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Sunway Pyramid Review

Sunway Pramid Spinx

During our 3 days stay at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Sunway Pyramid has become our 2nd home and entertainment base on those free days and nights.
We will review the kids entertainment available as well as selected eateries that we visited.
If you are coming from the resort, do find the main entrance. There is an awesome view of a Sphinx and Pyramid forming part of the entrance.  The main entrance is located near Starbucks.

Smaller Spinx at the entrance
At the main Foyer, the sight of an open ice rink greets you. The ice rink is very popular and often crowded. This is Malaysia biggest indoor ice rink known as Sunway Pyramid Ice . We did not try it, but if you have older kids, this may be a good option to start the entertainment in Sunway.
There are also free wi-fi avaliable at the mall. This is a godsend as the hotel has limited wireless location. Good for checking emails and updating facebook / twitter.

Sunway Pyramid Ice

Our First stop is Jungle Jungle
It is located next to the Ice Rink

Jungel Jungle

It’s similar to Timezone in Singapore with similar games. Each game cost RM 2 . There is also a small indoor playground that was attached to it. We did not play in the indoor playground as we did not have socks on.  Entrance cost RM 20 and socks cost extra RM 15 (!) . A little too expansive for a small indoor playground.

Fun @ Jungle Jungle
 So we decided to stick with what we are familar with :P

Table Ice Hockey
Next up is the T & T Kidz Park
You need to purchase a pre-paid card in order to ride the rides.

T & T Kidz Park - We are VIP!
They are able to house a carousal, a mini train ride, bumper cars, a flying go round as well as a 4 storey Ferris wheel! It feels like we are at a mini version of a theme park.
Perfect entertainment for kids under 6.

The rides
 We tried most of the rides as we could not resist the temptation. The rides averages RM4 to RM 6 and is more expensive during weekends

The Ferris Wheel

There is a bowling center, a movie theatre as well as a free kids playground (suitable for kids under 6) located in the mall. It does come in useful especially if you ran out of things to do.

Free Playground
 The children playground is located outsidde Cold Storage. It is just next to the Ferris Wheel.

BRAVE castle
 There is a castle from BRAVE on display and photo-taking opportunity.

Look out for the Giant Pin
Big bowling alley awaits on the 4th floor.

 We wanted to watch a show at the movies, but there were no seats avaliable!


We had our lunch and dinner mostly at the mall.
The first resturant that we tried is Papparich
We had the Pappa Nasi Kunyit with curry chicken and fried chicken
One word-Sedap! 

Add caption
 Next up is Simply Penang

Simply Penang
 This time we had the Penang Char Kueh Teow, Penang Prawn Mee and Penang Lor Bak.

Simply Delicious

I like!

We found A & W there as well!. Dad had the famous Rootbeer Float

Sushi King
We had dinner at Sushi King.
Maybe we should stick to local brand resturant as the quality of food here is not so yummy...


We celebrated Father's Day at Sunway Pyramid.
We found this resturant call Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe
This is a family lifestyle store and cafe. Perfect for Father's Day!

Our Parents were delighted by the d├ęcor. It was pure white. It feels like living in a comic world. The interior is styled like a house. There is the Kitchen, the bedroom (which double up as a clothes store), the toilet, the family dining area, the front yard.

Yummy Food. Less than $10 per dish!

This is a breath of fresh air.Dad found out that there Fullhouse is open in Singapore as well. It is located at Hotel Rendevous. It will be on our list when we are back in Singapore!

The mall is huge. It took us about 2 whole days to cover the whole 5 storey. There is a mixture of retail outlets, children entertainment as well as other forms of leisure entertainments included. What are missing are the high end branded stores. So if you are looking for general retail therapy and entertainment, this mall will not disappoint.
The Little Details
Sunway Pyramid
No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Operating hours - 10am to 10 pm
How to get there : By Car
Sunway Pyramid is easily accessed via the New Pantai Eexpressway (NPE). Cars from KL- or Subang-bound can enter and exit the mall via several ingresses and egresses


  1. What about sunway lagoon, did you guys try that out when staying there? Or is that more suitable for older kids?

    1. Hi Sophiastory. We did visit sunway lagoon and have a review for activities for kids at Sunway Lagoon at


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