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London Itinerary : 10 Days Guide for First Timers and Families

Castles, Afternoon Tea, Football, Musicals and  Museums.

These, along with soaking in the Christmas Vibes in London, were what we planned for our family trip. For the most part of our stay, our base was in London. We did take a road trip in between to Manchester for a mini-football Mecca. The holiday was a mixture of historical churches, castles, museums, musicals, football stadiums, Christmas Markets, and a typical British Afternoon Tea. 

We tried to squeeze in as many experiences as possible that were synonymous with London. If you travel with older kids or teens in London, this itinerary is for you!

Join us as we explore the best of London in our 10-day adventure.

Our flight from Singapore took us to London late in the evening. As such, our official Day 1 begins the morning after. We decided to grab a London Cab from the airport instead of booking a car. 

The London can accommodate up to 6 passengers with 4 medium and 4 hand luggage. While you can take a tube to the hotel, you are in a group of 4 or more, so it might make more sense to take a cab instead. Traffic could be faster in London. The trip took us slightly over an hour to reach the hotel.

Travel Tip: London Cab From Heathrow to Cheval Three Quays (Tower Hill) costs around £110

Hotel: Cheval Three Quays

The Hotel we called home for the next 10 days is Cheval Three Quays. It is one of the rare apartment hotels with 2 bedrooms. Our Cityview apartment was around 1013 sqft. Located next to Tower Hill, this hotel is fantastic for its location and room.

Travel Tip:  Book a hotel within walking distance of the London Tube for convenience 

We got online the moment we landed, thanks to our Pocket Wi-Fi and eSim Cards, although the  Cheval Three Quays also provides Wi-Fi. Highly recommended to get either one, as using auto-roaming will cost you a bomb in just a few hours of usage!

Day 1: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Leake Street Tunnel, Outernet, British Museum. Platform 9 3/4

The morning breakfast consisted of sandwiches from the nearby Tesco Express. Food is relatively expensive in London, but thankfully, we are staying in an apartment with a full kitchen. We made several stops at the supermarket for a few meals during this trip.

Today, we will travel to central London to sightsee. Transportation is via the London Tube.

Travelling via the tube is the way to go in London. Compared to London cabs or grabs, you could save a pretty penny.  Get an Oyster card and apply for a young visitor discount for children 11 to 15 if you travel for less than 15 days. You pay half the fare on bus, tube, tram and most National Rail. Apply at the station. Kids under 10 travel free. For adults, you can use a multi-currency card for travel instead of paying for an Oyster card (£5)

Travel Tip: Check for strikes before you plan your journey. Most strikes are announced weeks beforehand so it gives you ample time to make alternative plans.

Attraction: Big Ben (FREE)
Location: Westminster
Tube: Westminster
Time Taken: 15 min

Our first stop for our holiday was Big Ben. The reason why we chose this is because of its close proximity to other attractions such as Westminster Abbey and the London Eye.

It is also the best spot to take an iconic photo of London with the tube, London bus and Big Ben in one frame. While you can tour Big Ben, we decided to admire it from the outside. A tour of Big Ben involves a climb of 334 steps to the top and may not be the best way to start a holiday.

Attraction: Westminster Abbey (Go City London Explorer Pass) 
Great for Teens!
Location: Westminster
Tube: Westminster
Time Taken: 1.5 hours

Instead, we decided to do a full tour of Westminster Abby. We highly recommend getting the Go City Attraction pass from Klook if you are planning multiple attractions. Based on our calculation, this pass saved up to 40% of entrance fees. We will share more details of it in a later post.

Westminster Abbey is a beautiful place and a great starting introduction to London.  This royal church is a World Heritage Site with over a thousand years of history.

From coronations to weddings of Kings and Queens, Westminister Abbey has its fair share of heroes and villains walking through the church halls. The architecture was equally impressive; if you ask us, this is a must-visit attraction in London.

Look out for our in-depth review of Westminster Abbey in our future posts!

Book Go City London Explorer Pass here for discounts on Westminster Abbey

Attraction: Westminster Bridge (Free)

After Westminister Abbey, we walked across Westminster Bridge to our next destination. Westminster Bridge is the best spot for an iconic Big Ben photo. 

