January 27, 2015

Happy Willow @ One KM Review and Giveaway

Happy Willow @ One Km
There is a new Playground in town and it is opened at the spanking new One KM.
Located in Tanjong Katong, Happy Willow is the latest indoor playground for kids to hit the eastern shores. Being the unbashful connoisseurs of Indoor Playground around Singapore ( and beyond ) , it is thus no surprise that The Wacky Duo are invited to roam the latest addition to Singapore Indoor Playground landscape.

January 23, 2015

Saving Money Tips for kids


When did your child learn about the value of money?

It was a few years ago when Big C was 3, that his eureka moment on understanding the value of money occurred. During a trip at the mall, we walked into a Lego store. Big C had spotted a large Lego set and had set it heart on it. Unfortunately that set cost $300 plus!

January 20, 2015

Poney @ The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands : A Chic shopping experience

Poney @ The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands
Chinese New Year is less than a month away. It is time to do some shopping for new clothes to welcome the new year ahead. It had always been tough to choose the clothes for the boys given the myriad of choices in Singapore. Thanks to Poney Singapore, this year will be a breeze as we will be embarking on a shopping spree for our Chinese New Year outfits.


January 19, 2015

'A Night of Magic at Raffles': A Fiery Treat with Joe Labero


The magic show of the year!
That was our conclusion after we attended the opening night of 'A Night of Magic' at Raffles. Sure it is still early days in 2015, but this is one magic show that will be hard to top. Set in the majestic Raffles Hotel, Joe Labero put up a spectacular show that captivated and mesmerized the full house audience from the first act.

January 16, 2015

Bell Pool Villa Resort Phuket : Presidential Pool Villa Review

The Bell Phuket
Trying to find accommodation in Phuket for 8 can be a feat.

During our December School Holidays, we decided to have a getaway in Phuket. As we are going on the trip with our extended family, our main criteria for accommodation must be one that will fit all of us in one location.

January 14, 2015

Wacky Phuket : Siam Safari 4 in 1 Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking @ Siam Safari

Elephants are revered animals in Thailand. It had played an important role in Thailand's' history from the warring eras to the contributions to Thai economic via logging.

It is said that you have not been to Thailand unless you had ride an Elephant Thus it was an activity we looked forward to when we were at Phuket. After doing some research via TripAdvisor , we were a little apprehensive about our decision to go Elephant Trekking. There were horror stories of Elephants being abuse and reviews were far less positive from certain Elephant Trekking companies.

January 12, 2015

Wacky Tokyo : UFO catcher Tips and Tricks

UFO catcher is a claw game that is usually found in arcades. A bait , usually a stuff toy, is found in a machine that has a claw to catch it and place in the the chute for a win.


If you had followed us on Instagram , you would have noticed we caught a bunch of stuff from UFO Catcher in Tokyo. It would be suffice to say that we do have the 'expertise' to this area. However the skills do not come overnight. We caught the UFO Catcher bug back on our first trip to Tokyoin 2009, since then we had taken the opportunity to hone the techniques and learn some tricks in the process at various local arcades. Tips from youtube helps too!

January 09, 2015

Phuket For Kids : Top 12 activities for kids

Phuket has always been a favourite beach destination especially for Singaporeans. Most would associate it as a romantic beach getaway or even a party central. Families with younger kids might not have the impression that the island 1300 km away would be an ideal destination for kids.
To be a little honest, we were skeptical too... until the last trip during the December holidays. In fact, the kids probably had the lion share of fun during this trip to Phuket. So much so , it warrants a feature on our Holiday for kids series. So take a dive into this post and discover Phuket for kids!