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Talking to kids or hearing the kids talking to each other talk can be hilarious , enlightening and sometime mind boggling.

It would be a shame not to record such snippets for their future reference.

Small bully

C : Didi bullied me

Daddy : What did he do?

C : He pulled my hair

Daddy : Lou did you pull kor kor hair?

Lou : Didi pull hair like that ( show action followed by a big cheeky grin)

Charles : Not fair! Didi is being funny because he wants to make you laugh so you would not be angry.

Daddy is lost and half smiling... Not sure whether to fall into the charm of a smiling boy or appease a crying one.


Sleeping time

Daddy : Time to sleep boys

Lou: I want sleep with kor kor

C : Didi got his own bed, ask him to sleep on his own.

Lou : I want kor kor ( started to sob )

C : Didi sleep on his own bed! ( started to sob too)

Daddy: Let Didi sleep with you, he miss you. When he is sleeping , I will move him.

Conclusion : One disgruntled boy sleeping next to one satisfied boy. At least the big one is sensible enough to let the smaller one on his bed. However this scenario is tiring both Mommy and Daddy out every night! We need a bigger bed to fit both of them!



Daddy : Lou don't throw things around!

Lou continues to throw things around

Daddy : Lou , throw things around ah, don't stop, cannot stop.

Immediately the action ceased.

Daddy : Lou give Daddy a kiss

Loui : NO!

Daddy : Ok, don't give Daddy a kiss ah, don't give ah, I don't want any kiss from you

Lou starts running towards Daddy and starts kissing him all over.

We use this method to get most things done out of Lou . I.e. brush teeth, change diaper, go to sleep , etc.

Life is entertaining for a parent ....sometimes...

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