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Singapore Savings Bond Rates : Apr 2023


Singapore Savings Bond interest rates are out.

The rate for April averages 3.07% over 10 years. This is slightly lower than the average of 3.15% from March. 

The rates are as follows.

With Fix Deposit at around 3.5% to 4% and T bills getting around 3.9%, the take-up rate for this month's batch should be moderate and comparable to the March subscription, which is just fully subscribed. The closing date for subscriptions will be on 25 Apr at 9pm.

If you are comparing rates, check out this month's Best Fix Deposit Rates here

What are Singapore Savings Bonds?

  • Safe and Flexible bonds for individual investors by Singapore Govt. 
  • Open to individuals aged 18 and above.
  • Required bank account with one of the three local banks and an individual CDP account. 
  • Minimum amount at $500. Maximum cap at $200,000
  • Use cash or SRS to invest

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