At least 8 school reported with Covid-19 cases over the past few days


At least 8 schools have reported Covid-19 cases over the past few days.

Based on the reader's contribution, social media shares  and official sources such as ST and 8World, these are the 8 confirmed schools with students and staff affected. Do note that NOT all schools are having HBL as a result of this. All close contacts (students and staff) are placed on LOA. All the students affected are from Primary and Preschools. As per articles available, children of this age are less likely to be ill and many do not show symptoms. 

As information is limited from MOE, we can only base our findings on the letters presented.

The following are the schools affected

PCF Sparkletots @ Brickland 
1 Kindergarten and 1 Playgroup
Reported on 14 July

Primary Schools

Concord Primary School
1 P1 Student
Reported on 13 July

Naval Base Primary School
1 P6 Student
Reported on 16 July 

Opera Estate Primary School
1 P6 Student
Reported on 16 July

Yangzheng Primary
1 P2 Student
Reported on 18 July

Horizon Primary
1 Staff
Reported on 18 July

Punggol Cove
1 P3 Student
Reported on 18 July

Secondary School
Raffles Institution
1 Stall Assistant
Reported on 18 July

If your child has taken tuition or enrichment classes in the vicinity of these schools. Do take note. Base on the last outbreak in schools, there is a chance of transmission via such classes. 

In the meantime, be responsible. If you, your child or anyone in the family has any symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. The responsibility to stop the spread starts with us. The risk is not on the children but on families of the children who are not vaccinated. 

Stay safe!

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