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Seoul Itinerary : 10 Days Guide for First Timers and Families


Seoul is a popular destination for street food lovers, cafe hoppers and thrill seekers. However, as a family destination, it is often overlooked in place of its more popular neighbour Japan.

We want to change the perception by planning the perfect family vacation in Seoul. This itinerary is tailored for first-timers and families wishing to experience Seoul's best. It features popular attractions, famous cafes and even off-the-beaten-track activities. After a haitus from travel for over 3 years, this is the holidays we need post-Covid era! 

From Singapore to Seoul

Join us as we explore Seoul's sights, sounds and tastes of Seoul. 

Day 1: Gyeongbokguang Palace, Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggyecheon, Myeondong Sreet food
Day 2: Songwol-dong Fairytale Village, Chinatown, Lotte-Mart
Day 3: DMZ Tour, Gwangjang Market
Day 4: Alpaca World, Jade Garden
Day 5: Lotte World, Myendgong Cathedral, Shopping
Day 6: Seodaemun Prison, Ikseondong Hanok Village, Insadong, Alive Museum, Dynamic Maze
Day 7: Everland, Nanta Show
Day 8: Bukchon Hanok Village, Changdeokgung Palace, Cafe Onion, Osulloc Tea House
Day 9: Namdaemum Market, Coex Starfield Libray, Aquarium, Gangnam Statue, N Seoul Tower
Day 10: Hongdae Shopping Street

Tip: You must apply for K-ETA or a valid visa for Singapore Citizens. A QR code is also required before entry to upload health conditions. You can use it before you arrive here.

Day 1 
Highlights: Gyeongbokguang Palace, Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggyecheon,  Myeong-dong Street Food

We took a night flight from Singapore to Korea, arriving at the first dawn after approximately 6 hours.

KT Telecom Sim card and Wifi

The first thing we did when we got out of immigration was to head to the KT Roaming  Telcom booth at Gate 10 to pick up our Korean prepaid Sim card and 4G PocketWifi. The reason why we got both is that we need to share the internet with 4 pax. So having a combination ensures that everyone can have online access.

Private transfer Klook Seoul Airport

We head to the hotel with our prebooked six-seater private transfer. The driver had contacted us the day before, and it was a smooth pickup. The car was spacious and comfortable, with seatings of up to 6 pax.

Red Bridge Seoul

We booked both from Klook before our trip. Cost-wise, it is comparable to other providers. Convenice-wise, it is unbeatable as everything went smoothly without a hitch.

Tip: Book your Sim cards and transfer them before the trip for a smooth journey.

Hotel: Hotel President  

Hotel President

The first destination was Hotel President, located in the heart of Seoul. Nested next to the Lotte Department store and within walking distance to the popular Myeong-dong food street, the historical Gyeongbogung Palace and the spawning Namdaemum market. It was the perfect location to call home for the next 10 days.

Quad Room Hotel President

Our room was a spawning 2 bedroom suite from At about SGD 260 per night, it is not the cheapest 2 bedroom, but the largest at 678 square feet around Myeong-dong. With a combination of 2 double beds and a King size bed, all 4 of us were very comfortable throughout our stay.

Book President Hotel Seoul here

View From Hotel President

For more information on President Hotel Seoul, do refer here

Address: 16 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
-Exit 3, Citistar Mall, with direct access to  Cityhall Subway just outside the hotel
-Eulji-to 1 (il)ga Station: Exit 8, 4 minutes walk to the direction of Lotte Department Store


We filled our stomachs at the food court in the basement of the Lotte Department Seoul Main Store. This is just next to the hotel. Eating out is a positive experience in Seoul. The food was delicious and inexpensive. 

Lotte Department Food Court

Our food from the food court cost an average of less than 10,000 won. Moreover, food was served after we ordered, and we didn't need to clear our trays. So amazed by the efficiency of the food court!

Lotte Department

If you have time, check out Lotte Department. It is similar to Paragon in Singapore with its high-end boutique stores. However, it was something other than what we fancied, so it looked and went for us.

Attraction: Star Avenue

Star Avenue

Star Avenue is located just outside the Lotte Department Store. It is a space where you can walk through to enjoy exclusive photos and hand cement prints of popular K-pop stars. We are not mega fans, but we did spot familiar names like Super Junior.

Star Avenue

Address: 81 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
- Eulji-ro 1 (il)ga Station: Exit 8, 2 minutes walk to the direction of Lotte Department Store

Attraction: Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Palace Museum of Korea 

Gyeongbokgun Station

Next up is Gyeongbokgung Palace. Before reaching the palace, we are already in awe of the subway's attractive visual displays, including large panel LED and ornate displays on the wall.

Gyeongbokgung Station

Tip: Get the T Money Card for subways. You can top up the card, saving time from getting individual tickets for each trip. T Money Card can also be used to enter attractions such as palaces. For example, you could get T Money Card from convenience stores around Seoul.

T Money Seoul

The Gyeongbokgung Palace is a must-go for first-timers in Seoul. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace

There are 5 palaces in Seoul, the largest being the Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was built in 1395 and served as home to the Kings of the Joseon dynasty.

Changing of Guards

Here, you will witness the changing of guards, which takes place at 10am and 2 pm daily except for Tuesday. You do not need to purchase a ticket to the palace as the ceremony takes place in the public area courtyard.

If you would like to visit the palace grounds, the admission fee is 3000 won for adults and 1500 won for children (7-18).

Gyeongbokgung Inner Palace

It is worth a visit if you have the time. 

