RWS Trickeye Museum : New Art comes to Life !


Over the weekend, we made a trip down to RWS Trick Eye Museum. Having been there during the opening and having a ton of fun, we decided it is a good time to revisit, especially since they have need Artworks to tickle our fancy.


5 Must Do Activities in Singapore Zoo for kids

An impromptu visit to Singapore Zoo on election day lead to this post. It has been a while since we had been to Singapore Zoo that we did not realised that it had grown so big. To cover the zoo in one day and go through all the activities listed would be an impossible task for family with young kids.


December school holiday activities for kids Singapore 2015

How time flies....

In a blink of an eye, another year has zoom by us. If we have our way, we would love time to stand still to catch our breath. With the Dec School Holidays on the horizon, it may be impossible especially with all the activities plan for kids in this Sunny Singapore.


Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar : I want to be a Chef

Let you in on a little secret...

We had asked our boys what they would like to do when they grow up. While the bigger boy is still undecided in his 'career' path, Little Lou's answer has been consistent since the first time we asked. He wants to be a CHEF.


Spices of Life

It had been quite a while since Daddy Talks. In the midst of juggling family, work and blog, there had been lesser of such posts from yours truely in regards to life in general. Every other post in recent months was about an event, a product review or a food review.


Mad Science 'Space Frontier' Party Review

Kids birthday parties can be quite a cliche. Indoor playground, magic shows, face painting , party balloons are the standard birthday fare for kids. If you want a party that truely stands out in terms of fun and educational element, Mad Science birthday parties might just fit the bill.