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Blown Away

2020 has been a year that is filled with uncertainties.

From the devasting Covid19 to the death of Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman, things had happened around the world unexpectedly. With the US election on the line next week, the twist and turns probably have a few more rounds to go.

Unfortunately, it spells the end of the round for a super large fan in Tampines. It decided to give up 2020 and collapse. In the process, a few diners were injured.

What next?

1) 7 new imported case

The good news is that there are zero local cases. The bad news would be imported cases has been increasing with travel history as diverse as Belgium and Switzerland. The threat from Covid19 has shifted from the dorms to imported cases.

Source: MOH

2) Extra Large Ceiling fan at Tampines coffee shop injures diner

2020 has a whole host of weird happenings on top of Covid19.

Source: Mothership

3) Our Tampines Hub and Nanyang Community Club Anytime Fitness Jurong West are places visited by positive Covid19 cases

  • Nanyang Community Club (60 Jurong West Street 91)

Anytime Fitness Jurong West

20 Oct*1600h to 1725h

19 Oct*1530h to 1705h

18 Oct*2125h to 2220h

  • Ice Cream Chefs (12 Jalan Kuras)

17 Oct*2050h to 2145h

  • Our Tampines Hub (1 Tampines Walk)

Rumah Makan Minang 

1 Oct*1750h to 1835h


4) Migrant Workers who test negative for COVID19 allowed to visit recreation centres from Oct 31

All foreign worker dormitory residents who test negative for COVID-19 will be able to visit recreation centres on their days off from Saturday (Oct 31), said the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on Wednesday.

They must also come from a dormitory that has no active COVID-19 cases. 

Source: CNA

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