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Looking for a Mother's day gift?

How about a set of wireless headphones?

It may be an unusual gift choice for Mother's Day but I beg to differ. In our household, Mom works in the day and takes care of children in the evening. She does a lot of teleconference calls and at the same time, travels frequently. With that in mind, a set of wireless headphones suits her needs. She gets to chill on it during travelling. In addition, she could handle her teleconference calls on it while multitasking with her free hands. Lastly, she can always put the headphones on to turn on zen mode when the boys go wild and noisy at home  Now that is what I will call a practical gift.


How to build a Terrarium in 5 Steps

If you are looking for a family bonding activity that you can do at home, building your own terrarium may be a good option. Not only it brings nature closer to you, it is also an activity both young and old can indulge in.


The Talk

It happened again.


Village Hotel Katong: A Peranakan Staycation

Fancy a Peranakan theme staycation?

Peranakans are commonly associated with the Straits-born Chinese between 15th and 17th centuries  To qualify as a Peranakan, you have to be a descendant to a Straits-born Chinese that adopt Malay-Sino attributes. Peranakans are also known as Baba - Nonya. Baba is the term for Straits-born Chinese men and Nonya refers to female Straits Chinese.  Though  Peranakan is usually associated with Chinese descent, there are other variants of Peranakans of various races.


Explore Peranakan Culture in Katong : 6 must do experiences

Have you been to Katong?

Katong was known as the enclave for Peranakans back in the early 20th centuries. Today in modern Singapore, Katong has evolved to a 'mix culture' residential and commercial area. Eateries of different cultures and different countries are found peppered along East Coast Road and Joo Chiat Road. Nonetheless, if you look around,  you will notice that the Peranakan culture is very much alive in Katong.