October 31, 2014

Explorer Kids Downtown East review : The Spooky Edition


Boo hoo hoo
It's Halloween time.
Ok it's a lame introduction, but Spooky Town Bash @ Explorerkids Downtown East is anything but ...

October 30, 2014

Newbie Guide to AV Reciever


If you had read about our Home Entertainment System with Pioneer , you would have probably remember the Pioneer VSX 924K Av Receiver. This receiver is the core of the system. Without it , you probably would not be able to set up a decent home entertainment system.

October 29, 2014

A new colour , a new experience with Dulux


Do you want to have a fresh coat of paint for your room?
I pondered over this invitation by omy.sg to participate in an "Inspired to Inspire" campaign. Being a closet fan of renovation shows such as Extreme Makeover, Love it or List it, Roadhouse Showdown, it had always been a dream to be involved in a room makeover or in this case a paintover. We had moved into our current home about 5 years ago and honestly there was a decoration flaw in one particular room that had bothered me ever since. The room is question is the boys' Playroom cum Bedroom.
After a consultation with the stakeholders involved, aka The Wackies, we decided to go ahead and apply to participate. It was a pleasant surprise when OMY / Dulux picked us as one of the participants for this campaign.
Woo hoo...Dream come true!

October 27, 2014

The Wolf : Orianne Lallemand (Review and Giveaway )

Reading books is a SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure) for Big C. Everyday during his school assembly, he is required to read a book for half an hour. It has been challenging to find age appropriate books for him to read during this period. Thus when Wild Crane Press offered us The Wolf series written for children age 7 and up to review, it was accepted without hesitation.

October 24, 2014

Madame Tussauds Singapore Comes Alive !


Another international attraction hits the shore of Sunny Singapore this weekend. The famed Madame Tussauds opens its 18th outlet on 25th October 2014. Located in Sentosa, this attraction brings you closer to famous personalities from all over the world !

October 22, 2014

RWS SEA Aquarium VIP Tour : Spooky Seas Edition


Halloween is just round the corner. It is time for the spooks to resurface on this day. This year Spooks takes to the high seas and invade RWS SEA Aquarium (SEAA). Initially I was worried if the theme would spook the Wackies , however when when the boys heard that they are on the way to a a Spooky adventure, they actually run their hands in glee. That did get me a little worried.

Fret not, this is not a scary or and gory review. The Spooky Seas edition is a family friendly Halloween experience and it is certified Kids Friendly for Halloween.

October 20, 2014

Spooky Halloween Activities for Kids 2014

The scariest day of the year is upon us. For the third year running, we bring you THE list of Halloween Activities for the little spooks !

Promising to be not so creepy, the following activities are a good excuse for the little ones to dress up and enjoy the festivities.

It's time for Treat or Trick!

October 17, 2014

Learning through PLAY for preschool kids

Edutainment activities
If you have a preschool child at home, you might face this issue. How to teach a child who refuse to learn? 

I have 2 boys with very different attitude towards learning. The first is diligent and accepts his daily routine of revision and homework. The second is the complete opposite. Homework is a dirty word and he prefers to play than to sit still for 10 minutes to complete his ABC.