Rent a Hanok at Gyeongbokgung Palace

Take at least 1 to 2 hours as there are a lot of grounds to cover. To add to your experience, you can also rent a Hanbok to take photos on the palace ground for a day. If you intend to rent one, get the Klook Pass Seoul, which includes other attractions for greater cost savings. We will touch more on the pass later in this post.

National Palace Museum of Korea

Next to the palace is the National Palace Museum of Korea. Learn about the history of Korea with its artefacts and relics. The exhibits are in English, so it is easy to have a free and easy tour. The entrance is free, so drop in for a quick tour.

King Sejong

Address: 161 Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea 
 Gyeongbokgung Station: Exit 5, 2 mins walk to the palace from exit

TIP:  Always check where is the nearest Station Exit to save time and avoid getting lost. The station has plenty of exits, so it is easy to get lost.

Attraction: Gwanghwamun Square

Gwanghwamun Square

Just outside the palace is the Gwanghwamun Gate. 

From here, there is a 3D popout video screen diagonally across the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. It is interesting if you have not seen one before. The more famous popout screen will be at Coex Square.

King Sejong

Cross the street, and you will reach Gwanghwamun Square. The main attractions here are the Stature of King Sejong, the most revered king in Korean history. He is well known for creating the Korean script and for various technology and financial achievements. 

Statue of Admiral Yi @ Gwanghwamun Square

About 100 m ahead is the Statue of Admiral Yi Sun Shin. He is a Korean admiral famed for victories over the Japanese navy and the use of Turtle Ships to defeat the Japanese armies. 


Lining up Gwanghwamun Square is a row of cafes and shops you can pop in to chill.

Address: Jung-gu, Chungmuro 2(i)-ga, 8-3-ga 
Gwanghwamun Sqaure Station : Exit 9, 1 minute walk


On the way back to the hotel, we pass by Cheongggyechoen, a 10.9km public recreation space built along a stream. On occasion, there might be displays or events, so it may be worth a visit, depending on when you visit. It is located just 5 minutes away from Gwanghwamum Square.

Attractions: MyeonDong Night Market


In the evening, we head to Myeong-Dong Night Market. Our meals for the evening were all the food street we could eat. Myeong-dong is well known for its food street, clothes and cosmetics shopping. We will save the latter for another day. 

Street food Myeong-dong

After having our fill, it is back to the hotel to call it a night. Since we are staying less than 10 minutes away, Myeondong will be our go-to location for most of our dinner.

Address: Gaho-dong - Jung-gu Incheon, South Korea 
Eulji-ro 1 (il)ga  Station : Exit 6, 5 minutes walk

Korea vs Portugal - Gwangwamun Square

After a feast, it was back to Gwanghwamun Square for a special event. We were there during World Cup Season and had the privilege to watch Portugal vs S Korea match with thousands of Seoul residents. This experience is hard to replicate, but you can always watch for special events at the square when you are in town.

Day 2 
Songwol-dong Fairytale Village, Chinatown, Lotte-MART

We head to Incheon via the subway for a day out from Seoul. Fairytale Village and Chinatown are located here. They are located next to each other, so one can easily spend a whole day here. It takes an hour from our hotel by direct train from Cityhall station.

Attraction: Fairytale Village

Fairytale Village Seoul Entrance

The main attraction for Fairytale Village will be the whimsical decorations on houses. In addition, you would see familiar colourful fairytale murals on the main street and the alleyways. 

Tin Man @ Fairytale Village

As for shops, there are a handful of shops for souvenirs and ice cream. 

The Fairytale Village is where you would come for your Instagram or TikTok content.

Fairytale Village

There are plenty of backdrops for you to pose at every corner.

Fairytale Village

Attraction: Chinatown

Connecting the Fairytale Village will be Seoul's official Chinatown. It is a street with Korean Chinese restaurants, souvenir shops and small games shops. 

Chinese Restaurant Chinatown Seoul

When you are here, explore the sights and sounds of the bustling Chinatown. 

Step to Freedom Park

Climb up the steps to explore Freedom Park on the top of the steps. The park has a statue of General Douglas MacArthur overlooking Chinatown. 

Performances Chinatown

If you are lucky, you can catch performances at the bottom of the steps.

Meal:  Dumplings and Fried Rice

Food Chinatown Seoul

A visit to Chinatown will be complete with a meal in a Korean Chinese restaurant. For around 50,000 won, we had a decent meal of dumplings, fried rice and sweet and sour pork.

Street Food Chinatown Seoul

If more is needed, the narrow street also has street food vendors on either side of the road.

Street Food Chinatown Seoul

Have a game or two at the carnival booths along the street. If lucky, you can win a little souvenir to bring back home.

Arcade Chinatown Seoul

Before you leave, take a photo of the Paifang, Chinatown's massive entry gate that is said to keep ghosts at bay. The Paifang is just located directly opposite Incheon Station.

Seoul Chinatown Paifang

Address: Gaho-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon 
Incheon Station: Exit 1, 3 minutes walk to Chinatown. Exit 2, 5 minutes walk to Fairytale Village.

Attractions: Lotte outlets and Lotte Mart

Lotte Mart

Before heading back, we stopped at Lottemart to grab some Korean snacks. This is the place to go if you want to stock up on Korean snacks. 

Korea Snacks

You can find similar items in a convenience store, but if you get them from Lotte Mart in bulk, there will be tax refunds.