Attraction: Leake Street Arches (Free)
Great for Teens!
Location: Southbank
Tube: Waterloo
Time Taken: 30mins

Leake Street Arches is our next stop. This is a tunnel that is covered in graffiti. 

We took an easy 15-minute walk to the Leake Street Arches.. For navigation, use Google Maps; you will have no problem reaching your destination. You can also use Google Maps to navigate your tube journey.

If you like street art, you would love Leake Street. The works there are breathtaking. 

We walked to the end of the tunnel and back to admire these masterpieces. If you plan a trip there directly, you can also take the tube to Waterloo Street.

Attraction: Outernet London - The Butterfly Trail (Free)
Location: Holborn
Tube: Tottenham Court Road
Time Taken: 10mins

We took the tube from Waterloo to Tottenham Court Road en route to The British Museum. Along the way, we stopped by Outernet London, an immersive digital display with different experiences. The Butterfly trail, one of the more exciting experiences, was screening during our visit.

Meal: Vapiano
Tube: Tottenham Court Road

There are plenty of food options around the area. We decided to pop into this Italian restaurant mainly because we craved pasta.

It was a good choice. The light, airy atmosphere and the tasty pasta made it a good lunch destination.

Attraction: British Museum (Free)
Great for Teens!
Location: Holborn
Tube: Tottenham Court Road
Time Taken: 2 hours

Our next stop is the British Museum. While we booked tickets online, it was optional as there was hardly any line.

The museum is huge, mainly with artefacts taken from all over the world and some acquired through dubious means. Nonetheless, it is worth a visit, given its historic significance.

We just took 2 hours, as we scurried from hall to hall to take in the sights.

Attraction: Platform 9 3/4 (Free)
Tube: Kings Cross Station

The last stop for the day is at Platform 9 3/4 at the nearby Kings Cross Station. This is a must-stop for Harry Potter fans.

We wanted to take a photo of the famous disappearing trolley, but the queue needed to be shorter.

In the end, we just browsed the store, picked up a souvenir, and headed back to the hotel. It was winter, and the days were short, but this was an eventful day. 

That said, Day 2 would be a more relaxing day to balance out Day 1.

Day 2: Emirates Stadium Tour, Les Miserables, Picadilly 

Eating out in London can be costly for a family of 4. A typical meal can cost as much as £80 for 4 (SGD 135). To minimise cost, supermarkets such as Tesco Express became our source of breakfast. One could get a sandwich for as low as £2. Since we stayed in an apartment with a dining table. Eating in was not an issue for us.

Attraction: Arsenal FC Emirates Stadium (Go City London Explorer Pass)
Great for Teens!
Tube: Drayton Park and Holloway Road
Time Taken: 2 hours

Day 2 started with a visit to Emirates Stadium. Emirates Stadium was one of the attractions included in the Go-City London Attraction pass, which means more savings for us.

Getting there was easy as the Stadium is within walking distance of Drayton Park Station and Hollway Road Station.

This self-guided tour takes you around the stadium and includes visits to VIP areas, changing rooms, press conferences area, and the Arsenal Museum. 

It is a must-see if you are a football fan. 

The tour took about 1.5 hours. It deserves a detailed guide, so check out our review and guide here.

Book Go City Attractions Pass here for the Arsenal FC Emirates Stadium Tour discounts.

Attraction: Chinatown (Free)
Tube: Leicester Square

Our next stop was Chinatown, as we were catching a show at the West End. We stopped by Duck World to grab a souvenir before heading to one of the restaurants for a meal.

Entertainment: Les Miserables @ Sondheim Theatre
Great for Older Teens!
Location: Soho
Tube: Leicester Square
Time Take: 2.5 hours

When you are in London, you have to catch a West End Performance.  There were many options, and we decided on Les Miserables as it was a highly-rated musical.

No complaints as it was an excellent performance we witnessed.

Travel Tip: Book your tickets directly with the theatre as they offer lower prices than resellers like London Theatre Direct or Ticketmaster. You can check the official website from the theatre page. If you plan a last-minute show, the resellers may offer a better price if tickets are left!

Attraction:  Christmas Lights at Piccadilly (FREE)
Tube: Picadilly Circus

If you are in London in December, a must-go place would be the Picaddilly vicinity to experience the Christmas Lightup on the street.

The lights are fancier than those you get at Orchard Road in Singapore.

Regent Street, Bond Street and Savile Row are the main places to go.

