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I12 Katong Waterplayground review

I12 Katong
We love the playground at I12 Katong . This is our third outing there in 3 weeks. I guess a little review is due for this.

The playground was quite empty when we were there. Nevertheless there are more and more kids as the weeks go by. There were about 10 other kids there as well. We were there at about 11 am on a Saturday.

Although it was near noon, there were pockets of shades, allowing us to play at certain areas of the playground

We really love Water!
There wasn't much interactive play there, except for a small slide and water guns. For kids below 2 there is the bucket swing as well. However we do enjoy getting wet and this playground serves the purpose . I love to shoot my water guns and Louis likes to collect water
Charles and Louis
Occassionally, I will play with Louis
Charles and Louis
I will entertain him by collecting water as well. We enjoyed ourselves and would be back for the fourth time . Daddy said we should explore other water playgrounds in Singapore as well.. Yeah!
Having fun!

Pros of the playground
1)Both of us have our fun. With that in mind, it means this playground is suitable for kids from 2 to 10
2) The playground is well padded, so falls should be well cushion
3) It's free!

Cons of the playground
1) No chairs or benches for adults to sit
2) No changing facilities (See Louis Hunkie picture)
The nearest toilet is across the floor inside the building. Not exactly a good idea to bring wet kids into the shopping mall
3) No dry outdoor area - You need a wet suit to play!

Collecting Water


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