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Wonderfood Museum Penang, Malaysia Review

Are you hungry?

During our last visit to Penang via a cruise, we decide to do a DIY shore excursion at Georgetown and had Wonder Food Museum as one of our stops. It was much more fun than we thought

You could get your tickets from Klook before your visit. Tickets are at $8.20 per adult and $5 per child. For a family of 4, it will be under $25

Located along Lebuh Pantai, it is located 500 meters away from Swettenham Pier. From the outside, it looks like a small museum. It does punch a lot more than its weight for a quirky and fun experience for the family.

 Here are 6 reasons why you should make Wonder Food your pitstop at your next trip to Penang

1 See all the local street food of Malaysia in one place

Malaysia, in particular, Penang has always been well known as a food paradise. The street food is considered to be a gem waiting to be discovered. If you do not know what to eat, a visit to the Wonder Food Museum will solve that as they have the street food on display.

Be warned, you would be HUNGRY after a visit.

2 Check out the pieces of Food Art

Wonder Food is more than just a place to showcase Malaysia food, it is also a Food Art Museum. Check out the food on the wall displays.

 There are also individual exhibits showing things such as a colourful dining room vs a monotone one.

If you want to see how food would look like if left untouched and turn bad, you can see it here too. Thankfully, there was no smell as these are props.

3 Take Instagram worthy shots with Giant Food and other props

Speaking of props, there is a room that is filled with giant versions of your favourite dishes in Malaysia. Here, you could take Instagram worthy photos to spice up your feed.

Head upstairs to the second floor and more giant food awaits. We found our favourites. Roti Prata ( or Roti Canal) and Durians!

If only real food is as fun as a visit here.

4 Discover the roots of Penang with a diorama depicting Penang's Time Tunnel

When you are there, check out the diorama to have a glimpse of Penang's street food of the past.

5 Learn about Food

Wonder Food is not only a place to have fun with food,  you could also learn about food here.  You would learn what are the most expensive food and how they look like.

As well as learn how much sugar goes into your favourite dish!

This makes Wonder Food Museum a good edutainment stop for the little ones.

6 Fun for Family

Last but not least, it is fun for the family too.

Penang Wonder Food Museum
49 Lebuh  Pantai, George Town, 10200 George Town
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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