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Everland Review : What to do at South Korea's Biggest Theme Park

Everland is South Korea Largest Theme Park.

It is located in Yongin and is approximately 40 minutes away from Seoul via private transport. While it is possible to get there via a combination of buses and trains, the journey could take as long as 2 hours.

Table of Content

1 Getting There
2 Everland Zone Guides

3 How to Save Time

Getting there

The best way to get to Everland is to hire private transport. We visited Everland via a Private Car Charter that included an admission ticket. This is the most convenient as it offers to pick up at your location and drop you off at your chosen destination. The driver would wait at Everland, and you can opt to leave early if you wish. Moreover, entrance tickets are included, so you do not need to wait in line.

Everland Private Transfer from Klook

If you prefer, you can always book a round-trip shuttle from Seoul and tickets separately. For example, a one-day adult pass to Everland at the site costs 58,000 Won (Approximately SGD60). You could get these options at a much lower price from Klook.

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Everland Zones Guide

Everland is the largest Theme Park in South Korea. With an area of around 1,200,000 square yards in size, five zones and a slew of rides and attractions, it will be impossible to cover everything in one day. Even if you are the Flash, some rides will have queues, which would take up your time. To enjoy your time at Everland, we break down the individual zones and what to expect.

Global Fair

Global Fair

Global Fair is an open area and the first zone you will see at Everland. The main street has a few restaurants, shops and buildings with global architecture. 

Shopping at Global Fair

Due to limited time, we just breeze through this area without stopping in the stores.

The Big Tree at Global Fair

Look out for the mega tree. This will be an excellent meeting spot in case anyone gets lost in the park. 


Our first stop is at Zootopia.

Long walk to Zootopia

Zooptopia is located about 500m from the entrance, so prepare to put on good walking shoes for Everland, as it is a must to walk from one point to another. If you are heading to Everland in the Winter, we recommend this as a first stop, as some of the rides still need to be opened in other zones. It is best to download the Everland app to check the timings before heading down. 

Animals are resting in winter

Due to the cold weather, some enclosures and attractions, such as Amazon Express, were closed.

Safari World Tram Ride

The two things we did were the Lost Valley and Safari World. These are tram rides that take you through open animal enclosures.

Tiger @ Safari World

The Safari World brings you to a world of Lions, Tigers and bears

Bear @ Safari World

The Lost Valley is the more interesting one of the two.

Lost Valley

You would see Alpacas, Elephants and even get up close to giraffes. 

Elephants at Lost Valley Everland

It is similar to Singapore's Night Safari, except this is in the daytime.

Giraffe at Lost Valley Everland

In terms of size, it is a much smaller enclosure, and the tram rides take about half an hour. While there may be better environments for animals since this is a theme park and not a zoo, we note that the animals look well taken care of.

Tiger Valley Zootopia

There is also a tiger valley enclosure, panda world and Monkey Valley to explore. There is also a smaller enclosure at Animal Wonder World. 

CornDog Everland

During Winter, the queues are manageable. We expect a bigger crowd as more enclosures are opened during other seasons. Do grab a corndog when you are there. It is one of the best snacks there!

European Advenutre

Next to Zootopia is the European Adventure Zone.

T Express Everland

This zone has a mix of kid-friendly and scarier rides like the T Express. 

Shooting Ghost

There are indoor rides like Shooting Ghost, a ghost hunting with shooting guns and Horror Maze.

Not So High Tech compared to Disneyland

Younger kids can ride the Royal Jubilee Carousel and Festive Train.


For outdoor rides, the T Express is built for thrill seekers. When we were there, it was only open in the afternoon. 

T Express

The Snow Buster area would be open for tube rides during winter.

Snow Buster @ Everland

If you want something tamer, try the carnival games. These are separate from your admission tickets. Carnival Games are also found at the America Adventure zone.

Carnival Games at Everland

Everland has festivals at different times of the year.  This would mean you can catch various parades in different seasons.

Christmas Parade at Everland

When we were there, we caught the Christmas parade. In terms of quality, they are on par with the parades we have seen in Disneyland. If you want to catch the parade, be at European Adventure, as the parade route runs through this zone. Check the timings of the parades on the Everland app when you are there.

Magic Land

Magic Land @ Everland

Magic Land is more geared towards kids. There is the family-friendly racing coaster, bumper cars, aeroplane rides, and flying elephants that would make kids smile.

Magic land Rides

The place is colourful and probably the first zone you would zoom to if you have younger kids.

Aesop Umbrella Alley

Take a photo under the beautiful Aesop Umbrella Alley while you are there.

American Adventure

Double Rock Spin Everland

If Magic land is for younger kids, American Adventure is built with youths and young at heart. This zone has the most thrilling rides in Everland.

Giant Pirate Ship

From gigantic pirate ships to head-spinning rides like Double Rock Spins, Let's Twist, Rolling X Train and Columbus Rodeo, this is not the zone for the faint-hearted.

Carnival Games

How to save time?

Download the Everland App

Download the App

The first thing you need to do is to download the Everland App. It is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store. The App has built-in maps that will show the attractions' locations and show timings. There is also real-time information on queues and opening hours of various rides.

Use the App to make bookings to popular rides

Check timing through the app

You can also use the App to make bookings for popular rides. You would have to scan your tickets into the App to do so. Once done, look for attractions that allow you to book. Do note that you can only book one attraction at any one time.

Do the most popular rides first.

If you are there early in the morning, do the most popular rides first. We noticed the queue would be at the thrilling rides of America Adventure. If you are a fan of these rides, speed down to them first when you are in the park.

Take the attractions with the shortest queue.

If you prefer to avoid planning and just go with the flow, we suggest you take the rides or attractions in the shortest queue to maximise time and fun when you are there.

Choose the zone that suits you.

Since Everland has 5 different zones to cater to different crowds, here is the zone that suits you best. You might spend all the time there!

Ride the Sky Way or Sky Cruise to go up or down

Sky Cruise at Everland

The Sky Way is a 4 seater Ski Ride connecting American Adventure to European Adventure, and the Sky Cruise is a cable car ride connecting Magic Land to American Adventure. As Everland is pretty hilly, you would save a lot of time and energy getting from one place to another with these rides.

Cable Car Everland

Is it worth it?

Everland is often compared to the bigger brand them parks founds in other parts of the world. While it is not Universal or Disneyland in terms of glitz and technology, it has its charms.

Everland Entrance

While some rides are thrilling, they are old school compared to virtual rides found in the more famous theme parks. The rides could be more refined, and they do not have popular characters such as Disney Princess to provide additional attraction.

Old School Rides

Nonetheless, old-school rides have their own thrills and fans. We enjoyed this park more than we did at the more modern Lotteworld. The vast openness and the variety of attractions and rides made this visit worth every penny.

Spot the stars!

As a bonus, keep your eyes peeled for possible filming. Everland is a popular location for K-dramas. While there, we spotted Kim So-Hyun and Chae Jong -Hyeop filming for a new K-drama, "Is it a Coincidence?". It definitely added brownie points to Everland.


If you are in Seoul and looking for fun for the family, do add Everland to your must-do list!

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