How to make a Pizza @ Atmosphere Bistro and Pizza making Workshop

Want to make a Pizza? 

Pizza is probably the favourite food for 99.99 % of kids if they have their way. The Wacky Duo are no exemption, they love to eat Pizza and love it even more to make it themselves. In fact we had attempted our own homemade Pizza in the past. Thus when the invitation for Pizza making workshop comes along from Atmosphere Bistro and Bar @ East Coast Park, we simply could not resist.


7 ways to celebrate Christmas in Singapore + A Christmas gift from us!

Christmas has always been a favourite season in the household . It is not just about the Christmas gifts we receive and give , but about the blessings of the season and the origin of Christmas to celebrate the Birth  of Christ. It is also a season where many celebrate regardless of religion . Christmas is a time for many to mark the end of the year , a time to check if a child is naughty or nice ( for the presents) and an opportunity for families to gather.


One Mark to Perfection


What mark do you see when you receive your child's test paper?

"Well done 99/100!"

"All the mugging and study session works!"

"What a relief , exam is over. As long as you did your best , results are irrelevant ."

"It's a miracle ..."

"Only 99/100 , why so careless ? "

If your response is the last one, read on...


Gingerbread House Workshop @ The Line Shop : Shangri La

#Media Invite

When the month of November pass, one eagerly awaits the start of the Christmas Season. To soak into the atmosphere and get into the Christmas spirit, we gleefully accepted the invitation from Shangri La to attend the Gingerbread House Workshop.

It's time to create our very first Gingerbread house!


Holiday in Singapore : Where to stay ?

Being a travel family lifestyle blog, it is an understatement to say that we love travelling and sharing our experiences. We had wrote about various countries and recommended places to stay . As a local , we do take the occasional staycations to experience life in Singapore as a 'tourist' . Being avid travellers who source the internet for travel tips , we thought our insights will be useful for tourists travelling to Singapore too.