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 "A wedding is an event, a marriage is a journey, parenthood is a blessing, and family is the reward." was officially launched on 1st March 2012. was set up to chronicle the lives of a pair of brothers born and raised in Sunny, Singapore. It had evolved from earlier diary-like entries to a magazine-style portal showcasing travel, lifestyle, review and Singapore happenings.

It's like one of Singapore's favourite dishes - ROJAK. has since evolved into The Wacky D.U.O (Daily Urban Oasis ), a place where we share Singapore's wackiest happenings and events.

We liken ourselves to a Boutique Publisher with a niche in Travel, Lifestyle, Tech and Entertainment topics. An alternative voice that you seek in a Kopitiam setting. We are not a big organisation but an independent voice that beats to its own drums.

TWD was recognised as one of Singapore's Best Family Blog when we started in 2012. In 2020, we were recognised as Singapore's Most Unique Parenting Blog. Since then, TWD has partnered with over 600 companies locally and globally to bring you the latest family-related reviews. 

Based on 2022 Stats from Similar Web, is ranked among Singapore's top Personal  Websites, with an average readership of 100,000 per month. No mean feat for an indie website.

To date, we have reached 14 million page views and counting!

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This pair of brothers was the seed to start The Wacky Duo. Today, they are mostly behind the scenes and occasionally inspire content.

Daddy M and Mommy J

Daddy M is the full-time editor, photographer and owner of With his trusty sidekicks, The Wacky Duo, he brings you the latest on parenthood, family events and social commentary in general. 

He prides himself as a better photographer than a writer, but it is debatable if talents exist in either role. He has been a banker in his previous life for 2 decades and now devotes his time to sharing parenting experiences, money matters,  lifestyle events, travel tales and everything else.

Mommy J is the life partner of M. She does not write, but her role in the family is the most important. She is here to keep the family sane and ensure the boys behave!

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