Who is Daddy M?

For years since inception, Daddy M has been a mysterious writer behind this blog. Probably not as mysterious as he thinks, as you would have seen his photos and might have spotted him on the street. However, little is known about this Daddy who blogs about anything under the sun on

Known for writing holiday itineraries, parenting tips, reviews and even COVID-19 commentary, he has been keeping up with his online persona for quite a while. 

Today, we shall reveal the man behind the mask.

Who is Daddy M - From Daddy M

Hi, The M in Daddy M stands for Marcellus. Yes, I have a name. 

Most would know me as the writer of Initially, I had meant to keep this blog as a diary for my 2 boys. Today, it had evolved into a parenting lifestyle website. However, unlike the typical family website, there are nuggets of wackiness here. For example, who would have thought a Daddy Blogger becoming a regular commentator of COVID-19?

Before this life as a full-time writer for the past 3 years, I was working in the banking industry for close to 2 decades. Things were looking good until the perfect storm sets in. Facing health issues in the family, a change in work dynamics and a mid-life crisis, I decided to take a sabbatical and focus on writing. It was also during this period that COVID-19 changed the world and bought me a fresh perspective of life. It turned me into a regular commentator, doing my civic duty to update readers of this website on this pandemic.

Alas, as enriching as it has been, managing a blog is admittedly one that hardly pays. There were months where I had to dip into savings for expenses. While writing for passion is mentally rewarding, I had to adjust our family lifestyle and retirement plans to keep up in this role. Unfortunately, with rising costs of living, it would mean I have to be more realistic and look for an alternate stream of income.

I had harboured the thought of returning to banking, but on the wrong side of the 40s, getting your foot at the door is much harder than expected.  I want a role that provides me flexibility in work, to be able to enrich people's lives and be rewarded based on my merits.

With that in mind, I decided to search for an alternative that can allow me to do just that.

I am a Realtor - A Real Estate agent.

After years of indulging in HGTV, I know my other passion has been property. From 'House Hunters' to 'Property Brothers', to' Love it or List it', these shows have always captured my attention and fascination. I have even written about the property market on this blog.

The hidden cost of buying a residential property for first-time buyers

How to Save on Housing Loan

Can your child afford a home in Singapore?

To be able to marry my interest and job would be one that many would love to have. Today, I have achieved that.

The quest to be a realtor was not an easy one. Unlike before, there are courses to take and exams to pass. The exams were notorious for their high failure rates. It was a blessing to pass the exams on the first attempt. This journey started back in Oct 2020 and took 8 months before the license to practise was approved. 

I have to be honest; I had thought long and hard about choosing this route. For a start, Property Agents were often stigmatised in the past. While perceptions are slowly changing due to higher standards for entry, there are still many who perceived it as a shady sales job due to flashy agents and questionable practices. 

 I do hope to change these misconceptions by just being me. 

Personally, becoming a property agent took courage. Coming from a job with a fixed income to one that is 100% reliant on deals closed, is not an easy choice. Nonetheless, if you have been following this website, you would probably realise I love to share information that enriched people's lives.  

Finding the right home for future clients through realistic planning is not much different from writing. Both require research and figures to justify a recommendation. Given my financial background, I will be able to provide a more holistic financial planning that would transcend beyond the property.

They say taking pride in your job is the first step to success. Despite the perception, I am proud to call myself a realtor. 

Private Home Collection

Do not be afraid to start over. 

This time you are not starting from scratch, you're starting from experience.

I have been in this role for more than a month. During this period, I was fortunate to close a case in just 15 days of being a realtor. The closure was surreal as it was concluded via zoom with an overseas client. It showed that being new does not mean one is disadvantaged, as long as one is willing to learn and adapt.

To many, being an agent could be a steep learning curve. Thankfully, with my financial background and years of client experience, it was a relatively smooth transition. In this day and age, having a social presence helps a  property agent. With a decade long experience in, it would be most useful in my marketing repertoire.

The only dampening fact is that the current restrictions to only 2 people per meeting made it challenging for those new to the industry.  Thankfully, that would change in the coming days.

So what's next?

My Real Estate platform can be found at the following 

These platforms will be used to showcase the latest property launches, resale properties, property news and property market analysis ( after all, I am still a writer at heart).

I will be grateful if you could follow me on these links.

For my readers, I will be providing a  property assessment. It does not matter if you are not looking to sell your property or looking for a new home. If you are keen to know what your property is worth or what future property plans you can embark on, I will be happy to conduct an obligation free session with you.

Do WhatsApp here for an appointment.

Glad to be at your service.

PS: This is not the end of On the contrary, we will continue to add a little wackiness into your life. After all, all work and no play makes Daddy M a dull man.

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