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Lichun Traditions and Taboos

Huat ah! 

After collecting Hongbao, it is time to deposit those cash into your banks. The start of Lichun is the best time to do so. While most associate Lichun with putting money in the bank, do you know that there are other traditions and taboos to observe on this day?

What is LiChun?

Lichun is a traditional Chinese festival that marks the start of Spring and falls typically on 4th or 5th of February. The festival is celebrated with various customs and traditions, such eating spring rolls, egg balancing and, in recent times, depositing money in the bank. This year Lichun will start on 4 February 2023.


Best Time to Deposit Money on LiChun based on Zodiac Sign

Depositing money during Lichun symbolises steady income throughout the year. Many choose auspicious times throughout the day to deposit money based on their zodiac sign. These are the best time to deposit.

Li Chun: Best Time to Deposit money based on Zodiac Sign

Make an Egg Stand Upright

It is said that if you can make an egg  "Li" or 立 (Stand Upright) on Lichun, you will be blessed with good luck for the whole year.

Bite the Spring

Eat Spring Roll on Li Chun to signify the biting of the Spring. 

Decorate the door

Decorate the home's entrance with cut out of Chinese calligraphy or paintings to welcome Spring.

Head Outdoor

Head outdoors in Comfy shoes - Shoes from SunnyStep

Head outdoors to enjoy the view. While we may not have seasons in Singapore or plum blossoms to appreciate for Spring, a little sun would do us good!

Li Chun Taboos

While Li Chun is considered one of the most auspicious days in the Chinese calendar, there are some taboos to note for this day

1 Wait to move house on this day.

While Li Chun is perceived as a good day for marriage, ancestors worship, plantings and more, moving house is a big no as it may disturb the energy in the house.

2 Don't get a haircut

Hair is like vegetation in the soil. The Start of Spring is a time for growth and regeneration. Cutting hair on Lichun will cut off growth

3 Don't quarrel 

Quarrelling on the first day of Spring drives away good luck and opens the door to bad luck for the rest of the year. So keep your temper in check on this day.

4 Don't See a Doctor

It is said that seeing a doctor on Lichun will bring bad luck for the rest of the year. Best to avoid any appointment on this day if you can

5 Married women should not visit their mother's home

This is said to interfeYangith Yang. Visiting the home of one's mother on the first day of Spring, Yang another spring. This signifies remarrying

6 Don't lie down for the whole day

The start of Spring is the time for Yang to be stronger during the day. So one should get up early and absorb the yang to be fit and strong. Just remember not to overexercise as it will make one lose yang energy and drain health.

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