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WowART Studio review

WowART Studio
Sponsored Event
 WOWart Studio had invited me to attend a trial class last Sunday. I love arts and craft and thus grab the opportunity to explore other forms of Arts and Craft.

Owl Printmaking
About WowART Studio
WowART Studio had been around since 1995 inspiring and nurturing children from the ages of 2.5 to 12 years old. The classes are kept small and they had a team of trained instructors with various arts qualification to conduct the class.

WowART had kindly invited me to a trial class. Louis could not attend as the minimum age for classes is at 2.5 years old. I was invited to an ArtAlive class ( 5 to 6 years old). WowART has various classes for different age stages as well as experiences. The various classes available can be found here

Daddy like how the programmes are structured to allow children of similar ages and experiences in the same class. In addition, the structured progression allows longevity of the classes as it allows the kids to progress from foundation stage all the way to advance stage.

My trial class today is a lesson on OWL printmaking
Clay and tools
For the lesson, we use clay, chopsticks and paint to make the OWL print. Daddy is impressed with the simple materials and tools used. It is something we can learn and practise on our own at home, making the lesson practical and useful.
Taking our clay for the OWL
Compared to other classes, there were no singalong or storytelling. Instead the lesson started with the teacher explaining what we are going to do and demonstrating to us how we did it.
One on one time
The class I attended was rather small as it was a Sunday afternoon. This allows personal one on one time with the teacher for the lesson.
Enjoying the class
As the time past (each lesson last 1hour 15 min) , I got more immersed and started enjoying the classes.
Daddy had observed that the children does most of the artwork on their own with occasional instructions and attention from the teachers. 90% of the time, I would be doing my own artwork

I loved how the art work turned out. In fact I had 2 pieces of artwork for the day. I have the Owl Print as well as a 3D clay model. 
3D Owl

Daddy was WOW by the detail in the 3D clay owl. I guess that is how WowART studio got their name from.
Parent's Debrief
Another aspect of the class that Daddy like it the Parent Debrief. This is the part where the teachers will explain what the students had learn and how we had adapt to the classes. The teacher also compares the progression from a prior similar class to show how much the students had learn over time.
Louis wants to join in too
Although Louis could not participate, he was able to watch us through large clear windows to check me out once in a while. This open concept actually allow the parents to watch the kids in action. Compared to other institutions with frosted windows or tiny windows that only allow one person to peek at anytime, we found it refreshing.
The interior
We also like the cherry red/yellow interior. The shelves are also lined with past art projects from the studios. Daddy was particularly intrigued by a painting done by a  5 year old on the wall. The painting looks like an artpiece ala  'Picasso' standard.
Artwork by students
Thanks WowART Studio for the invitation. We were impressed with what the place has to offer. Unfortunately the location was not the most ideal for us. Nevertheless should a branch be available in the Eastern part of Singapore, we would not hesitate to sign up!

The Little Details

WowART Learning Studio

200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-10 Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore 574424

Telephone: +65 6352 2221

WowART Learning Studio Facebook Page:!/WowART.Learning
Thanks WowART Studio!
The Wacky Duo was given 1 complimentary trial class for the review. No monetary reward was received. All opinions are of our own.

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