will still remain online. I will just have to double hat and work harder on both fronts.

Can't wait to get up and running!

1) 18 COVID-19 cases

15 Community

3 Imported Cases

Out of the 15 community cases, 7 are unlinked, while 2 link cases were not on quarantine. This brings the number of cases that are not on quarantine but detected through surveillance to 9.  It is below the double-digit count but not too far from it.

2 Preschoolers, age 2 and 4, are on the list. The preschools they attended are at Carpe Diem and My First Skool

Source: MOH

2) All 26 Hua Zai Food Outlets closed until June 14 due to likely COVID-19 transmission

A cluster was first identified at Block 308 Anchorvale Raod.  No other details are provided on the linked cases to Hua Zai Food outlets

Source: ST

3) WHO-approved Sinovac COVID19 vaccine for emergency uses

Sinovac was approved for use for ages 18 and above.

Vaccine efficacy is at 51%, and prevention of severe COVID-19 and hospitalisation at 100% of the population.

Singapore has 200,000 in stock but not approved for mass use. However, people who want alternative COVID-19 vaccines can get them under a special access route. With WHO approval, Sinovac can now be used in Singapore.

These vaccines include those by Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm. 

"As and when the WHO approves the Sinovac vaccine into its emergency use list, the licensed healthcare institution can apply to MOH to draw on our the existing stock of 200,000 doses to administer to those who wish to have it," said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung in a press conference on Monday.

4) More than 26,000 students sign up for COVID-19 vaccinations on the first day of registration.

This is more than half of the number of students who have been invited to register for vaccinations so far, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said on Tuesday (Jun 1) on Channel 5’s News Tonight. The exercise started with graduating cohorts from secondary schools and at the pre-university levels, in particular, students sitting for the GCE N-, O- or A-Level examinations later this year, said the Ministry of Education (MOE) in a separate press release on Monday. 

Source: CNA

5) NDP to return to Marina Bay Floating Platform for 2021

It is unsure how many people can attend, but preparation is already on the way.

This year would probably see fewer mass performances displays as opposed to pre-Covid19 days since there have not been any preparations in schools for this.

Source: ST

6) Seletar Mall, Plaza Singapura among public places visited by Covid19 cases during the infectious period

Seletar Mall and Plaza Singapura were on Tuesday (Jun 1) added to a list of public places visited by COVID-19 community cases during their infectious period.

The Cold Storage supermarket at Plaza Singapura was also on the list said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The full list can be found here.

Source: CNA

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