Meal: Fried Chicken

For dinner, it was a stop at one of the restaurants along the road for Korea Fried Chicken. A plate of chicken (20,000 Won) is huge. The portions are big enough for 3 to 4 pax. The shop was empty, but the dish was actually quite good. Too bad we could not recall the name, but it is close to Seoul Station.

Korea Fried Chicken

On that note, food is relatively cheaper compared to Singapore's restaurants. 50,000 won would be sufficient to cover a meal for a family of four. Food options are plentiful, and reservations were not needed where we dined. The prices quoted are nett with no additional charges.

Address: Lotte Mart Seoul Station, 405 Hangang-daero, Jung-gu Seoul
Seoul Station: Exit 1, 3 minutes walk to Chinatown. Exit 2.

Day 3 
 DMZ Tour, Gwangjang Market


The day started early morning with Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Tour. As the spaces for DMZ tours are limited during this period, and entry tickets can only be bought on-site, we set off in the wee morning with a DMZ tour booked from Klook.

Tip: Get the earliest tour. That way, you can be assured into DMZ and have time after the tour for other activities. Also, bring your passport along, as it is required for DMZ.

Book your DMZ tour here.

Imjinak Park

The tour starts with a visit to Imjinak Park. The park is located on the banks of the Imjin River, the furthest point north South Korea can travel. Here you can see various monuments, including the Peace Train, the last train to cross the borders from North to South.

Peace Train

You can also see a part of the original fence between North and South Korea.

Where will you go?

There are monuments to World War 2 with a pair of separated women sitting apart representing comfort women. 

Comfort Women

There is also a spot where you can get North Korean Won. Be warned, inflation can be ridiculous here. 7,000 South Korea Won for 5. North Korea winning is incredulous.

North Korea Won

We were transferred to another bus here to head to the military DMZ zone.


Afterwards, we head to a secured military site to walk down the tunnel North Korea built to infiltrate the South. This is the third Infiltration tunnel found in the South. Before the tunnel, we will pass a small exhibition area.

DMZ Mini Musem

Cameras are not allowed in the tunnel, but a replicate is outside for you to take photos.

Third Tunnel

The tour's highlight would be to see North Korea from an observatory tower. Here we can get a bird's eye view of North Korea. 

Can you see Kim?

This is an excellent educational tour for those who want a glimpse of North Korea.

North Korea

The tour ended around 3pm, so we had time to head to another location.

Book  your DMZ tour here

A full Review of the DMZ tour will be coming up!

Attraction: Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market

Our next destination is Gwangjang Market for a meal. Gwangjang Market is the place to go if you love authentic Korean Street Food. 

Street Food Gwangjang

The selection of food is different from the Street Food of Myeondong. Some stalls have a dine-in area for you to indulge in your food.

Netflix Auntie

Besides the food, Gwangjang Market is known for the hawkers featured in the Netflix show Street Food Asia. The most popular is the Netflix Auntie, which makes Kimchi and Pork Dumplings.

Address: 88 Changgyeonggung-ro
Euljiro 4(sa) ga Station: Exit 4, 5 minutes pass Cheonggyecheon-ro to teach the market

On our way back to President Hotel, we spotted this sign near Hotel President; it was hard to resist a photo before we made our way back. The exact location for this is outside Seoul Plaza Hotel.

Day 4
Alpaca World, Jade Garden, Myeong-dong

Attraction: Alpaca World

It is another day for a tour. This time we head to a great cheerier attraction for the family - Alpaca World!

Alpaca World

Alpaca World is a new attraction in Chuncheon. However, getting there is challenging, so we opt for a fuss-free tour with Klook. This tour includes Alpaca World, Jade Garden, and a cafe street stop with a mountain observatory at Gubongsan Mountain.

Book Your Alpaca World / Jade Garden Tour here

Run Alpaca Run

Alpaca World's main attraction is the Alpaca. You have to catch the Alpaca running down the slopes while you are there. The tour allows us 3 hours to explore. 

Feeding the Alpaca should be one of the first things to do.

Hungry Alpaca

We even had a chance to bring an Alpaca for a walk. Unfortunately, this activity is not included, and you must top up 15000 won for a 15-minute walk.

Walking with Alpaca

Other than Alpacas, other animals exist at Alpaca World, such as sheep, goats, rabbits, owls and more.


If you are heading there, get a meal from Sopoong. They serve up pretty Alpaca fried rice there.

Alpaca Fried Rice

Alpaca World is hilly, so wear good walking shoes for this tour.

Where to go next?

If you love Alpaca, head to the souvenir store and bring one home!

Bring me home

Attraction: Santorini, Gubongsan Mountain Observatory Cafe Street


We had a break at Santorini, a Greece-inspired cafe.

Lovely View

It was an hour to sit, chill and enjoy the scenery and the expansive view. The tour comes with a free drink of your choice too.

Attraction: Jade Garden

Jade Garden

The last stop was at Jade Garden. This European-inspired garden is the filming site of popular K-dramas. You would have found the surroundings familiar if you had watched the popular Young Lady and Gentlemen starring Ji Hyun-Woo and Lee Se-Hee. For K-drama fans, this is a must-visit location.

K Drama Location

The best time to come will be during the summer when it is green and lush. During Winter, it is less impressive due to the climate.

The lake freezes in Winter!

Nonetheless, Anytime is a good time to visit if you are a fan!

The next K-drama star?

Book Your Alpaca World / Jade Garden Tour here

A full Review of the Aplcaa World / Jade Garden Tour will be coming up!


