"A wedding is an event, a marriage is a journey, parenthood is a blessing and family is the reward." was officially launched on 1st March 2012.

The Wacky Duo is a pair of brothers Big C and Little L, born and raised in Sunny Singapore. was initially set up to document the growing up years. It had evolved from earlier diary-like entries to a  Family Lifestyle Travel website showcasing WACKY review, events and even social commentary. It's like one of Singapore's favourite dish - ROJAK. As the boys grow up, The Wacky Duo. has evolved to The Wacky D.U.O (Daddy's Unique Observations)

We liken ourselves to an Independent Boutique Publisher with a niche in Family, Travel, Lifestyle, Tech and Entertainment topics. There is no unique formula for our website. Instead, we would write posts that would be useful and educational to the readers.

TWD was recognised as one of Singapore Best Family Blog when we first started out in 2012. In 2020, we were recognised as Singapore's Most Unique Parenting Blog. Since then, TWD has the privilege of partnering with over 500 companies, both locally and globally, to bring you the latest family related reviews. 

To add some extra feathers in the cap, we were chosen for several awards throughout the years. Our latest recognition was from, where we are named as one of the Top 25 Parenting Bloggers you should follow in 2021.

Does it mean we are an *ahem* award-winning website?

Base on 2020 Stats from Similar Web, is rank 1st for  Personal Family Website in Singapore in terms of readership with an average readership of 80,000 per month. No mean feat for an indie family website.

To date, we have reached 10 million page views and counting!

With the on-going COVID-19 situation, we would be updating our website with Covid19 related posts that would be useful for families and individuals. Given the escalating situation, we think this little adjustment will benefit everyone. 

The Wacky Duo

To contact us, drop us a mail at  To work with us to bring family joy to the community, read more about what we do here.

If it is family lifestyle information you seek, this website will provide plenty and probably worth a read. We do not proclaim ourselves to be social influencers but content creators. 

A caveat - articles are conjured straight from brain to fingers (keyboards) without much filter in between, we aim to be as real as we wrote. Do bear with our cringe-worthy, grammatically incorrect and localised (aka Singaporean laced Singlish) stories that we love to share.

Ps: Dad is self-diagnosed dyslexia making him prone to spelling and grammar mistakes.

If that is acceptable to you ...

Welcome to our Family Travel  & Lifestyle Website


Big C 

Chill and relax with a super memory.

My Journey began in the mid-2000s as a preemie baby I am the bigger brother to Little L.

Follow me as I seek to make my parents' life 'interesting' for years to come.

Little L

A boy with big eyes, a ready smile and a bagful of wacky antics.

I may be the youngest, but I am no pushover. I am born to let my parents know that wonders (and terrors) never cease.

Let the thrills begin!

The Parents: Daddy M and Mommy J

Daddy M is the editor, photographer and owner of With his trusty sidekicks, The Wacky Duo, he brings to you the latest on parenthood, family events and social commentary in general. 

He prides himself as a better photographer than a writer but it is debatable if talents exist in either role. He is a banker in his previous life for 2 decades and has since moved on to the Property Market. He now devotes his time between sharing parenting experiences and fulfilling property aspirations of those who trust him as a REALTOR.

Mommy J is the resident babe. She does not blog but her role in the family is the most important. She is here to keep the family sane and make sure the boys behave!