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Daily Dose:  The last dose ... for now

A year ago, I started Daily Dose to keep track of daily Singapore news highlight with a focus on COVID19. Sometime this year, it was stopped as the situation seems to be improving in Singapore and we are barely registering any local cases. 

A month ago, this changed with the emergence of a new strain and the increased number of local cases. As such, Daily Dose came back. I do hope that during this period, those who had read it benefitted from an easy to digest summary of the day's news. I do admit that there are views that do not resonate with some, but as long as we agreed to disagree amicably, it is a positive interaction.

Given that we are now back to Phase 2 ++ or Phase 3 Part 2, things are looking back to 'normal' for Singapore. As such, I do think daily updates might not be necessary. It is time to revert back to normal transmission. For me, it is also the time to focus on my new career... one that officially started a week ago. Some had asked me what is my new 'career'. Well, I will save for that a new post. All will be revealed as soon as I dot the i's and cross the t's.

As for now, I will be taking a break from Daily Dose. This probably means I could get a good night rest... speaking about a good night rest, lookout for the next post. There will be a surprise gift for one of you!

In any case, updates will still be made on FB when there is a need. Do continue to support us!

1) 13 COVID-19 cases

  • 4 Community 
  • 9 Imported

For the community cases, 2 cases are unlinked. Of the 2 linked cases, 1 was under quarantine and the other detected from surveillance. Overall, the case counts look much more manageable. However, the continued presences of unlink cases indicate that the risk is still there. For the record, 150 confirmed cases are still in hospital with 1 in critical condition.

2) Singapore to ease COVID-19 curbs from June 14

Source: Today

Phase 3 lite? Phase 2B? Phase 2.3?

No matter what it is called, some normalcy will return to Singapore. Here are the key points

From June 14

  • Cap on social gatherings to be raised from 2 to 5 pax
  • Event Size and capacity Limit to  be raised from June 14
  • Vaccination booking for 12 to 39 ( Begin on June 11)

From Jun 21

  • Dining to be allowed for groups of 5
  • Gyms, sports and tuition classes to resume from June 21
  • Working from home to continue.
  • Regular testing for staff in higher-risk activities and sale of self-test kits
  • This will be implemented for staff working in F&B, personal care services that require mask removal, gyms and fitness studios staff.

Source: ST

3) Students from Singapore could be given priority in a pilot scheme for possible air travel bubble with Australia

Priority will be given to students from SIngapore to return to Australia to engage in their stydies.

Source: CNA

4) Postponed Singapore-HK air travel bubble to be reviewed in early July

3rd time lucky or will it go pop again?

Source: Today

5) Heart inflammation in young men higher than expected after Pfizer, Moderna vaccines

Dr Shimabukuro said there was a predominance of males in younger age groups among the reported heart inflammation cases.

The median age of patients who experienced the inflammation after a second vaccine dose was 24, according to the Vaers data. Just under 80 per cent of the cases were in men.

Source: Today

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