It took us about 2 hours to head back to Seoul. Our dinner was at Two Two Fried Chicken. 

Two Two Fried Chicken

We had another round of Fried Chicken. This time around, we took the ones with bones. The boneless version should be a better choice. We ordered additional dishes, and the meal cost about 50,000 won.

Address: 20-1, Myeongdong 7 gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Euljiro 1(ii) ga Station: Exit 5, 5 minutes walk toward MyeongDong main street

Day 5
LotteWorld,  Myeong-dong Cathedral, MyEONG-DONG Shopping

It's theme park day! 

Attraction: LotteWorld


We had planned 2 theme parks for this trip. The first we will head to is LotteWorld.

Thrill Rides


For the uninitiated, LotteWorld is the world's largest indoor theme park. Besides the indoor theme park, there is an outdoor amusement park called Magic Land. It is a big theme park, so if you want to enjoy the most of it, set aside a whole day to explore.

Getting to LotteWorld was easy, with a straight train from Cityhall Station. We prebooked our Klook Pass Seoul tickets and got a good discount. The Klook Pass Seoul gives you access to 2 to 4 attractions with the option of adding either LotteWorld or Everland. We got the 3 Attractions + Lotte World package at $91. This is about a 50 % discount if we get the tickets on-site.

Get your Klook Pass SEOUL here

Tickets booked with Klook Seoul Pass

 The collection was a breeze as we exchanged our bookings for physical tickets at the World Tour Gate.

Which is taller?

If you are a fan of thrill rides, head outdoors for the scariest rides in the park. The queues were long even during weekdays, so prepare to wait at least an hour before your ride.

Lotte Tower

We spotted the impressive LotteWortd Tower, a 123-story skyscraper and the tallest one in Seoul. You can head up to the Seoul Sky & Sky Bridge for a bird's eye view of Seoul.

Inside LotteWorld

The indoor theme park has its fair share of thrill rides too. There are plenty of things to do indoors. 

Kids Bumper Car

You can sit on a hot air balloon, pose for Instagram photos, play bumper cars, go-karts, arcade games, shooting games and more. There is even a skating rink in the middle of the park.

Strike a pose

Most of the activities are included in the price, but there are some attractions where you must pay a fee. We recommend 4 to 6 hours here, depending on how many rides you would like.

Tip: Pick the one ride you want and go for it first. At least you would have a chance to sit on your favourite ride.

Christmas Parades

Do catch the popular parades when you are there.

Christmas Parade at Lotte World

Food options are plenty. You can choose to eat on the move or dine in one of the numerous dining options in the park.

Food Option

Attraction: Lotte World Folk Museum

This attraction is included in the LotteWorld tickets. We highly recommend a visit.

LotteWorld Folk Museum

The exhibits tell the history of Seoul. The most impressive will be a miniature version of the Gyeongbokgun Palace.

Miniature Gyeongbokgun Palace

This is not an ordinary miniature, but one so detailed that we were in awe. It even includes the guards and officials of the court in the palace.


There is also a  fortress tower that you can climb to get a vantage view.

View from the top.

We rate this highly as one of the best museums we have seen in terms of exhibits. It is one not to be missed when you are at LotteWorld. Since this attraction is included in the ticket. It will be a waste not to visit when you are there.

Get your Klook Pass SEOUL here

Meal:  Food Venue

We stayed till late and decided to venture out and have a meal at the Food venue foodcourt.

Food Avenue Lotte world

The food court will be a good place to cater to different tastebuds if you travel with kids or a group.

Cheese Pasta Meatball

As per our previous food court experiences, it always satisfies. The dishes look and taste as good as in any restaurant. Price-wise, most dishes cost less than 12,000 won, a steal in our books.

Address: Lotteworld, 240 Olympic-ro
Jasmil Station: Exit 4. Follow the signs to Wild Tour Gate to collect tickets from Klook

Attraction: Myeong-Dong Cathedral

Myeong-dong Cathedral

On our way back, we stopped by the beautiful Myeong-dong Cathedral. This Catholic Church is a landmark in Myeong-dong and is one of the Historic Sites listed in Korea. 

Myeong-dong Cathedral

It is back to more street food in Myeong-dong.

Street Food Myeondong

We also made a pit stop at Oliva Young and the numerous cosmetic shops for the Missus. Oliva Young is the Walmart equivalent of a cosmetics shop. They carry various brands and are priced considerably cheaper than in Singapore. The largest store is in Myeondong, near the cathedral. If you miss this, there are plenty of outlets all around Seoul.

Olive Young Myendong

It is a must-stop for the ladies, so if you are planning a trip with your family or spouse, allocate shopping time. We are sure that they will thank you for it.

For the guys, a stop at Nike Seoul is a must if you are a fan. You can customise your t-shirt here. If you want something cheap, we recommend getting socks in Seoul. Each pair costs about $1.50, and they have pretty cute designs too!

Socks from Seoul


Address: Myeongdong Cathedral, 74 Myeongdong-gil
Myeongdong Station: Exit 9, 5 minutes walk

Day 6
Seodaemun Prison, IKESeOndong Hanok Village, insadong, Alive Museum, Dynamic Maze

We purposely interject free and easy days with tours for this holiday. So this was, we could have the best of both worlds, exploring hard-to-reach places by tour and having more personal experiences with places we want to visit that are off the beaten track.

Prison in a city

Attraction: Seowdaemun Prison

Seoul Prison

One of them is Seowdaemun Prison. 

