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10 Best Air Purifers in Singapore

Want to breathe in the fresh air?

With the recent spike in Covid-19, getting a purifier will add to your line of defence. If you're looking for a way to improve air quality, air purifiers are a great option. These items have many functions and can help you breathe clean, healthy air inside and outside your home.

When we look for an air purifier for the home, there are several features that we would consider. From technology to functions to price and even looks, these would be the main factors we will consider.

 Which one would you choose with a wide choice of air purifiers in the market?

Here is our top 10 choice that will accommodate different budget and needs.

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Best Air Purifier Brands in Singapore

  1. Sterra Moon True HEPA-13 Air Purifier
  2. Vovo Imusen Air Purifier Grand
  3. Phillips 1001 Series
  4. Dyson Purifier -Cool Air Purifier
  5. Cosmo Air Purifier Pro
  6. Samsung Smart Air Purifier
  7. Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4
  8. Novita Air Purifier A18
  9. Europace EPU 7550
  10. Blue Air Pure Fan

1 Sterra Moon True HEPA-13 Air Purifier

The top of our list will be the Sterra Moon True HEPA - at Air Purifier.

The sleek, minimalist and portable design caught our eye. The circular eye, controlled with a touch sensor, reminded us of the eye of Saruman. The Sterra Moon offers True HEPA 13-filter to eliminate 99.97of all airborne particles. The room coverage is not the biggest on the list, but it is sufficient for most households. Another plus is that it is locally designed, thus ensuring you have full warranty support. At prices from $229, it is a steal for its form, function and quality.

Key Features

  • Eliminates up to 99.97% of all airborne particles, including dust, virus, pet furs and more
  • Delivers 280 m3/hr of fresh, clean air efficiently
  • Smart Mobile Application 
  • Whisper Quiet, Low 20dB noise level
  • Consumes up to 475 less electricity than other brands.
  • Small footprint
  • Upgrade to UV Tech also available ( you can choose from Ion or UV Tech Variant)

Type of Filter: True HEPA-13 filter

Room Coverage:35 m2

Energy Consumption: 45W

Price: From $229

Warranty: 1 year

Get yours at Sterra.sg

2 Vovo Imusen Air Purifier Grand

The Vovo Imusen would fit right into a Muji-inspired home. This tower will be a talking piece with its clean lines and minimalistic looks. It features a 100% natural cypress wooden filter that dispenses purified air with a non-chemical advantage. The product of South Korea has won Germany IF Product Design Award  2021. However, the higher price tag could be a deal-breaker for the budget conscious. The power consumption is also one of the highest on this list.

Key Features

  • Automatic Cyclone Mode
  • Aerodynamic 360° design
  • Smart Mobile Application
  • Light Sensor Automation

Type of Filter: Hinoku Cypress Wood Filter and HEPA-13 Filter

Room Coverage: 59.5 m2

Energy Consumption: 72W

Price: From $649

Warranty: 18 Months

Get yours at vovo.sg

3 Philips 1000i Series

Touted to purify the air in less than 10 minutes with a push of a button, the Philips-1000i gives the big boys a run for their money. It can purify rooms of up to 78m2. However, in terms of look, it does not really stand out with its generic design for air filters.

Key Features

  • Delivers 300 m3/hr of  clean air 
  • Cleans in 10 mins for rooms up to 20 m
  • Ultra quiet and no light disturbance
  • Low power consumption

Type of Filter: HEPA, Active Carbon

Room Coverage: 78 m2

Energy Consumption: 27 W

Price: $409

Warranty: Not Specific

Get yours from Philips.com.sg

4 Dyson Purifier Cool Air Purifer\

Serving a dual function of a fan and a purifier, the Dyson Purifier Cool Air Purifier is a designer purifier that will fit most households if you are looking for a 2-in-1 device. Size-wise, it is considerably larger than the other air purifiers featured. In terms of price, it is also one of the prices on this list. Due to its dual purpose, it is also louder than the usual air purifier.

