Smashing Good Times @ WTA Finals Singapore

#Media Invite

Game, Set , Match!

WTA Finals is back in Singapore!

Featuring the best 8 Women players this season, There is an additional set of 8 quality doubles players, this world class tennis match is now on at the Singapore Indoor stadium from 23rd Oct to 30 Oct.


Halloween Activities for kids (Singapore 2015)

October is a scary month.

No I am not referring to the exams . Rather the end of the month marks Halloween. This is the time for the little spooks comes out to play. Here is a list of  'not so spooky' events for the kids to dress up and scare the living daylights out of the adults.


Staying Protected with an Allergy & Haze Kit


Be Prepared.

I was never a scout, but that has always been my personal motto. Being a cautious Dad, I would be on a constant look out for kits that would be helpful to the family for different situations. One of the situation we had experienced before was haze. Over the recent years, haze had almost been a yearly affair in Singapore. Thankfully this year, the effect of haze diminished due to rainier days and better haze prevention from our neighbor.


Timbre Delivery

The Wacky Duo
It had been quite a while since our last trip to Timbre, but the memories of tasty buffalo wings and cheesy pizzas still lingers . Thus, when Timbre decides to bring their favourite party food to our doorsteps, the glutton in us could not say no. So off we click to Timber website to begin our orders.


SRT Charlotte's Web : Preview + Giveaway


We always look forward SRT's The Little Company production, especially during the year end holiday. This year is no exception. SRT will be back with Charlotte's web.


11 Tips on planning a holiday with kids

The Wacky Duo

School final exams are coming. That can only mean one thing ...

No, we are not talking about the need to start mugging to get good grades. On the contrary we look forward to the end of the exams with the big holiday trip around the corner. 


Book Review : 'Making YouTube Videos'