Prison Cells Seoul

Seowdaemun Prison is a museum and former prison and is known to be used as a prison during the Japanese colonial period. It has a very sad history where it was used as a place to torture locals during the war. 

Seodaemun Detention Center

Visiting museums has always been part of our travel itinerary as we wanted to learn more about the countries we visited. However, after visiting Perth Prison and Alcatraz, it added another dimension to our travel experiences.

The Prisoners

It was a solemn site filled with memories for those who had suffered. For us, it is the place where we respect and learn from past history.

Address: 251 Tongil-ro, Seodaemun-gu
Dongnimmun Station Exit 4, Follow the sign to the main entrance, 100m walk 

Attraction: Ikeseongdong Hanok Village

Ikeseongdong Hanok Village

Our next stop is at Ikeseongdong, where we visit the Hanok Village.

Small Alley @ Ikeseongdong Hanok Village

Ikeseondong Hanok Village differs from Bukchon Hanok Village. Mixing both old and new, the Hanok are repurposed into shops and restaurants compared to the residential Buchon Hanok Village.

If you want to experience what it is like in a Hanok, head to one of the restaurants for a meal. 

Meal At Ikeseongdong

There are plenty of food options around Ikeseongdong, so do walk around to take your pick. The small alleys are beautiful to explore.

Flippers at Ikesedong

Stop for ice cream or even a pancake souffle while you are there!

Ice Crea

Address: Ikseon-Dong, Jongno-gu
Anguk Station: Exit 4, 8 minutes walk 

Attraction: Insadong Shopping Street

Within walking distance from Ikseongdong Hanok Village is Isadaong.


Insadong is another shopping district in Seoul. They have thrift shops and souvenir shops lining up the road. There are also plenty of restaurant choices in the vicinity.

Tip: If you plan to check how to get to a destination using the subway, use Naver Map. If you are planning a foot tour, Google Maps may be better. It does not give you the route, but it is a more accurate location.

Attraction: Alive Museum &  Dynamic Maze

Alive Museum

As part of our Klook Pass Seoul, we experience Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze in Insadong. 


Alive Museum is a 3D visual attraction where you can take different 3D photos. 


It is quite similar to Trick Eye Museum in Singapore.

Dynamic Maze Entrance

As for Dynamic Maze, think Ninja Warrior meets the Escape Room.

Obstacle Course

Older kids would love this adventure that requires climbing slopes, going through rope tunnels, solving mysteries, shooting at targets and more. 


The boys said this was the best attraction for them for this trip. However, it was worth it, as it was a fun day for the family. We enjoyed these attractions as part of our Klook Pass Seoul.

Get your Klook Pass SEOUL here

Address: Alive Musem, Dynamic Maze Ikseon-Dong, Jongno-gu
Jongno 3-na Station: 2 min walk 

Food: Hanam Pig House

Hanam Pig House

It will be unjust to be in Seoul without trying out the BBQ. So for dinner, we chose the highly recommended Hanma Pig BBQ at MyeonDong for a meal.

BBQ Time

This place serves Pork BBQ; you can opt for a set or individual dishes. It would be more economical to get a set rather than individual dishes. Do note that they will require you to buy at least a dish for each group member to dine in.

Hearty meal

The good thing about this place is that they will cook the food for you. Portion-wise, it is lesser than it looks. Taste-wise, it is as delicious as it gets. If you are looking for value for money, there are probably other nearby restaurants to try.

LotteWorld Christmas Decor

Address: Hanma Pig House, 12 Myeongdong 9 ga-gil, Jung-gu
Eulji-ro Station, Exit 5, 3 min walk

Day 7 
Everland, Nanta Show

It is back to theme parks for today. This time around, we head to Everland. 

Attractions: Everland

Everland is at least an hour's drive from Seoul. There is no direct public transport out of Seoul, and you must rely on different connections. This can be daunting for tourists, so we opt for a fuss-free route by getting an Everland Private Car Charter with admission tickets from Klook. 

Everland Transport form Klook

Our ride was a very spacious 6-seater car similar to the one that picked us up from the airport. The bonus was that the driver could communicate with us in Chinese and English. The driver already has the tickets for us, so all we have to do is drop off and have fun!

Book your own Everland Private Car Charter from Klook here

Everland in Winter

Everland has an entirely different vibe from Lotteworld. Lotte world may be the biggest indoor theme park, but it pales in size compared to the massive outdoor space of Everland. So be prepared to walk a lot on hilly terrains.

Big park!

There are plenty of ride options for thrill seekers and those who want a milder experience. Everland was built in 1976, but it is still worth a visit despite its age.

Global Fair

Everland has five different zones. First, you have the Global Fair, an open area with shops. The American Adventure with thrilling rides that defy gravity. Magic Land, which is tailored more for kids. European Adventure with its mix of mild attractions and the jaw-dropping T Express. 

Featured in BTS Dynamite

Not all rides are open simultaneously, so check the website for timing. We went on a Friday, and the queues were manageable for most rides compared to Lotteworld.


Our favourite zone is Zootopia.

Safari World @ Lotte World

We spend the most time in Zootopia taking the safari rides of Safari World and Lost Valley.

Tiger @ Safari World

The rides were on specially designed minibuses that bought us close to the animals.

Say cheese

There is even a stop when the giraffe will poke their heads into the bus!

Carnival Games @ Lotte World

If you are a carnival games expert, try your luck at the numerous carnival game options.

Corn Dog Everland

As for meals, you can opt to take them and go for choose to eat there. We recommend getting the corn dog for a bite!

