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MyM Rewards : McDonald's Members Rewards Upsize

Time to Upsize your meals!

McDonald's rewards programme for members using the McDonald's app is now upsized with new items added to the redemption list.

You can earn 10 points for every $1 spend. Points earned can be redeemed for selected McDonald's meal items. 

Source: MCD App

Previously, there were less than a handful of items to be redeemed. For breakfast time, it was just a Hashbrown. For the rest of the time, you can choose between Apple Pie, Sundae, Fries and Big Mac. From today onwards, additional redemption items are added on the list.

Breakfast (4:00-10:55)

Hash Brown 150 points

Hotcakes with Sausage 750 points (NEW)

Other Times (12:00-23:59)

Apple Pie 250 points (NEW)

McChicken 300 points (NEW)

Sundae 300 points 

Fries (L) 500 points

Frappe 500 points (NEW)

Big Mac 750 points

Redemption can be in restaurants or add to a pickup order via the APP.

Correct as of Jan 2023

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