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Corporate Headshot : Bespoke Photography Review

If you are looking to update your portfolio, this is the best time to do.

With Phase 2 Heightened Alert, the time has been a luxury especially for those working from home. Weekends are also spent at home rather than the usual jaunt at the malls or attractions. Given the limitations of activities and the abundance of time, I did the next best thing... update my portfolio.

For those who had been following this blog, you would have known that I had embarked on a new role recently. This will be revealed in time to come. In the meantime, I needed new photos to update on my Linkedin profile as well as to use them for marketing materials. Thus when Bespoke Photography approached me to do a portrait photography review, it was the perfect timing.

This was my 2nd photoshoot with Bespoke Photography. I did an outdoor family shot with them before and was pleased with the results. My photo session was conducted at the photographer's house. The space was cosy. Professional lighting, backdrops and a super cute dog (photographer's dog) was provided. 

Before this shot, I had tried my hand at taking my own photos as well as going for an official corporate photoshoot. Sad to say, I was not happy with those shots. If you are looking for a corporate headshot in Singapore, it would be best to go with a professional.

Thankfully, the photos from this session turned out to be much better than expected. The photos looked more authentic. The edits were subtle ( you could still see my wrinkles and flabby chin), but they looked natural. The ones that I had taken before made me look like a plastic Ken doll. These photos from Bespoke made me feel like a rock star (No, that's not my new role)

The shoot lasted less than an hour. You could choose the photos you liked and they will do the final touch up for you. The number of photos you can choose would depend on the package you opt for.

That said, it will be tough to choose a photo to go with my profile. Which one should I choose?

You could enquire about their Corporate portrait photography

The studio portrait shoot includes the following

  • 3 Colour corrected photo per pax*
  • 1 Full Retouched edited photo per pax
  • ( Facial Slimming, Wrinkle Removal, Pimple/Spot Removal, Teeth Whitening, Eye Bags)
  • Backdrop
  • Professional Lighting 
  • Lights

* Depending on the package.

Prices start from $180 per session. Other than a corporate headshot, they have family outdoors shoots, ROM and more. Book their services through the website.

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