Key Features

  • Air multiplier technology
  • Purifies a large room of up to 81m
  • Control and Monitor via App
  • Voice Control
  • Type of Filter: HEPA H13

Room Coverage: 81m

Energy Consumption: 40W

Price: $749

Warranty: 2.5 years warranty

Get yours from Dyson Singapore

5 COSMO Air Purifier Pro

Another local brand, the COSMO Air Purifier, has a strong following among local residents. You can monitor performance via the app. It has one of the largest room coverage and the most extended warranty periods of 5 years. The higher energy consumption of 60W might deter some due to its running cost. Design-wise, it is not a head-turner.

Key Features

  • German Designed
  • Aerodynamic 360° design for air purification in all directions
  • Most extensive room coverage
  • 5 years warranty

Type of Filter: HEPA H13 Filer

Room Coverage: 100m

Energy Consumption: 60W

Price: $449

Warranty: 5 years

Get yours from COSMO

6 Samsung Smart Air Purifier

If you are looking for a more established brand, Samsung will be one that most will recognise. The Smart Air Purifier offers a multi-layered purification system for clean and hygienic airflow. You can also control it remotely with a smartphone as it links with the SmartThings app. Unfortunately, in terms of power consumption, it has one of the highest on this list.

Key Features

  • Large room coverage
  • Wi-Fi Control via SmartThing App
  • Child Lock Mode
  • Air Quality indicator

Type of Filter: Active Carbon Deodorisation Filter with HEPA filtration and Activated Carbon Dedorisaton Filter

Room Coverage: 90m

Energy Consumption: 60W

Price: $527

Warranty: 1 Year

Get yours from Samsung Singapore

7 Xiaomi Smart  Air Purifier 4

A compact purifier that can purify a 20m2 room in 10 minutes. This Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier offers a one-touch auto mode. It also comes with filter replacement reminders. While the overall specs are impressive, it is not the quietest on this list. It comes with a 3-in-1 filter instead of the HEPA-13 filter system.

Key Features

  •  Purify a 20m2 room in 10 minutes
  • Dust and pollen filtration
  • CADR of 400 m3/hr
  • App control

Type of Filter : 3 in 1 filter

Room Coverage: 48m2

Energy Consumption: 27W

Price: $129

Warranty: 6 Months Warranty

Get yours here

8 Novita Air Purifier A18

Highest rated CADR rate of 622 mon this list. It comes in a compact form and has the PuriPro H13 HEPA Filter. It also has a whopping 170 mof coverage for the whole house. You can also operate it remotely via an app. However, with a huge capacity, the sound is the downside with 40DB, which is double of some competitors on the list. 

Key Features

  • CADR rate of 622 m
  • Room coverage is big enough for the whole house.
  • Build in ioniser

Type of Filter: HEPA 13 Filter

Room Coverage: 170 m2

Energy Consumption: 33W

Price: $699

Warranty: 3 years

Get yours at NOVITA Singapore


Using premier True HEPA Filter, this is a 3-step air purification system. It also uses Japan Motor for extended reliability and product life. In terms of design, it is unlike the others on the list. While unique, it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Key Features

  • Removes PM2.5 particles and particle size 0.1uM
  • Premier Korea True HEPA Filter
  • Japan Motor

Type of Filter: True HEPA Filter

Room Coverage: 55 m2

Energy Consumption: 60W

Price: $699

Warranty: 2years

Get yours from EUROPACE Singapore

10 Blue Air Pure Fan

A fan that cools and cleans air circulation. This Swedish design purifier is perhaps the best-looking one of the lot. However, while it purifies the air at a CADR rate of 180 m3, it is the slowest of the lot.

Key Features

  • Scandinavia Design
  • Cools as it cleans
  • Customisable pre-filter colours

Type of Filter: Fabric pre-filter

Room Coverage: 180 m

Energy Consumption: 61W

Price: $488

Warranty: 2 years

Get yours from Blue Air

Choosing an Air Purifier may not be as easy as it seems. Depending on your budget, the room size, the quality of filters and the design, you may have to deliberate between the above air purifiers. We hope this list will help you find one that matches your needs!

Time for fresher air!


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