The best building facade we saw for the Christmas light would have to be Fortnum & Mason. The building is decked out to resemble a huge advent calendar.

Day 3: Tower of London, Sky Garden, Leadenhall Market, St Paul Cathedral, Gun Powder Plot

Attraction: Girl with a Dolphin
Location: City of London, Outside The Tower  Hotel
Tube: Tower Hill

Started the day with a supermarket run to top up our supplies. I came across this girl with a dolphin nearby. It's a quiet spot for those who want to take some photos of the iconic Tower Bridge.

Attraction: Tower of London  (Go City London Explorer Pass)
Great for Teens!
Location: City of London
Tube: Tower Hill
Time Taken: 3.5 hours

We started the day by walking to the Tower of London beside our hotel. The historic site was once a grand palace serving as a royal residence, an armoury, a prison and now the home of the Crown Jewels of England.

If you plan a visit, we suggest heading there as soon as possible and visiting the Crown Jewels first to beat the crowd.

You could join the Free Yeowman Wardern Tours. We did join in for a bit, but we decided it may be better to explore the Tower on our own as our limited time is limited. 

In total, we spend about 3.5 hours there. If you have the time, you could spend the whole day at The Tower of London.

Before heading out, we had some fish and chips to fill our stomachs. Since we are in London, it is also mandatory to try it. 

Look out for our in-depth review of the Tower of London in our future post!

Book Go City : London Explore Pass for discounts on Tower of London

Attraction: Sky Garden (FREE)
Great for Teens!
Location: City of London
Tube: Monument
Time Taken: 30 Minutes

There are a couple of vantage points in  London to have a bird's eye view of London. The Shard is the highest one you can visit, but that would require an admission fee.

For a free and similar 360 experience, we highly recommend Sky Garden, affectionately known as the walkie-talkie building. This is a public Garden with cafes and restaurants. We walked from the Tower of London to the Sky Garden for approximately 10 minutes.

The catch is that you need to book the tickets online in advance (approximately 3 weeks) before your intended visit date. If you do not have an advance ticket, book a meal there online a couple of days before your visit. There is no minimum spend, and a breakfast at Darwin Brasserie should be affordable.

Book Sky Garden Tickets here

Attraction: Leadenhall Market (FREE)
Location: City of London
Tube: Monument
Time taken: 5 minutes

Next is a short 5-minute walk to Leadenhall Market. This place was one of the filming locations for Harry Potter's Diagon Alley.

We may only spend a short time here, but if you are a Potter fan, you must stop here.

Attraction: St Paul's Cathedral  (Go City London Explorer Pass)
Great for Teens!
Location: City of London
Tube: St Paul's
Time Taken:  1.5 hours

Our next destination is St Paul's Cathedral. We decided to hop onto a bus to reach this stop. If you have an Oyster card or debit/credit card, there is no need for cash. You will get unlimited rides for a fixed fare of £1.75 if you make consecutive trips within an hour.

St Paul's Cathedral is worth a visit for a climb up to the dome.

You will get a spectacular view from the top. Be warned, though, that to reach here, there are a total of 528 steps to climb. 

A typical floor in a building has about 16 steps, so that is approximately 33 floors. Be warned, though, that steps can be steep in some parts.

It also houses the largest Crypt in London, which houses the remains of Lord Nelson, Duke of Wellington and a public memorial to Florence Nightingale, among others.

Book City: London Explorer Pass for discount on St Paul's Cathedral

When on holidays, we prefer some impromptu moments, especially during meals. Queuing hours for food was never a part of our holiday plans.

So when we chanced upon this Christmas Market outside of St Paul's Cathedral, we just had to try the street food there.

Attraction: The GunPower Plot (Go City London Explorer Pass)
Great for Teens!
Location: City of London
Tube: Tower Hill
Time Taken: 1.5 hours hours

We ended the day with an Immersive experience- The Gunpowder Plot, located near the Tower of London. This experience is based on a historical event of the past where Guy Fawkes and Catholic conspirators attempted to blow up parliament and assassinate James 1 of England. 

It comprises VR technology and actors that bring you back to the past. If you want something different to do in London with Teens, add this to your list. Interestingly, Guy Fawkes is prevalent in modern culture through the infamous Guy Fawkes masks won by Anonymous groups of hacker activists. 

