Parenting 101 Tip 4 : No Bad Cop Good Cop Parenting

When we became parents , we decided to define our roles in the family

Daddy is the Bad Cop that enforces discipline. Mommy  is the good cop that help soothes Daddy's wrath. It works fine as a start, but soon we realised such roles have its flaws.

Charles would start turning to Mommy and turn away from Daddy.
We do not want it to become a Mommy vs Daddy situation and thus decided, we would both be the enforcer as well as the soother.  This way either one of us can be a source of discipline as well as love.

We are here as coaches and life partners in a family.

Let's hope we do a better job with Louis.
Bottom-line, never be seduced be the Bad cop  / Good cop parenting
Read this short article how how Bad Cop /Good Cop Parenting  may not work

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