Blog stats disappeared!

Blogger user alert

Blog stats ( page views) have been wiped out to zero for most posts. Blogger stats counter have been reset to zero as of about an hour ago.

Not sure if this is a glitch, but it does become an issue especially if your blog stats shows a billion users and suddenly it resets to 1 ( If you listen attentively , you may actually hear some bloggers screaming right now!)

In any case we only use the blog stats to see which posts are popular with the readers for the week. This sudden disappearance will not impact us much. Still we do hope it is temporary and it can be restored back to the original.

**GMT 519 am Update
Blog Stats partially restored.
However Blog stats for today disappeared!

Given the stability of things, it may be wise to do a full backup of your blog ...just in case.


Unknown said...


Rhipple said...

I experienced it, not funny

adrian oh said...

same thing happened here. weirdo!

Unknown said...

Happened to me too!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately has happened to my blog what happened to you

The problem at the level of blogs worldwide