Everland Parade

There are also parades for you to enjoy at the park. The park has a year-round calendar and a special theme every other month. 

Cable Car Everland

If you wish to minimise walking, cable cars and skyways will bring you up and down the park.

Spot the K-drama stars.

Everland is a popular place for K-drama films; if lucky, you may spot a star. We saw Kim So-Hyun and Chae JongHyeop filming a scene of 'Is it a coincidence'  when we were there. What a coincidence!

The Private Car Charter is valid for 10 hours (including travel time). It was worth it, as the ride would pick you up from your hotel and drop you at any location within the stipulated time. The driver will station at the park, so you can adjust your timing. We headed back to Seoul at about 5 pm. With traffic back to Seoul raking about 1.5 to 2 hours due to peak hours, having a personal ride is worth the experience. 

You can book your own Everland Private Car Charter from Klook here

A full Review of Everland will be coming right up!

Download Everland App

Tip: Download the Everland App before you go. Once you have your tickets, scan your tickets on the app and start booking attractions via the app. Some of the rides require a booking, especially in the morning.  

Attraction: Nanta Show

If you're looking for a fun way to spend your day in Myeong-dong, we've got just the ticket!

Nanta Show at Myeong Dong

The Nanta Show is a burlesque performance that will have you laughing and gasping in awe as performers perform incredible feats of acrobatics in wacky kitchens. You'll be amazed by the performers' skills with knives and kitchen utensils, not to mention their ability to make a mess and clean it up again.


The show was performed without language barriers and had everyone in stitches. We recommend booking if you want good seats—it's pretty popular!

Strike a pose.

Our tickets were booked from Klook and picked up on the day without hassle. We had prime seats, too, with central seating near the stage. The theatre is located near the Lotte Department store and within walking distance of Eulji-Ro Station. The advantage of booking via Klook is cheaper tickets and awesome seats!

Book NANTA Tickets here

Address: Myeongdong Nanta Theatre
Eulji-ro Station, Exit 6, 5 min walk

Day 8
Bukchon Hanok Village, , Cafe Hopping, Changdeokgung Palace

Day 8 was totally unplanned. We had initial plans to head to Nami Island, but as one of the boys was not feeling well, we had to cancel it. The boys decided they wanted to rest in the hotel, so it was a couple times for Mom and Dad.

Ediya Coffee

We started off with coffee at Ediya Coffee, a local coffee chain. The agenda for the day is pretty simple. It will be cafe hopping near Bukchon Hanok Village and Angguk region. As mentioned, cafe hopping is a must-do for tourists. Since we are here on holiday, let's go with the flow!

Attraction: Bukchon Hanok Village

Our first stop was Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village is a 600-year-old traditional Korean village that has retained its original character. The village is a beautiful collection of traditional homes and buildings in the Joseon Dynasty style that visitors can explore.

Rent a Hanok

It is a primarily residential area, even though it is a tourist attraction. If you are visiting, do keep the noise level down. A favourite touristy thing to do is to rent a Hanbok, a traditional attire of Korea. It is common to see people dress up and walk around Bukchon for photos. 

View from Bukchon Hanok Village

 Another thing to do is to take a photo of the old houses with Nseoul in the background. This is one of the most iconic photos for visitors to Bukchon.

Seoul Walking Tour

Address: Bukchon-ro 11 gil
Anguk Station: Exit 2, 10 minutes walk

Meal: Osulloc Tea House Bukchon
Osulloc Tea House

If you are looking for a cafe for tea, look at Osulloc Tea House.
Osulluc Tea House

Osulloc Tea is considered to be the best tea in Korea. They have a few cafes in Seoul, and we head to Osulloc Tea House, just next to Bukchon Hanok Village, for tea.
Get some Green Tea Cake

Get a Green tea cake or Green Tea ice cream when you are there. You can also purchase Osulloc Tea at the shop.
Osulloc Anguk

Address: Gaho-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon 
Incheon Station: Exit 1, 3 minutes walk to Chinatown. Exit 2, 5 minutes walk to Fairytale Village.

Attraction :Changgyeonggung Palace

Since we are in the Jongno district, we decided to visit the Changgyeonggung Palace. 
Changgyeonggung Palace

This is one of the five grand palaces of the Joseon dynasty and is the only palace in Seoul on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Address: 185 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu
Anguk Station, Exit 3

Meal: Cafe Onion

Cafe Onion
After a walk around the palace, we head to the popular Cafe Onion in Angguk for desserts.
Cafe Onion

Cafe Onion is probably one of the more famous cafes in Anguk due to its location in a traditional Hanok. The desserts are pretty to look at and good to eat too.
Dessert Cafe Onion

Read our review on Cafe Onion Angguk.

London Bagel Museum

If you have time, Angguk has plenty of cafes you can explore. Unfortunately, our stomach is full from all the cafes hopping to visit other outlets. 
 We will save it for the next trip back to Seoul!

Address: Cafe Onion Anguk, Jongno-gu
Anguk Station, Exit 3

Meal: BHC Chicken Myeongdong 

It's time for dinner. We picked the boys up and returned to Myeon-dong for another Fried Chicken Dinner at BHC Chicken Myeongdong.

BHC Fried Chicken Myeongdong

This fried chicken outlet is nestled along a row of restaurants selling fried chicken. Interestingly, it is the only one with long queues. The other restaurants are only filled when patrons cannot get a seat. BHC is also one of the more famous chicken chains in Seoul.

