Concord Primary School, Sparkle Tots @ Brickland with confirmed COVID-19 cases


From Jun 29 onwards, MOH had stopped providing individual details on Covid19 cases.

As we move towards treating Covid19 as endemic, this is probably the right direction to go. However, since children under 12 are not vaccinated and with the opening of tuition/enrichment centres, parents tend to be wary about their children's health. Given how widespread COVID-19 was among children before Phase 2 HA was introduced, it is a natural concern for parents.

With the big number of cases (56 local cases) yesterday, it will not be surprising that cases would cascade down to schools. 

As reported on 8world.coma primary one student at Concord Primary school  (Choa Chu Kang) was recently diagnosed with the virus. The student was last in school on 9th July.  The school will be on HBL from 14th to 15th July.

Additionally, 2 students from Sparkle Tots @ Brickland Blk 810 has been tested positive.

While such cases are not reported widely, it does not mean that the threat of COVID-19 has disappeared from Primary schools. With the active KTV cluster and the possibility that a significant number of people left undetected, it is best to continue to remain vigilant.

As Primary school children are not vaccinated, do continue to keep a lookout for symptoms especially if the child has been to classes with students from the respective schools. If they are sick, please see a doctor immediately and refrain from heading to school.

There are NO other reports of any cases in other schools.

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