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Monopoly Singapore : Then and Now Review and Giveaway

Singapore : Then and Now

The Wacky Duo has got our hands on Monopoly  Singapore : Then and Now edition, courtesy of  Hasbro. This is the world's first double-sided Monopoly board. On one side,the board shows Singapore Then iconic landmarks and buildings. On the flip side, it depicts what these similar structures had evolved to Now.

Daddy had been a huge fan of Monopoly. He remembers countless nights playing monoploy with his cousins at his grandma's place, trading properties and trying to build an empire. In fact, it is probably through Monopoly that Daddy got into the concept of money management and thus makes finance his career (he is not a full time blogger!).

If this was an IPAD app in the 1980s, monopoly would probably be the equivalent of what Angry Bird is to IPAD. In fact Monopoly had dated back to 1935 and along the way there are several versions of Monopoly in the market. Read all about Monopoly here

Inside the box
Inside the box
We eagerly try to get our hands on the contents of the board. There were 6 different decks of cards representing Chance, Community Chest and Properties card Then and Now. In addition, there are the monopoly Money, a new calculator, credit cards , 7 iconic tokens, mini houses and hotels. It also included a folded Board that is fold 2 ways instead of the usual 1 way fold. Overall the package is smaller than the original Monopoly game.

Attempting our first monopoly
We attempted to play the game, but by our own terms.
Daddy realise it may be a futile attempt to get us to concentrate ( note Monopoly is recommended for ages 8 and up) and thus decided to review the game on his own.

So we are going to let Daddy review the rest of the game while we attempt to build our portfolio.

New vs Old
Daddy's view
Back to the gameplay, the board is interesting as it shows Singapore at 2 different periods. This is not only a cosmetic change but it also changes the gameplay a little.
Lets start with the tokens.

Iconic Tokens
The tokens
This set have 3 old and 3 new tokens. They are namely Plane, Mobile Phone and Car representing the new. The Trishaw , clogs and food containers represents the old. An additional token , the durian is hard to classify as it is a fruit loved by young and old in Singapore.

Singapore THEN
Old School
The Then edition is quite similar to the original edition with the exception of the names and value of the properties amended to Singapore context. I still like the feel of Monopoly Money and being a dinosaur, this would be my preferred way to play.

Monopoly Money

New Generation
The Now side is an updated version of what Singapore is today. Old iconic buildings have been redeveloped into new playgrounds of today. This is both interesting and educational. We could use this board to remind us of what we had in the past. At the same time this is a great way to educate the kids on what Singapore was like before. That way, they could have a history class while playing the game. In addition, the New updated places on the board could also become our future places to explore during the weekends!

Singapore Now

With highly inflated prices of properties, Monopoly Money may not be enough. The introduction of credit cards gives this a different gameplay compared to the original. It is refreshing as well as relevant in todays' context. We can use this tool to introduce the concept of modern money to kids as well.

Monopoly credit replaces Monoploy Cash
Some interesting Tibits
The most expensive part both Then and Now is Sentosa.

Sentosa used to cost 400 Now it cost 4 Million to purchase (actually still a steal in my opinion) . Wished I had some spare cash back in the 1980s to buy some land!
The colour of the cards are also different, the Then version has a vintage thinge to the cards.

Prices had changed through the years
The Chance card had been modernised as well for the NOW segment. There is a card that state what most parents dream for their young offsprings; To be CEO and make 1.5M signing bonus (hopefully some would go back to the parents)

I can't wait for the kids to be a little older so I can start playing this game with them.

A chance to be a CEO
Monopoly Singapore Then and Now are avaliable at all Toys R Us outlets at SGD 79.90.

Monopoly Singapore: Then & Now TVC (2012) from Elena Ho on Vimeo.

Wacky Giveaways!

Wacky Giveaways
Courtesy of Hasbro, The Wacky Duo has 3 sets of Monopoly to be given away.
How to participate
  1. Like TheWackyDuo Facebook fanpage
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Closing Date - 21 July 2359, Winners will be annouced on 23 July

The 3 selected winners will be chosen at random
*Open to those who can collect the set in Singapore.

We have another giveaway for this week - Robolabs trial class worth SGD75 .

We had received a set for our own review, no monetary compensation was received. All opinions are of our own.


  1. Tell us why you love Monopoly and get a chance to win one here! To qualify,see above post

  2. I love New Monopoly which consist the credit card machine to make the whole game more interesting and fun way. At the same time can teach children old and new history thru game. Hope I'm lucky to be one of the winner.

    Facebook name :Koh Jess

  3. I love the new monopoly as it is more realistic and also i wish to teach my kids about singapore and about managing cash.


    Facebook name: Jaime Chan

  4. I love the new monopoly as it have 2 boards to play with. I also get to choose to play with either credit card or cash. I once play the credit card version in a game store, and the moment i play i fall in love with it. I just love the idea of using credit card to play monopoly. I hope i can win this, so that I can play with it everyday. July is my birthday month, and i hope this can come as a great birthday gift for me!!! Hope you can help to make my wish come true.

    Facebook name: Pei Ying

  5. I have always enjoyed playing Monopoly and it is my all time favourite board game. This game also let me feel very rich because I can own many hotels and houses, which is not possible in reality. I hope to win this so that I can introduce this game to my 2 young kids and hope they will enjoy it as much as I do. It is very educational for them too. Thank you Hasbro and Wacky duo for organizing this giveaway.

    Facebook name: Lee Chen Hung

  6. Giveaway is closed. Results out on Monday!


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