October 08, 2015

12 activities for the SINGAPORE HAZE season

The haze in Singapore had been lingering For the past 2 to 3 weeks. Official forecast indicates that it will stay till November. Instead of moaning and resigned to staying at home, here is a list of 12 places you can go to for a breath of fresh air!

The list is also great for tourists who are here for a bright and sunny experience , but are let down by the haze. There are still plenty of indoor haze free activities one can do in Singapore!

October 06, 2015

JBL Flip 3 : Review + Giveaway


Are you ready for a house party?

The past few weeks, we had been cooped up at home due to the haze. This does not mean we cannot have a good time in our abode. With the new JBL Flip 3, you could have a party any where any time!

JBL Flip 3 is the latest wireless speaker in the award winning Flip series. We had been fans of JBL and had their JBL Charge 2 . Thanks to JBL, we had a chance to see how the little brethren performs. So get ready to boogie with the beat!

October 02, 2015

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel : Staycation Review


Woo hoo ... Our first official sponsored Staycation.

We have been invited to a few overseas resorts , but a staycation in Singapore eluded us till this day. Thus when the opportunity arose to check into Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza hotel over the F1 weekend, we eagerly zoom into it.

September 30, 2015

Fog, smog, or haze

Fog : noun
Condensed water vapor in cloudlike masses lying close to the ground and limiting visibility.

I always have romantic visions of fog.

This was especially so when I spend a winter in London with my wife during our courtship days. It was cool and refreshing at the same time. Sure it may detered vision and at times block the scenery, but nonetheless, taking a stroll on a foggy day or night with your love one clinging close will be a romantic gesture I can tick off my list. The memory of eating fish and chips with the London eye half covered by the FOG at the background still lingers in my memories.

Ahh.. If only we have the same FOG back home.

September 29, 2015

AXA SmartFamily Launch


AXA SmartFamily enters the arena of insurance with a bang!

When we received the invitation to the AXA product launch, it was a mystery to what we were about to witness. In fact with the boxing glove, we were kind of envisioning a boxing arena where celebrities would fight among each other to see who will be the last man/woman standing.

This certainly piqued our interest on AXA SmartFamily, which is a personal accident plan for the family.

September 24, 2015

Mel's Place Sunday Brunch for families

Mel's Place
The East is the best.

Ok that is a bias statement. We had been Easterners since birth and it would be no surprise that we simply love the East. That said, for someone living around the East Coast, this is actually our first visit to a iconic joint in the East - Mel's Place Bar and Bistro located at Kuo Chuan Road. Kuo Chuan Road may be an unfamiliar name even to Easterners, so for direction purpose, Mel's Place is located near the junction between Still Road and East Coast Road. 

September 21, 2015

Johnson's Baby active fresh Shampoo Review


As parents, we love to hug our little ones. We enjoy the 'baby smells' that comes from our children. However after a day of activities in hot and humid Singapore, the 'baby smells' are likely to disappear. As much as we love our children, hugging a sweaty and a potentially smelly one may not be every parent's desire.

If only there is a solution to keep active children from staying fresh for a longer time...