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Singapore Blog Awards 2012 : A Video and an E-Interview

Special Video for Singapore Blog Awards 2012

E-Interview for (

As a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012, we were given an assignment to complete an E-Interview.
Below are the questions and our replies.

How Do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?

1st Reaction – Surprised and Elated

2nd Reaction  - Humbled and Motivated

It is an honour and privilege to be recognised as a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012. We may have been around for over 5 years but this is our first time participating in Singapore Blog Awards. We had recently revamped our Blog to add more quality content and information.  Honestly, our pre-revamp posts are too visual and too bare (thus the urge to change). Given our relatively short history since the revamp, saying we were jumping for joy surprised by the selection will be an understatement.

We are delighted to be given the opportunity to showcase our little adventures on this prestigious platform. This recognition as a finalist in Singapore Blog awards would motivate us to present better and more informative posts in the future.

When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Were do you get inspiration for your blog content?

The blog was inspired by the discovery of a new life (Big C) in the family in 2006.

We meant to keep a journal of our baby journey from birth. It was meant to be a personal diary of sorts . Being the self proclaim tech savvy one (with an A in Computer Science no less), Daddy decided to take the role as blog administrator, narrator, photographer and ghost writer. That was the birth of our blog.

The Journey continues with our 2nd Child (Little Lou), who had his own blog .

Seeing how the brothers interact and the little adventures they shared, we decided to merge their blogs to form  One blog means less work for Daddy better quality content for the journal.

The name 'The Wacky Duo' was chosen as the brothers can get real crazy at times, sometimes getting into Daddy and Mummy nerves. Nevertheless it is part and parcel of the family life. You get the good stuff as well as the bad stuff, but either way, we would not change these experiences for another.

As for our inspiration, the answer is obvious. The kids are our inspiration and the ‘stars’ of this journal. We hope that through them, we can present how family life can be bearable enjoyable in Singapore. Hopefully their little adventures can inspire families to create and share their own adventures.

How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year?
How do you think you will fare compared to them?

We are delighted to be a finalist in the Family Blog Category. Compared to the other finalists, we are but novice with lots to learn from the veterans.

Being a newbie ,after news of the selection, we may have our heads in the clouds but we have our feet planted firmly to the ground . We do not professed to be the Best Family Blog. was inspired by many of the finalists to become a better blog. In fact almost 80% of the finalists were on our reading list before the announcement. We are humbly honoured to be part of the group that we had been following.

Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you?

One reason only? We don’t think a reason is good enough for readers to visit and vote!
We will try with one paragraph instead.

We aim to Inspire a million adventures that you will share with your family
We plan to Excite with our escapades beyond our sunny shores
We hope to Deliver honest information and tips that will you may find useful
We love to Share our life experiences and hope it will enrich you

So bestow upon us your precious Votes if you like what we are doing
And if you really need a reason, we will throw in a bonus and give you two instead.


Could you really resist our Big Eyes and inviting smiles??

Vote for us at Singapore Blog Awards 2012

Voting procedures explained in 5 simple steps


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  2. Thanks Emily. Congrats to you as well! Looking forward to the blog awards as well. Good luck!

  3. Congrats on your nomination and looking forward to meeting u as well! :)

  4. hihi

    congrats, and One more to Daddy gang :)
    See you soon.


  5. Hi Ed and Andy
    Thanks ! Will catch up with you guys soon.
    Congrats to both of you too for being nominated!

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    Congrats on being nominated! Perhaps same time this year, Daddy bloggers would outnumber the mummies in the finalists. :)

    1. Hi Kelvin,
      Congrats to you as well. Maybe this year a Daddy Blogger will clinch it? All the best. Hey we got all the daddy bloggers here... Cool :)

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  8. Hi Rosmarie,
    A warm welcome and thanks for the compliments, good luck for the award. I have voted :)


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