Book City: London Explorer Pass for discount on Gunpowder Plot

Day 4: Road Trip to Manchester, Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Match

Our fourth day is a trip out of London. 

It's a trip to Manchester to watch an EPL Match and a stadium tour of the team we had supported for most of our lives. Technically, if you are doing either one, it is possible to do a day trip as the journey from our Hotel to Manchester took about 3 hours.

The easiest travel route is a direct train from Euston to Manchester Piccadilly via Avanti West Coast. We prebooked our tickets at a fixed time,   and we ALMOST missed our train. The reason is we took the wrong line from our hotel to Euston. Thankfully, we left early and had time to backtrack for the right train.

Note that you need to walk from London Euston Underground to Euston station. Do keep an eye on the announcement board for the platform number, as it will only be given out 5 to 10 minutes before boarding. Do board on time, as the train will not wait for latecomers.

More details on how to get to Manchester can be found here

Book your train tickets to Manchester here

Tip: Book your train tickets early. We booked directly from Avanti West Coast for this trip. DO reserve your seats if you want to sit together as a group.

Hotel: Staycity Aparthotel Manchester
Train: Manchester Picaddilly

 We chose Staycity Aparthotel Manchester, located just outside Manchester Piccadilly. The trams to the stadiums are also situated at Manchester Piccadilly.

We chose the one-bedroom apartment with a queen size bed and 2 sofa beds. Perfect for sleeping 4. While the check-in time was 2pm, we managed to get an early check-in. Since our activity for the day is a Football match, we have to place our luggage in the room before heading out.

The room has a separate dining table and galley kitchen. Perfect for a one-night stay.

Book your stay at Staycity Aparthotel Manchester Picadilly here

Entertainment: Manchester City Vs Crystal Palace Hospitality Package
Great for Teens!
Location: Etihad Stadium, Manchester City
Time Taken: 4 Hours

We came to Manchester for two reasons. One will watch an EPL match, and the other will visit Old Trafford. Ideally, we would have liked to see a match with the Red Devils; unfortunately, they played away during our stay, so we chose the next best option, a Manchester City Match.

Getting to Etihad was easy as there was a straight tram from our hotel. Do get the day pass; this will be needed for a return trip without queueing for one after the match.

Getting tickets to EPL matches can take time and effort. Some stadiums require you to join as a member. Alternatively, try your luck at resellers such as Klook. We were lucky to snag Hospitality tickets at £170 directly from Manchester City Website.

Our tickets include a three-course meal with drinks at the Joie Stadium before the match.

After that, we went to the Etihad Stadium across the street to watch Manchester City vs Crystal Palace. 

Our seats were at the centre on Level 1. While it brings us close to the action, it would have been better if the seats were on Level 2 to have a birdeye's view.

Regardless, the experience of watching a live EPL match was magical. The atmosphere was electrifying, and you got soaked into the mood. If you are a football fan, a pilgrimage to a Football match is a must!

In the match, at least 50,000 people are watching. To catch a tram back to the hotel, we left a minute earlier to avoid the crowd. There were still queues, but it was manageable.

Tip: Want to watch an EPL Match in the UK?
Check out Klook Match sales for Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

Entertainment: Christmas Market

After the match, we head to the nearby Christmas Market at Piccadilly Gardens for quick bites before calling it a day.

Day 5:  Old Trafford Stadium Tour

Attraction: Manchester United Stadium Tour (Old Trafford)
Great for Teens!
Location: Old Trafford, Manchester United
Time Taken: 2.5 Hours

Our day started with a trip to Old Trafford for a stadium Tour. It was a tram ride from our hotel to Old Trafford. Along the way, the industrial Manchester greets our early morning ride.

Visiting the stadium has always been a dream as the family is a club fan. 

Until today, we still cannot believe we had made the trip.

From seeing the dressing room to walking down the tunnel to seeing tributes to Sir Alex Ferguson, it was worth the long journey here from Singapore.


Our Stadium Tour is a guided tour that includes a visit to the museum. Here, you learn about the history of Manchester United. 

You will be impressed with the Trophy Cabinet, the largest one we have seen in the stadiums.

For good measure, we added a meal at the Red Cafe to complete the experience.

After the stadium tour is a long train ride back to the hotel. It was definitely the highlight of our trip and a dream come true for the family.

