Artisan & Artist Red Label Backpack RDB-BP300 Review

Woo hoo, new camera bag!

As a mirrorless camera fan, I have bought numerous camera bags to fit  my needs. From my favourite Billingham to the tough Wotancraft Etan to the 'one camera- one lens' pouch, I practically have a camera bag for different occasions... well almost. From the array of sling bags, what is missing is a backpack. If you are an avid traveller who likes to take photographs, a backpack might be more suitable in this case for overseas trips.


Father's Day

Someone asked me why do I want to be a dad ?

I chose to complete a family with the one I love . The results are my 2 sons that makes the family . Being a dad is secondary yet it is one I cherish . I did not choose to be a dad , it chose me . I am simply reaping the 'benefits ' ( and the occasional pain) that comes with it .

Happy Father's Day to all daddies !


Paradise Country @ Gold Coast Review

Since our last trip to The Animal Resort in Singapore, we had been thinking about farms. During our last holiday in Gold Coast, we had a stopover at Paradise Country @ Gold Coast . We did not blog about it due to  an unexpected family event .


Stay Smart With SmartKids Asia - Asia Largest Educational Kids Fair

Want to get an edge for your child overall holistic education?


10 Father's Day buffet deals in Singapore 2016

Father's day is on 19 June. It is a tradition for our family to bring Dad out for a treat on that day. Prior to that , it would mean doing lots of research to find the perfect venue for Dad.

Need to find a place to fill his stomach ?

Here are 10 buffets we found that add a little special treat for Dads and Family.