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Lego @ National Day

The Marina Bay Floating Platform

Building a LovingSG

What do you do with 200,000 LEGO bricks and 25,000 Lego Minifigures.

You re-create a Marina Bay Floating Platform replica depicting the National Day Parade. The "Buildinga LovingSG" Structure will span an area of 12 by 9 metres, about the size of a volleyball court.

NDP Parade 2012

The Wacky Duo heard about this project from the blogosphere. We love the cause of this project and wanted to support it. However by the time we heard about this project, we were disappointed that it was coming to an end. However Daddy got to know that the second phase of the project was launched and without further ado, we set off on a mission to get the seats for NDP 2012 . 

Building a LovingSG

We headed down to SCAPE park on a Sunday afternoon. Daddy felt that this is a good opportunity to teach me about the meaning and importance of Charity. The project is a fund-raising effort for the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. The money raises will provide the children in need with resources to do well in school and beyond. For every $5, you get to customised 2 mini figures. One of the mini figures will to be place on the replica platform and the other to be taken home as a memento. 

By using the concept that giving can be fun, Daddy explained to me that for every Lego I make, I would be helping out someone.I learned that I  could be make something I enjoy and do a good deed in the process.

Being a pro at Lego(Actually Daddy is the biggest LEGO fan in the Family), I wasted no time to build my family. Daddy is in a blue suit, Mommy is in a pretty top while me and my brother will be wearing green hats. I am the one in all green and Louis is in white.

(Do bring your own spare parts if needed as there are limited designs avaliable)


Let's put us here!

We decided to place ourselves near a vantage point and one where we could easily be spotted. We place ourselves at the base of the Merlion. I commented that we would get wet, but Daddy said it is alright to be wet as Singapore is very hot! I don’t understand what he is saying. Go figure.

My Family@NDP2012

Lou looking for himself
There are other interesting Lego mini figures there as well.
There is the Villain Loki from Avengers terrorizing the spectators

Lego Loki
 There is a Superhero Gallery as well just in case Loki gets out of hand. Can you spot the Superheros present?

Spot the Superheros
We also witness the wedding of a Stromtropper and his bribe. (* Someone actually highlighted that there is someone else eying the bride! )

Stromtropper wedding
Try to spot a Dinosaur - Trust me, it's easy

Dinosuar  representing the LEGO community in
 Do remember where you seat as there are many mini figures present and you may get lost.


Spot us!
We love our seats (actually we are seating on the steps :P), we hope next year we would be luckier in the allocation of NDP tickets so we can watch it live in person. We decided not to take any minifigures home as we cannot bear to separate the family we created.

The Structure will be available for viewing at the Singapore Flyer after the roadshows and thru to National Day 2012. 

Building a LovingSG with Lego

The little Details
How to participate
By donating as little as a $5, you will receive a pair of customized LEGO® minifigures. One of the LEGO® minifigures will be placed on the seating gallery of the platform, while the other is for your keepsake as a reminder of your participation. Only 25,000 customised LEGO® minifigures are created for this purpose, so hurry and grab yours now!

Donations in cash prefer at location

In addition, invitations will be extended to corporate organisations for sponsorship to create marching contingents of LEGO® minifigures in the structure. Three tiers of sponsorship are open to the corporate partners for donations in the range of S$5,000, S$10,000 and S$15,000.

The last we check, here are still seats avaliable!

Where to build
The locations will be opened from 9am to 9pm
30 June to 5 Jul SCAPE
7 to 8 Jul            Causeway Point
12 to 15 Jul        Compass Point
20 to 22 Jul        Marina Square

Alternatively you can purchase the lego Mini Figures online at
Hope you have fun for a good cause!

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