Tip: Want more details on how to get to the stadium, the highlights and the experience? Read our detailed Manchester  United Stadium Tour here.

Meal: Wagamama
Location: City of London
Tube: Tower Hill

Dinner was at Wagamama, located steps away from Cheval Three Quays.

It actually served decent Asian Japanese food, so if you are in the vicinity of one, it's worth a try.

Day 6:  Windsor Castle, O2 Stadium

It's another day trip. This time around, we head to Windsor Castle, the royal residence of the British Royal family.

Attraction: Windsor Castle
Tube: Windsor and Eton Central (GWR)
Time Taken: 5 Hours

Getting there is a little tricky. You would need to take the Elizabeth Line and switch to GWR at Slough. The tricky part is obtaining the right tickets, as the oyster card cannot be used on GWR.

That said, the journey from London will take approximately 1.5 hours. You do not need to pre-book the ride to Windsor.

The first impression of Windsor was that it was a charming spot. The path to the Castle has several shops and cafes along the way. If you have more time, you could explore the surroundings.

Spot the quaint Crooked House of Windsor, said to be the oldest teahouse in England. 

As for the Castle, the entrance is via tickets, and security is rather tight.

While you can take photos around the compound, photos in the buildings are prohibited. While forbidden, the rooms were majestic and filled with historical artefacts.

If you would like to pay Queen Elizabeth respect, she lies in rest at Windsor Castle.

Tip: Book your ticket in advance. Admission is by timed tickets. You can get your tickets here from Klook or book directly.

Meal: Bluegrass BBQ
Location: Castle Hill

We had a quick stop at Bluegrass Smokehouse for some pub grub. Other than property restaurants, pubs are common places to grab lunch or dinner.

It was not our best meal for this trip. The portions are relatively small for the price we paid, but it was an experience to tick off our checklist.

Shopping: The O2
Location: Greenwich
Tube: North Greenwich

Before returning to the hotel, we stopped at The O2. This was an arena that hosted concerts as well as a factory outlet.

Despite being a factory outlet, prices were less attractive than factory outlets in the US. There are better deals for local brands than for international brands. Furthermore, it is mostly winter wear since we were there in December. 

Tip: You can skip this place if you want a good deal.

Day7: Chelsea Stadium Tour, Natural History Museum, Tea at Muffin Man

Another day, another stadium. Before that, we pop into Pret a Manger next to our hotel for a quick breakfast.

Attraction: Chelsea Stamford Bridge Stadium Tour (Go City London Explorer Pass)
Great for Teens!
Tube: Fulham Broadway
Time Taken: 1.5 hours

Our third and final Stadium Tour will be the Chelsea Stadium Tour. London has several stadium tour options from Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham and Chelsea. We opted for the Chelsea Stamford Bridge tour instead of Tottenham due to the location. 

Located on the lower side of Kensington, it is easily accessible by tube via Fulham Broadway. The Stamford Bridge tour is also included in the Go City London Explorer Pass.

The tour started with a self-directed tour through the museum. 

Some interactive elements, such as taking penalty kicks, are similar to how Chelsea did in the Champions League.

This is the most decorated museum in London and the only club to win the Champions League and Club World Cup. Domestically, they have also won six league titles, eight FA cups, and five leagues among European titles like Europa League, Cup Winner's Cup and UEFA Super Cup. 

The club's fortune was kicked off by Jose Mourinho, but we were surprised that there is a need for more mention of him in the museum. There is a section dedicated to Frank Lampard, though.

The Stadium tour was a guided tour. 

The stadium was probably the smallest we had seen, but the tour is a good mix between Old Trafford and Arsenal experience.

Book City: London Explorer Pass for discount on Stamford Bridge Tour

Read our full experience here.

Attraction: Natural History Museum (FREE)
Location: Kensington
Tube: South Kensington
Time Taken: 1 Hour

Like the British Museum, we prebooked our free tickets to this museum. Unlike the British Museum, prebooking is a must as the queues were long.

It was also more crowded compared to the British Museum. We did explore a few halls and decided that the crowd was a bit much for us.

The best part about this museum will be the prehistoric dinosaur skeletons.

The blue whale skeleton is a must-see.

There are two other museums nearby - The Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, so if you have more time, you can add both to the list.

