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Playground @ Big Splash : Summer Fiesta Carnival

Summer Fiesta Carnival
We decided to head to Playhouse@ Big Splash on Easter Sunday.
There was suppose to be a summer fiesta carnival there.

However the set up is similar to the ex Mcdonald's East Coast Play area. ( ie a very small carnival)
Nevertheless the limited games they have suited the Wacky Duo perfectly

I wanted to join Kor Kor for all the rides, unfortunately I can't join him for the first one. Kor Kor decided he would like to row a boat today

I think he enjoyed himself very much. He was not afraid of the water like before. Maybe all our trips to water playgrounds help ;)

Captain of the ship

Next up is the bouncing castle. Again I could not join in the fun with Kor Kor

Bouncing Castle
However we did managed to sit together in the 'Too Too' Train ( That is how I called it)

I even co piloted the 'helicopter' with Kor Kor

There are more stuff to do at Big Splash.
We may take up the arts class there - Abrakadoodle
Kor Kor had been there once before I was born.
We would be there again. Maybe we can also try the mini golf (Lilliput) on our next outing there

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