Half  Half Fried Chicken

This was the best version of Fried Chicken we tried. The chicken is perfectly fried and very crispy. Order the half-half version. An original and a saucy variation. It's the best of both worlds.

Highly recommended!

Address: 21 Myeongdong 7 gil
Euljiro 1 (ii) ga station, Exit 5

Day 9
Namdaemum Market, Coex Starfield Library, Coex Aquarium, Gangnam Statue, Nseoul Tower

It is a long day for us as we planned plenty of activities for today.

Meal:  A Twosome Place

A Twosome Place

To start off the day, we had breakfast at A Twosome Place. It is a coffee shop chain based in South Korea with over 500 stores in Korea. You can see one around the corner from where you stay. Seoul has a lot of coffee chains; the usual ones we see are Holly Coffee, A Twosome Place and Ediya Coffee.

View of Myeongdong

We head to A Twosome Place at Myeongdong for breakfast. Coffee chains are your best bet for breakfast, as most other shops do not open early.

Breakfast at A Twosome place

Address: 21 Myeongdong 7 gil
Euljiro 1 (ii) ga station, Exit 5, 100m walk

Attraction:  Namdaemun Market

We head to another street market after breakfast. Namademun Market is a sprawling traditional market, unlike the other markets we have been to. 

Namdaemun Market

Instead of a single complex, it is a large area with several streets with permanent stalls lining them. You need a whole day to cover them all.

Big open spaces

There are different zones to explore. 

Military Zone

Some streets sell mainly clothes. We spotted a lane that specialised in military clothes.


There are also household items and scattered food stalls. If you are there, you must try the dumplings and dough stall here.

Seoul Dumplings

If you are looking to get souvenirs, you should get them here. Prices are about 20% cheaper than Myeondong but do warn that there may be a need to bargain. One of the stalls quoted us a price for a jewellery box. We decided to explore more before returning for it. When we decided to purchase it, a different staff quoted us 50% more!

Souvenirs Namdaemun

Nonetheless, we highly recommend getting your souvenirs here.

Iron Man

Address: 21 Namdaemunsijang 4 gil, Jung gu
Hoehyeon Station, Exit 5, 50m walk

Attraction : Sungnyemun

Sungnyemen Gate

At the end of a street at Namdaemum Market is Sungnyemen - one of the eight gates in the fortress wall of Seoul surrounding the city in the Joseon dynasty. Unfortunately, we had to skip a look inside as our day was too packed with activities. Will save it for the next trip back!

Tip: Some attractions, such as museums, may be closed on Monday. So do take note of where you are planning the itinerary.

Hoehyeon Station, Exit 5, 100m walk

Attraction: Starfield Library

Starfield Library

We are off to Coex Mall to check out the Starfield Library at Coex Mall. It is a public open space with 2 bookshelves filled with books from floor to ceiling.

Starfield Library

This is located at the centre of Coex Mall. If you find it familiar, it has appeared in several K-dramas and Tiktok videos. In case you are wondering, the books are real. You can pick it up and read freely in the open spaces.

Attraction: Gangnam Style Statue

Remember Gangnam Style? 

Gangnam Style Hands

This is the hit that spearheaded the K-pop craze all over the world. There is a statue of the iconic hand sign of Gangnam Style located just outside the mall near the Starfield Library. It will make an excellent backdrop for your Instagram photos or Tiktok videos.

Attraction: Coex Aquarium

Coex Aquarium

The last stop at Coex is the Coex Aquarium. It is a relatively smaller aquarium compared to LotteWorld Aquarium. We had the Klool Pass Seoul that covered this aquarium, so we should use it here since we are exploring Coex Mall.

Get your Klook Pass SEOUL here

Coex Aquarium

The aquarium may be small, but kids would love it here.

Do allocate at least an hour to explore this aquarium.

Get your Klook Pass SEOUL here.

If you have time, there are plenty of shops and restaurants in the large underground shopping mall.

Address: Starfield COEX Mall
Bongeunsa Station, Exit 7 or Samseong Station, Exit 5

Attraction: Seoul Tower

Namsan Cable Car

Our last stop was the N Seoul Tower. We got the ticket as part of the Klook Pass Seoul. We had initially planned it for a weekday, but the cable car was closed due to the weather.

Long Queue

As it was the weekend, it was super packed. The queue to the cable car took us about 1.5 hours!

N Seoul Tower

It was still worth it when we saw the glittering lights of Seoul from up high on the cable car ride.

View from the top.

Before we head to N Seoul Tower. We had a dinner treat at N Burgers. Our Klook Pass Seoul includes a burger set with burgers, fries and a drink for a meal. 

Get your Klook Pass SEOUL here.

After a hearty meal, it is time to head up to Seoul Tower to enjoy the sights of Seoul's surroundings.


There are also other things to do at N Seoul Tower. It is known as a popular spot for lovers.

Love Locks

One of the favourite things couples like to do, is to place locks at Nseoul as a symbol of locking their love for each other.

Love Locks N Seoul

If you are planning for various attractions in Seoul, we recommend the Klook Seoul Pass. Unlike other passes with a timing dateline (up to 72 hours), you could plan your activities within 30 days. This will give you more flexibility in planning for the activities. 

Palgakjeong Pavilion

Booking a trip is relatively easy. You can book on the actual day of the activity and just show your e-pass in exchange for tickets. In terms of cost, you can save anything from 20-50% off the retail price depending on the activities chosen.

Get your Klook Pass SEOUL here

Namsan Cable Car Station

Our review of Klook Seoul Pass will be coming right up!