Meal: The Muffin Man Tea Shop
Location: Kensington
Tube: High Street Kensington

The Muffin Man Tea Shop was recommended by one of our readers whilst on the trip.

It's a cosy English Tea house perfect for tea and scones. There was a short wait as the place was relatively small and needed a few tables.

We took the 3-tier Afternoon Tea for 2. It was around £33 for a set and worth considering. Upmarket choices like Ritz or Fortnum & Mason can easily set one back at £70 per pax. So, to put things in perspective, this was a really good deal. We also love the no-frills decor, and its simplicity brings an English charm to the place.

An overall chill experience that was perfect for us since having an English Tea and scone was on our checklist of things to do in London.

Read our The Muffin Man experience here.

Day 8: Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Phantom of the Opera. Convent Garden

After a few relaxing days, it is time to pack more activities on the itinerary. While having an itinerary is good, there are times when we need to change it. Today's itinerary was the result of such changes. 

Attraction: Buckingham Palace - Changing of Guard  (FREE)
Tube: St James Park
Time Taken: 1 Hour

One of the 'must-do' attractions is to watch the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace. There was already a large crowd by the time we reached there.

Be warned of pickpockets due to the crowd; I was almost a victim when I felt a tug and an open bag. Thankfully, there was nothing valuable inside. 

As for the changing of guard, a summer visit would be more interesting. The grey uniform gives it a different visual impact.

Attraction: St James' Park (FREE)
Location: St James
Time Taken :1 Hour

After the changing of guards, we decided to take a stroll to Trafalgar Square through St James' Park. 

It was a pleasant stroll as we were greeted by swans and ducks swimming in the lake in the middle of the park. 

It's a good respite from the buildings in London. As lovely as the old buildings are in London, a little walk among nature is always welcome.

Attraction: Trafalgar Square (FREE)

Trafalgar Square is a public square that commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar, the British naval victory in the Napoleonic Wars over France.

This site is a significant landmark with commemorative status built around the area, such as Nelson's Column.

Like many other popular locations in London during winter, you can also find a Christmas Market here.

Meal: Panton Yokocho
Location: Japan Center, Soho

Lunch was back in Chinatown. We made a stop at Panton Yokocho for some Japanese Ramen.

It was a cosy Japanese-themed restaurant with decent Japanese fare at a reasonable price.

Attraction: Leicester Square

Leicester Square is a pedestrianised square in London's West End, just outside Chinatown.

You can find street performances and interesting shops like LEGO and M&M here.

When you are there in Winter, pop into the Christmas Market to have a look!

Attraction: Phantom of the Opera
Great for Teens!
Location: His Majesty Theatre, Soho

Another West End Musical, and we caught the Phantom of the Opera this time.

While we had seen this in Singapore, the experience was different with the West End Cast. 

Set in the marvellous His Majesty Theatre, you would feel like you are seeing an Opera performance from the past. A worthy musical if you have to only choose one to watch when you are in London.

Book your Phantom of the Opera Tickets here

Shopping: Convent Garden
Location: Convent Gardens
Tube: Tower Hill

After the musical, it is a stopover at Convent Gardens to see the Christmas lights.

If you are going to London in winter, this will be a great place to soak into the Christmas atmosphere and pick up some souvenirs. 

We popped into a restaurant for dinner on our way back. Can't recall the name, but at least we had Fish and Chips.

Day 9: Tower Bridge, Camden Market, Escape Room

Attraction: Tower Bridge
Great for Teens!
Location: St Katharine's and Wapping
Tube: Tower Hill
Time Taken:  1 Hour

Since we visited the Tower of London, including the Tower Bridge in our itineraries is natural.

Many people confuse the Tower Bridge with the London Bridge. It is the most recognisable bridge along the Thames River, thus the mistaken identity.

For the Tower Bridge Experience, you can walk across the bridge on the upper deck. There are a few steps to climb before you reach the top.

While the view on the outside is interesting, the view below your feet is not for the faint-hearted.

Still, look out on the sides for views of the River Thames.

A visit to the Engine Room on ground level is also included in this attraction.

Book City: London Explorer Pass for discount on  Tower Bridge

Meal: Five Guys Tower Bridge
Location: Southwark
Tube: London Bridge

After a climb, we are hungry. We headed across the Thames River and walked past the Christmas market at The Queen's Walk. 

