"A wedding is an event, a marriage is a journey, parenthood is a blessing and family is the reward" was officially launched on 1st March 2012.

The Wacky Duo are a pair of brothers Big C and Little L, born and raise in Sunny Singapore. The blog is written through our eyes and authored by our father, Daddy M. In essence, we speak through the blog as one family. It may be a tad confusing in the beginning but you will get the hang of it after a few reads.

This blog was initially set up to document our lives. It had evolved from earlier diary like entries on our growth to a  Family Lifestyle Travel website showcasing the magic of family fun. Recently, we documented our travel tales and it proved to be a big hit among readers.

Our goal is to provide you with an insight into the family lifestyle in Singapore and beyond through personal experiences. Being pro-family, you can find posts ranging from the latest family activities, travel experiences, product reviews, parenting tips, technology and family lifestyle topics. The Content Portal is set up as an outlet to share information with like-minded parents.

TWD was recognized as one of Singapore Best Family Blog when we first started out in 2012. Since then TWD has the privilege of being recognised as one of the must read parenting websites, both locally and globally To add some extra feathers in the cap, we were chosen for several awards throughout the years. Does it mean we are an *ahem* award winning website?

Base on 2018 Stats from Similar Web, is the Number 1 Independent (non-agency associated) Daddy Blog in Singapore in terms of readership. Till date, we have reached 6 million+ page views and counting!

For those with kids, we hope we can share our family experiences with you. For those thinking of starting a family, we hope that you can see that it is not as scary or difficult as one envision. On the contrary, it is one of the most rewarding experiences life can offer. To all those who had visited, we hope you will be inspired by our little 'adventures'. We hope our stories and reviews can give you ideas to create your own 'adventures'. In the meantime, enjoy your stay here and come back often to visit us.

To contact us, write to us here. To work with us to bring family joy to the community, read more about what we do here.

A word of caution... Our old man updates this blog at his free time. In reality, this often meant writing at wee hours at night after we sleep. Do not expect his brains to function 100% as he battles the Z monster to complete a post.  His over-reliance on Spellcheck and Grammarly may result in certain parts of the post sounding incoherent and at times gibberish. Unfortunately, this error-prone habit was wired in him since young, as grammar was never his forte in school. He struggles with the difference between adverb and adjective. For someone who consistently received a D for grammar and A for creatively, this is probably the best he can muster. He does strive for improvement by proof-reading each post thrice. However, age is catching up with him. His once famed eagle gaze (he was a pilot trainee) is now the equivalent of how humans see in water - you can make out the shape but you can never be sure what it is.

If it is an English lesson that you seek when reading this blog, please do yourself a favour... Close this window now!

If it is family lifestyle information you seek, this blog will provide plenty and probably worth a read. In case you are still blur let us make this very clear. We do not proclaim ourselves to be social influencers and we do not live in the blog world. Posts are conjured straight from brain to fingers (keyboards) without much filter in between. Do bear with our cringe-worthy, grammatically incorrect and localised (aka Singaporean laced Singlish) posts that we love to share.

If that is acceptable to you ...

Welcome to our Family Lifestyle Portal


'Big C ' aka 'Cool Dude' 

Cool and relax with a super memory.

My Journey begins in 2007 as a tiny baby at 2.32kg. I have since grown to be a big terror and a bigger brother to Little L.

Follow me as I seek to make my parents' life 'interesting' for years to come

' Little L' aka 'Big Eyes'

Big eyes, smiley with a bagful of wacky antics.

My adventure begins in 2010 I may be tiny but I am no pushover. I am born to let my parents know that wonders never cease.

Let the thrills begin!

The Sidekicks:  Daddy M and Mommy J

The kids aka The Wacky Duo are the focus and owners of the blog. As Daddy M, I am but a voice to their adventures with sneak peeks on parenthood, social commentary and topics of personal interest. My main hobby is photography. I pride myself as a better photographer than a writer but it is debatable if talents exist in either role. This journal serves as an extension of my hobby and is my way of 'contributing' to the community.

Mommy J is the resident babe. She does not blog but her role in the family is the most important. She is here to keep the family sane and make sure the boys behaves!