Ticket Office Namsan Cable Car
Address:  Namsan Cable Car, 83 Sopa -ro, Jung Gu
Myeongdong station, Exit 4, 300m walk

Day 10
Hongdae Shopping Street 

Hongdae Shopping Street

It is another free and easy day for us on our last day. 

Shops at Hongdae

The plan is to head to the popular Hongdae Shopping Street near Hongik University to cafe hop, play at an arcade and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Street Performers @ Hongdae

Hongdae shopping street is a place to people watch, chill and relax. It is a good decision to make it a last-day activity to unwind from our whirlwind Seoul tour. The places we visit are all within walking distance of Hongdae Station.

Hongdae Shopping

Meal: Thank Nature Cafe

Thank Nature Cafe

Our first stop was Thank Nature Cafe. Seoul has plenty of animal cafes, from cats, dogs to Meerkat. However, to see sheep in a cafe is the first for us.

Sheep at Thanks Nature Cafe

While some may frown on having sheep in an enclosed space, we had read that the owners have a farm connection and would either rotate the sheep or send them back to the farm during summer. 

Thanks to Nature Cafe's interior

There are plenty of sheep references in the restaurant.

Sheep Sheep

As for food, the main fare of Thank Nature Cafe will be waffles.


The highlight would undoubtedly be the pair of sheep. The Sheep are tame, and guests can interact with them in pen.

Sheep in a cafe

Attraction: Zzang Games

Zzang Games

After a meal, we head to Zzang games for claw machines and carnival fun.

Catch me if you can

Claw machines are relatively easy to catch in Seoul when compared to Tokyo. Most of the claws are rigged, and winning is almost impossible.

At Zzang Games, the claws were much stronger, and we caught a couple of toys.

Carnival Games


We even tried our hands at the carnival games and won!


Zzang Games is a three-level building. If you prefer, you can head upstairs for arcade games too.

Meal: 943 King's Cross

943 King's Cross

We head to another cafe for a drink. After hearing so much about the Harry Potter-inspired 943 King's Cross cafe, we must check it out.

Wizards Potion

This is not the official Harry Potter Cafe. We could not see any image of Harry Potter, but there are plenty of references to wizards and witches.

Inside 943

There is also a spot for you to wear wizard ropes for photos.

Dress up as Harry Potter

The cafe has seven levels, including the basement. 

943 Kings Cross

Each level is unique, so choose your spot to enjoy your beverage and food.

Get your magic potion here

Meal: Dwe-ji-sang-hwe

Unlimited Korean BB!

Our last stop is for unlimited Korean BBQ. We stumbled upon this spot, and it had good reviews. The price was super reasonable too so we decided to have a meal there.

Less than 20,000 won for an unlimited buffet with drinks

The meat was mainly frozen but still pretty decent when cooked. Best of all, you get unlimited servings of food. 

Get set B if you want to add Fried Chicken to your meal.

Fried Chicken

The place is popular, so be there early if you want a spot. 

Address: Hongdae Shopping Street
Hongdae station Exit 9


Our last Korean meal was before we returned to the hotel, collected our luggage, and headed to the airport. We prebook the same transfer back to the hotel as it will be difficult to lug 8 bags and suitcases around. 

Tip: Bring extra luggage for your Korean trip!

KT Roaming Center, Seoul Airport

We returned our Wifi router from Klook. It was easy to use, and the connection was excellent throughout the trip. It was a lifesaver as it helped in navigating the streets of Seoul. Along with our Sim card, the data is sufficient for a family of four.

Book your wifi router from Klook here

Easy Tax Refund

Tip: Remember to claim your tax refunds inside the departure gate before returning. While some retailers can deduct the tax from the bill, others will require you to get the refund at the airport. You do NOT need to show your purchases. Just keep the receipts and the passport you use, and head to one of the Easy Tax Refund kiosks to get the refund. Each receipt should have a minimum of 30,000 won to get a refund.

I Seoul U

It was an incredible 10 days in Seoul. We may not have had high expectations from the start, but it ended as one of our best trips taken as a family. Our past trips to Seoul were just a short 3 to 5 days experience, and this longer trip allowed us to experience Seoul more intimately. It as a fantastic family holiday with activities suitable for both young and old.

In fact, more than 10 days are needed. So make it a 2 weeks tour if you can to truly enjoy the sights and sounds of Seoul!

This is a summary of the highlights of our trip with links to tours where applicable. For tours and activities from Klook, we have a special discount. Quote WACKYDUO10OFF to get 10% off*. The activities must be booked from our links in the post to qualify.

* Min Spend $150. Cap at $20


Cafe Hopping

  • Onion Cafe
  • Osulloc Tea House
  • Thanks, Nature Cafe
  • 938 King's Cross
  • Twosome Place
  • Ediya Coffee
Convenience (Click to Book)

Food and Shopping

  • Gwangjang Market
  • Namdaemum Market
  • Myeong-Dong Night Market
  • Coex Mall
  • Hongdae Shopping Street

Historical sites

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • Changgyeonggung Palace
  • Chinatown Incheon
  • Bukchon Hanok Village
  • Iksedong Hanok Village

Tours (Click to book)

We only covered a small fraction of what Seoul offers. We will be back to explore more of Seoul and beyond. Till the next trip! 

The post contains affiliated links. We partnered with Klook to bring you the best of SEOUL. It does not cost any extra for you to book through the links, but it will help us keep the lights on. Thank you for your support!

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