You will also walk past the HMS Belfast here. You can take a tour here, but we decided to skip this due to the lack of time.

It's a stop at Five Guys Tower Bridge for burgers. 

The burgers were all right, but the fries were great. 

The view is good too, with a full window view of Tower Bridge from the 2nd floor.

Shopping: Hay's Galleria (Free)
Location: Southwark
Tube: London Bridge

Next is a quick stop at Hay's Galleria before we reach our next destination.

It's a classy riverside hub for dining and boutique shopping.

Attraction: Camden Town (Free)
Location: Camden Town
Tube: Camden Town
Time Taken: 2 Hours

If you are looking for the typical tourist souvenirs, Camden Town is the place to go.

We found places that sold key rings and magnets at 12 for £10. It's the cheapest we have seen across London. There are also quirky souvenir shops selling items that you can only find in Camden Town.

Camden Town is also famous for its quirky shopfronts, cafes and shopping.

It also has several beautiful spots for photos.

If you like something edgy, this place has the vibes!

Attraction: Misson Breakout
Great for Teens!
Location: City of London
Tube: London Bridge
Time Taken: 1.5 hours

If you travel with teens, you must plan some activities for them. While general visits to Museums, Stadiums and Musicals are a must-do, a teen-specific activity will definitely make their day.

This is why we choose to experience an Escape Room at Mission Outbreak. You have 1 hour to escape from the room on the mission of your choice. We took the Codebreaker Experience, where we had to break the codes of Nazis attacking London. Getting there was tricky as the sign you see is the Mission Breakout on the door. There was no other signage around to lead you here.

We could not take any photos during the experience, but the overall experience was challenging but fun. Doing it in a group will be a perfect family experience. Compared to the Gunpower Plot, we had more fun with this Escape Room.

For more escape rooms, check out Misson Breakout here.

Day 10: Borough Market, London Bridge, Jack the Ripper Museum

Attraction: London Bridge
Location: City of London
Tube: London Bridge

Before we headed to our next destination, we took a stroll from our hotel on Oxford Bridge. We suggest a walk if you are heading to London during Winter.y, it will allow you to see more of London on the way.

Interestingly, this London Bridge was NOT the original London Bridge. It was rebuilt back in 1971 to support the weight of modern traffic. This was the third London Bridge to be built.

The first has houses on it, while the 2nd bridge was sold and reconstructed in Lake Havasu City in Arizona, USA.

Attraction: Borough Market
Location: Southwark
Tube: London Bridge
Time Taken: 2 Hours

Our final day took us to Borough Market.

Borough Market is one of the most significant and oldest food markets from the 12th century and is very busy.

It is famous for London Street Food, and we got to sample a few. Here's what we had.

Northfield Farm Salt Beef Sandwich.

Brood Sandwiches 

Paella with Seafood & Chicken.

You may also check out the imposing Southwark Cathedral when you are there. If you love food, you have to visit this place!

Attraction: Jack the Ripper Museum
Location: Whitechapel
Tube: Tower Hill
Time Taken: 1 Hour

We had some time before our flight and decided to check out Jack the Ripper Museum.

Interestingly, this museum is located at Whitechapel, where Jack the Ripper was said to have committed his hideous crimes.

The museum aims to recreate the theories behind Jack the Ripper, and it is an interesting visit.

It may not be suitable for younger kids, but if you are interested in the history of London, this is a place worth visiting. 

Interestingly, Jack the Ripper walking tours are also available at various times at Tower Hill. If you are interested in exploring, you can check them out here.

Attractions: All Hallows by the Tower (FREE)
Location: City of London
Tube: Tower Hill
Time Taken: 1 Hour

Before returning to our hotel, we stopped at All Hallows by the Tower.

It is a small Anglican church rebuilt multiple times since 675 AD. 

Unlike the other attractions, it was relatively quiet. It has a crypt museum that is worth a visit. Despite the small size, the crypt has a small chapel that allows visitors to pray. This provides a little peace of quiet and serenity in the busy London up above.


It was a fantastic 10 days spent in London, and it would be better if it was longer. While some may just stop at London for a few days when planning a trip to Europe, this city warrants at least a 10-day trip to fully enjoy what she can offer. 

Here is a summary of the attractions with links to ticket purchases.





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