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An alert came into our Instagram inbox. There is a new post by BumbleScoop and the title is 'Must Read Parenting Blogs in Singapore for Helpful Tips and Advice'. 

We decided to check it out and was delighted to be on the list of 29 awesome parenting blogs in Singapore. If you are wondering who are the 28 parenting bloggers on the list, go check them out here. We are followers of quite a few of time as they providing interesting and useful information for parents.

The next thing that caught our eye is that we had been picked by the editors as the 'Most Unique Parenting Blog in Singapore'. Given that BumbleScoop reviews and features interesting topics that are trending, it was a pleasant surprise that we were acknowledged as the most unique parenting blog.

For those who had been following us, you would probably realise we write just about anything under the sun. From parenting to lifestyle to travel and even Covid19, there is nothing that we would consider out of bounds as long as parents can relate to it. Perhaps this 'Rojak' way of writing leads to this accolade.


Regardless, we are glad to be a part of Singapore's Parenting Landscape. We may not be the most popular or has the most following, but being Unique is good enough for us.

Till the next post!

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