Hong Kong Family Vacation: 5 Days Itinerary

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If you have followed us on Instagram, you would have known that we had been to HongKong over the holidays. Our previous shares on our holiday itineraries in Tokyo and Perth were a hit with our readers, so we decided to share what we did over 5 days in HK.

Day 1: Hong Kong Museum
Location Science Museum Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong
Getting there East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR
HongKong Museum of History

Our first stop from the airport is the HongKong Museum of History. We landed in the afternoon and wanted to do something light around our hotel. Having been to the Space Museum and Science Museum, we decided to give the Museum of History a shot.
HK Museum of History
The Hong Kong Museum of History is scheduled for a renovation soon, so it was good we catch it before it disappeared. If you had been to the old Images of Singapore in Sentosa, the HK Museum of History would be rather familiar.
HK Museum of History
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Day 2: Disneyland HK
Location  Lantau Isalnd HK
Getting there 
Disneyland HK MTR via Sunny Bay MTR
Train to Disneyland
After a good night rest, we woke up earlier and took the train to Disneyland. You must visit Disneyland if you are heading to Hong Kong with kids. It is almost a guarantee that kids would love the happiest place on earth.
Disneyland train
Do take the train instead of taxis or chartered bus. It will be worth it especially when you board the Disney train to Disneyland.
Disneyland HK
Disneyland HK is a great place to visit compared to our last visit 2 years back, there was a lesser crowd due to the opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Comparatively, there were more locals this time round than the last one. The mood was decidedly more relax and cheery. Queues were pretty short too and we get to ride the attractions we wanted for the day.

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Other than rides, we had a meet and greet session with Santa Goofy, the star of this year ' A Sparkling Christmas'. Heading to Disneyland during Christmas season is great, especially with the cool Winter weather in HK. The park is nicely decorated for the festive season too.
Disneyland HK Christmas
The other new thing we love is the new Star Wars attraction in Disneyland. Space mountain has been transformed to a Star Wars battleground known as Hyperspace mountain. There is also a meet and greet with R2D2 and Chewbacca.
Hi R2D2 @ Disneyland HK
The best part for the kids would be the Jedi Training they had and the close encounter with Darth Vader and his sidekick.

We spotted new Star Wars souvenirs such as Darth Vader Popcorn bucket and BB-8 Slipper.

We spend the whole day there as we could not miss the night parade and...

Disneyland Night Parade

Disneyland Fireworks
Day 3: Lantau Island
Location Lantau Island
Getting there Tung Chung MTR follow up Cable Car

We were seriously playing full-time tourist in HK for this trip as we were determined to visit the famous attractions in HK. We wanted to head to the Avenue of Stars but it was close for renovation. That did not stop us from Yum Cha at Serenade.
Yum Cha at Serenade

Took another hour long ride from Tsim Sha Shui to Tung Chung for our day out to Lantau Island. The queue up the Cable car was amazingly long. Thankfully we book our tickets on the SAME day at Klook.  We took the 360 Fun pass attraction for priority queue up and down Ngong Ping.

Ngong Ping Queue
It's off to the mountains!
Ngong Ping Cable Car

This time round we got the Crystal Cabin. It's a see-through cabin with a glass bottom. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Since we had the fun pass, we did a little tour around Ngong Pong Village. Compared to the last trip, we managed to do a whole lot more up the mountains this time round. Our pass includes Stage 360, Walking with Buddha and Motion 360. These are interesting additions for the kids.
Stage 360
We even managed to head to The Big Buddha this time round.
The Big Buddha

At least we get to see The Big Buddha this time round.
The Big Buddha

Day 4: Ocean Park 
Location Ocean Park HK
Getting there  Ocean Park Station MRT (South Island Line)

Ocean Park
Most adults who travel to HK would love to do shopping. For us with kids in tow, the keywords would be fun, fun, fun and more fun!

So in the name of fun, we headed out to Ocean Park for the day

Ocean Park

Ocean park has a mixture of rides that would set your hearts pumping. For little ones, the rides are not as extensive as Disneyland HK.
Ocean Park Rides
That did not stop us from enjoying ourselves for the day.
Ocean Park HK

Ocean Park is not Ocean Park if there are no fishes in them. So it's off to the shark enclosure to have a close encouter with the beast of the ocean.
Close encounter

The other thing we like about Ocean Park would be the Carnival games. There are plenty of them found around the park and they are pretty catchable too!

The Arcade Kidz just could not resist trying his luck and he won a giant whale for his effort.
Follow The Aracade Kidz on Instagram to see his arcade escapades.
The Arcade Kidz

Finally in the evening, we took a walk around the shopping areas of Tsim Sha Shui to soak in the Christmas atmosphere.

You have to check out the clock tower and the HK skyline in the evening.

It's a pretty sight to behold.

If you are lucky, you might even get a free performance along the promenade.

Hong Kong is a fast-paced society with nuggets of attractions for kids. There are a lot more things to do there, so if you want to beef up the itinerary, do see our Hong Kong Activities for kids guide.
Fast Pace Hong Kong

Day 5 : Heading Home

It's our last day in Hong Kong, as we are taking the morning flight, we have to leave HK early. If you are travelling in a group of 4, it is much more cost efficient to take taxis to the airport. Be warn, these little red cabs are like mini Ferraris on the road.

For those who followed us on Instagram, you would have seen the view from our hotel. We booked the family suite in YMCA that comes with 2 king size beds. Perfect for a family of 4. With a view like that, it is hard not to miss HK after the trip!

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