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Island Adventures@ National Museum of Singapore

The Entrance

Children Season 2012: Island Adventures

The Wacky Duo were invited to the Island Adventures @ National Museum of Singapore (NMS)
The Island Adventures is an exhibition for children as part of the museum-wide Children season.
Curated by playwright Chong Tze Chien and designed by local designers Lin Shuxian and Jonathan Yue, the event incorporate interactive displays and exciting storytelling to allow children to experience travel on a ship to an island called Singapura 200 years ago

As we have never been to the museum before, we were eager to explore the place and the activities.
Prelude to an Adventure!

We gathered in the meeting area at 2pm. Our activities will start at 215pm
Before the start of the event, we were tagged to identify us as participants of the Island Adventures

Looking out for Little bro.


There are 3 main areas that we explore in this exhibition
Ahoy! All Aboard!
Level 1 , The Concourse

It is recommended to start from here to get the full experience of the exhibit
We hop on a ship bound for Singapura in the year 1820 as our starting point. We were greeted with interactive displays like compass, telegraph and a treasure pit.

Ahoy! All Aboard!

Let's go bro.

The interactive exhibits

There are Roving performances by historical characters on board the ship. We learnt through these travellers about their adventures and livelihood in Singapore

We were first greeted by Lady William Farquhar who showed us the contents of her travelling case. She seems to be bug by sea-sickness. Nevertheless her performance was riveting and entertaining
Next we were led to a dark cabin by an orphan girl who is a prisoner. She has been caught for trying to steal milk for her dying sister. She ran away went she heard the captain footstep and led us to the Port City

Lady Willam Farquhar

Orphan girl
Port City (located at The Salon)
Level 1 The Concourse
This is the second part of the exhibition.
Singapura, a port city, welcomes travelers to explore life on the island on the 19thcentury. Children will learn about the kampong and the development of Singapura into a port city from traders and workers.
The Roving acts continue and we met with Mr Lo, a clerk, who teaches us the different writing instruments.

Mr Lok, the clerk
Mr Lok is engaging and asked us a few questions
The most interesting answer is when he asked here does the feather (use for writing) come from?
The answer by one of the traveller– Angry Bird.
This really cracked the adults up

Feather from Angry Bird?
Next we met the Spice trader.

A good dish is like a Kampong, you need different spices like these to make it taste good.

This is a great line from the spice trader. However he could not teach the kids the trick of his trade.
The kids in this century learnt trading much earlier , they decided to trade their fishes with the Spice trader for his spices! It almost turn into a riot.
I think in the end, the Spice trader got afraid of us kids.

Spice Trader
The event ended after the acts. It was pretty quick, less than 1 hour of entertainment.
However we do have fun at the Port city as we explore the different trading activities that flourish in Singapura in the past.

We decided to be fishermen and street hawkers.

The hungry Hawker

How about some fish?
The displays in the Port city were colourful. However the pictures in the exhibition could be bigger and better presented. Most kids actually missed out on the visual display and focus more on the physical displays instead.

The Display

As for the kampong segment, we decide to build our own Kampongs. Dad tried his best to explain what a Kampong meant.
The interactive displays caters to smaller kids from 2 to 6 . The Roving performances should engage the older kids as well

Building my Kampong

Put your hand in here!

Island Adventures – An Interactive installation
Salon Foyer, Level 1

We ended the tour at the interactive installation at the Salon foyer. We had fun drawing old historical buildings as well as exploring Singapore landscape from past to present with building blocks. There was even a huge open wall that allows us to create scenes with magnetic pieces

There is an activity book as well included. Do remember to collect them.
Salon Foyer

Activity Book

There are other events held at other days, so do check with NMS on the schedule
It is recommended that you go on a weekend to experience the roving acts (every Saturday and Sunday)
Thank you NSM for inviting us. We have a blast exploring the exhibition.
NSM has also provided us complimentary passes to the museum. Look out for Part 2 on the review of NSM.

I love Museums!

 The Little Details

   Price : $5 Child/Adult (including handling fees)
Venue :  
Concourse, The Salon & Garden, Level 1

Sat 26 May - Sun 22 July 2012 | 10am - 6pm daily (last admission at 5pm)

Good news there are OPEN HOUSE DAYS!

Enjoy free admission on 23 & 24 June / 21 and 22 July

10am to 6pm (last entry 4pm)

There will be more performances and activities on those dates!

(Island Tales, Island Tunes -Song and Dance , Island adventures craft activities, Special interactive Story and book launch)
Check out here for more details!

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This review was due to an invitation from National Heritage Board. was given free admission to the event. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are of my own

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