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Marc Quin Planet @ Gardens by the Bay

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Planet @ Gardens by the Bay
There is a giant baby in town ... and no he is not here for the new Baby Bonus!

If you have been to the Gardens by the Bay recently, you will notice that there is a huge white baby in the vicinity. The baby can be found at the Meadows.
Planet : Marc Quinn (UK)
The Baby is known as 'Planet'.
It was conceived by Marc Quinn, a British artist, in 2008 to depict his then 7th Month old son as a sleeping baby.

Next Singapore Hey Baby mascot?
" Planet is a paradox, hugely heavy, yet the bronze appears weightless ; overwhelming yet also an image of vulnerability. It is both a reflect of ourselves and the earth upon we live"
 Marc Quinn

Baby on the Bay
The Sculpture appears to hover over found with support only by the right hand. A permanent donation to Gardens by the Bay,  you could be forgiven that it is deliberately place there to remind Singaporeans that we have to step up our efforts on baby- making. for all you know this would be the next mascot for Hey Baby portal.
Planet @ Chatsworth House
Planet had travelled halfway across the world since it was first unveiled in Chatsworth house , UK. It's indeed a coup for Gardens by the Bay to have it within its premises. Let's welcome Singapore latest baby as our permanent resident.

( Psss... we hear that if you want to have babies, just give the sculpture a rub, but you have to do it discreetly as it is currently being fence up)

Seriously if you look around the gardens, you would see ART in every nooks and corners. The most obvious ones are the Supertrees which is a perennial photographer favourite. There are over 40 sculptures that complement the beauty f the plant displays and create a new dimension to the landscape.

Sculptures @ Visitor Center
The Magnificent Bull by Walter Matia (US)
If you look more closely and at ground level, you will not miss The Magnificent Bull at the entrance near the Visitor's information counter. Most likely for those who are meeting at the Gardens for the first time, you would tend to ask each other to wait by the bull.

The Bull is actually a donation from Merrill Lynch. If you observe, you could see hues of similarities with the fame Merrill Lynch Bull.
Bauya Crocodile and Mama Gaya : Bali, Indonesia and Timr Leste
Try spotting a few Bauya ( the crocodile species not the men) lurking about the Canopy area. Otherwise head below the canopy int the animal coliseum and witness a battle between elephants and lions. Cute kids excluded from permanent display.

Lion : Eng Siak Loy, Elephants and Lions from Java Indonesia

Sculptures @ Heritage Gardens
Guardian Lions : Wong Rong Hai ( Xiamen, China)
There are  lesser known sculptures around the gardens. Try to spot the Guardian Lions guarding the entrance of the Chinese Gardens or the Elephants flanked at the entrance of the Indian gardens.
There were a couple of gift horses as well.Some of the horses have missing ears. It is sad to see how these sculptures are vandalised in some way or another.
Terracotta Elephants from India 
Some of the more unique stone sculptures can be found at the Chinese Gardens. Be there in the evening at around 630 pm to witness how these rocks change to a nice shade of orange basking in the sunset over Gardens by the Bay.
Orange rock
Another interesting sculpture spotted is the Benevolent Buddha sitting under a scared Bodhi tree. It is housed between the Indian and Chinese Garden. The significance of Buddhism being originated from India and bought to China is apparent by its location.

Resting Buddha : Wong Rong Hai (Xiamen,China)

Sculptures@ Flower Dome
Multiple Maternity from Zimbabwe
One of the more memorable sculpture is the Multiple Maternity from Zimbabwe found in the FLower Dome  We like it as it symbolises family and suggest a multiplication of joy and hope through the loving upbringing of new lives.
Ladies Head Zimbabwe

There are a couple of ladies head in the vicinity as well.
The Baobabs
If you look up, you would have seen the eagle has landed at the flower dome. Spreading its majestic wings over the floral display, this is cleverly crafted from the polished and varnishes Lychee roots.

Sculptures @ Cloud Forest
Mosaic Crocodile from Papua New Guinea
More crocodiles are found in the secret gardens at the Cloud Forest.
Being in the secret gardens, you would not be surprised to find exotic creatures like the giant snail as well.
Giant Snail : Will Wilson (Australia)
Before you exit the Cloud forest, do remember to pass through the mouth of the Lion to be anointed as bravehearts. Made from the roos of old lychee trees, these lion doors are a charming sight in the secret garden.

Lions Doors from Southern China
There are alot more sculptures to be discovered in the Gardens. These sculptures are individually sourced for the specific part of the gardens. Do not miss them while you are there!

Garden Cruisers
Since the sculptures are spread apart, you may want to take a garden cruiser trail . It is a 20 minutes ride with commentary around Bay South Gardens.
Cost : Adults $5, Child $3

Alternatively take a stroll around the garden for the largest free art exhibition (Excluding the conservatories)  in Singapore. We actually recommend that for families with kids. If you have time to spare, why not consider a picnic there as well.

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Daddy M was given a tour around on a garden cruiser. The event is free and he is unfortunately not on the payroll of the organisers. Photos of the sculptures in the conservatories were from a previous paid visit. Therefore it is safe to say all opinions are 100% his own.


  1. interesting writeup....The giant baby "planet" caught my attention! Since it's fenced up, no poses are allowed with it then?

    1. You can still do poses like 'carrying ' the baby from afar :) The fence should be replace by hedges now to protect the baby from wear and tear


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