6 schools reported COVID-19 cases on 24 July : 1 could be a school based transmission


At least 7 more schools have informed parents of COVID-19 cases.

Base on the letters sent to parents,  1 case may have the transmission in school. 5 schools are primary schools with one secondary school

We had earlier reported that at least 16 schools had reported cases of COVID-19 of students and staff.

The cases are as follows

Pei Chun Public School

Toa Payoh

Announced on 24 July

2 students P3 and P6. Both are not related and was last in school on 16 July. 

No contact tracing among school contact as the students were not in school during the infectious period. However, mandatory swab tests for students and teachers who were close contacts of the P3 are required.

Xingnan Primary School

Jurong West Street 91

Announced on 24 July

2 P5 students tested positive on 23 and 24th July. Both are from the same class but unrelated. One was last in school on 21 (Wed) and the other on 23 ( Fri). Students and staff on close contact are placed on LOA.

Full HBL for P4-P6 for 2 weeks and P1-3 for 1 week.

P6 Prelim orals will be postponed.

This is the first possible school-based transmission for this wave and the first school to go full HDL for 1 to 2 weeks.

Rulang Primary

Jurong West

Announced on 24 July

1 P5 student was tested positive. Last in school on 21. Students and staff who were in close contact have been placed on LOA from 24 July to 4 August. All P5 will be on HBL from 26-28 July.

Horizon Primary School

Edgedale Plains

Reported 24 July

1 P3 has been tested positive. The student is a family member of a confirmed case and was last in school on 21 July. It is NOT linked to the staff case that was earlier reported on 18 July. Students and Staff are place on LOA. HBL for all P3 from 26 July to 30 July.

Henry Park

Holland Grove Road

Announced on 24 July
P1 student tested positive on 22 July. Staff and Student in close contact were placed on LOA from 23 July to 5 Aug.

Yuying Secondary 

Announced 24 July
Sec 1 Student last in school on 22 July. School and staff in closed contact to be on LOA from 23 July to 5 Aug. All Sec 1 on HBl from 26 to 28 July.

Do note the following
1)ALL students regardless of vaccination status show mild symptoms or are asymptomatic. As such, there is NO cause for alarm.

2) Protocols appear to differ from school to school. Some have LOA and HBL, whereas others have neither. However, we understand that the circumstances of the infection would play a role in determining the course of action.

3) The MAIN risk is transmission to family members who are not vaccinated especially for those above 50. Continue to stay vigilant.

If you, your child or anyone in the family has any symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. The responsibility to stop the spread starts with us. The risk is not on the children since symptoms are usually mild but on families of the children who are not vaccinated. 

Stay safe!

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