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Karcher Steam Cleaner 6.800 Review

Karcher Steam Cleaner
Deep Cleaning without Chemicals
A cleaner environment for you and your baby

With a tagline like this, I was excited by the invitation from thenewageparents.com and Karcher Singapore for a trial of the latest Karcher Steam Cleaner.
Demonstration by Jeremy and Kenneth from Karcher

Prior to this, in all honestly, my perception of a steam cleaner is one where we use for steaming ironing clothes in the closet. I was not aware of the functions of a steam cleaner. We attended a 'training and introduction session on the various uses of the Steam Cleaner. After the class, it is an understatement to say that I was amazed that steam cleaner.
Karcher SC 6.800

If you do housework, you know that sweeping or vacuuming the floor is not enough. This is especially so when you have babies or toddlers around the house. Sweeping or vacuuming cannot wipe away the grease on the floor, the oily residue from cooking or the smudges on the windows.
Karcher SC 6.800 @ work

You would normally have to resort to moping and intense wiping. Anyone who does this ( I must admit I hardly mop as we do not cook often at home) would attest to the fact that this vigorous activity will normally lead to sore muscles and a bad back (especially if you bend over to wipe the floors). Moreover, we tend to use chemicals when we mop the floors. Imagine applying layers and layers of chemicals on the same floor your baby crawls over. Not exactly a healthy option especially when you have the little ones crawling around.

About Karcher
Karcher is a German manufacturer of cleaning instruments and equipment. It was founded in 1935 by Alfred Karcher. It remains a family-owned business and is well known for commercial cleaning equipment as well as cleaning equipment for the private consumer.

Karcher Model SC 6.800 CB

The full kit
The model that we were given to use is the SC 6.800 (retails $788) This model belongs sot the home line range of Steam Cleaners for Karcher. The Steam Cleaner comes in a beautiful white finishing that would look good in most home setting.
The following are included in the package

Standard accessories

  • Childproof safety lock
  • Safety valve
  • Steam flow regulation, on unit
  • Integrated funnel
  • 2-tank system
  • Parking position
  • Steam hose gun, 2.5 m
  • Detail nozzle
  • Hand tool
  • Power nozzle
  • Extension for Power nozzle
  • Round brush, black, 1 piece
  • Terry cloth cover for a hand tool, 1 piece
  • Descaler Sticks
  • Window wiper
  • Steam cleaner information booklet
  • Steam iron with easy glide stainless steel soleplate, I 6006
  • Terry floor cloth, 1 piece
  • Floor tool
  • Plug for optional ironing
  • Integrated on / off switch

The Steam Cleaner

In addition to the Steam Cleaner, this model comes with a Steam Iron as well!

How does steam cleaner works?
Steam Cleaner do not rely on chemicals. Instead, it uses microscopic steam particles that penetrate the smallest of pores, dissolving the stubborn dirt. The combination of pressure, speed and temperature would kill the bacteria embedded and cleans it with relative ease and speed. No more intense scrubbing or polishing to keep the surface clean. It is also economical to use the steam cleaner as one litre of tap water would produce 1700 litre of steam!

Application of steam cleaner
The steam cleaner is not a vacuum replacement. A vacuum is akin to a broom where dirt and dust is swept or suck away. Whereas a steam cleaner is like a mop, cleaning up the greasy spots and destroying the stubborn dirt and bacteria without the chemicals.

Karcher at Work
Before you use the Karcher, it is highly recommended you spend some time reading the manuals first. Unlike a vacuum cleaner, due to the different applications of the steam cleaners, the tools used varies according to the situation. The learning curve may be slightly steeper compared to a vacuum cleaner, but the rewards justify the process. It took me about a good hour to be familiar with the cleaner before the cleaning commences.

The following are some of the applications that Karcher SC 6.800 is capable of.
  • Removes Stubborn Dirt from most surface 
Tough surface stains and residues on the floor could be wiped out with the Karcher. However, do note that not all stains are removable especially those that seep deep into the porous floor . Take precaution when steaming painted surface as the steam could remove the paint itself!

For other surfaces such as laminated floor and parquet, do test it out first before usage. Recommended to use double cloth protection and do remember not to keep the nozzle on one spot for a long period of time.
It is recommended to vacuum or sweep the floor before steaming.

  • Cleans without scrubbing
Say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and muscle building. The ease of use would delight even the toughest of Amazons.
  • Cleans the tightest corner
Can't reach the top corner, no worries, with its interchangeable tools, most corners are not an issue
  • Cleans greasy dirt 
The Karcher is the perfect kitchen companion. For those who cook, the SC 6.800 will be a delight. Ask any cookout there, cleaning the kitchen sometimes takes more time than preparing and cooking the food.
With the steam cleaner, cleaning time would be vastly improved and the kitchen would be grease-free. Karcher can be used to clean sinks and taps as well.
  • Clean crevices
The dirt on the narrow fillings on the floor or wall is history with the Karcher. A pencil jet nozzle or brush insert will do the job nicely.
  • Cleans Windows and mirrors
This is my favourite cleaning routine. Marks such as handprints are usually visible on the Windows and mirrors. With the Karcher, you can see immediate results as the steam wipes out the stain almost immediately. Instant gratification and pure bliss.
  • Cleans Sinks
As mention earlier, this is a great tool for cleaning sinks. The Karcher is also a great toilet cleaner. Bust the germs away with its hot steam.
  • Freshen Clothes
With a textile care nozzle (sold Separately), you can freshen up your clothes with the steam cleaner. Do note it may not be as effective as a dedicated steam cleaner, but it does help in removing odours and even out minor creases reliably
  • Iron Clothes
 The SC 6.800 comes with a steam iron that you can use by attaching it to the steam cleaner. You could iron more efficiently at half the time and strength compared to an ordinary iron.

Applications of Karcher

The accessories
Karcher Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories avaliable to enhance and maintain the Karcher steam cleaning experience. The Textile care nozzle is useful for freshening up clothes where as the steam turbo brush provides a more powerful option compared to the normal brush. It may be useful to consider a microfibre cloth set as well as a multi-purpose accessory kit for replacement and maintaining the Karcher steam cleaner.

For those who is looking to remove wallpaper, a wallpaper stripper is also available.

Tips for Mommy
It is said in a traditional sense that men would normally buy the equipment while the women do the housework. With this Karcher steam cleaner and the multi-functions and amazing results, I would attest that this would apply to gadget-loving Daddies as well. Afterall men are visual creatures and seeing immediate results would likely appeal to their senses. Focus on the functions and the results, I am sure your significant other would more than willing to do the steaming cleaning for you.

In a nutshell
Pros of using the Karcher Steam Cleaner
  • A cleaner alternative to chemical moping
  • Great for cleaning smudges off windows/mirrors
  • Ease of use for removal of grease
  • Various applications with just one model
Cons of using the Karcher Steam Cleaner
  • Steep Learning curve compared to Vacuum
  • Be careful when an application on the painted surface ( Eg door frames, window frames) as the heat might affect the paintwork
  •  No retractable cord wire
They say a picture says a thousand words. I guess a video would more probably be more than words can say. Check out this Karcher Video on Steam Cleaner

Where to buy?
Visit Karcher Singapore for more details on the product
The Home Line range comes in various models starting from $328.

Karcher is having a discount for some of the models. They can be purchased online at www.karcher.sg

They are avaliable at major electrical department stores. Do note that Karcher are also avaliable in hardware stores. The models sold are usually yellow in colour and functions may differ.

Kracher Steam Cleaner
Thewackyduo.com received the Kracher SC 6800 for trial and use. No Monetary reward was given, all opinions are of our own

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