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Spring Celebration : Flower Dome

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A few weeks ago, Daddy was invited to preview the Spring Celebrations. When we saw the photos we decided to ask Daddy if he could bring us to see the 'orange' snake... so he did

Flower Dome

A decision was made to drop in the Gardens on Chinese New Year Eve. Daddy thinks this is a great way for us to kick off our Chinese New Year celebrations and to be immerse in the Chinese New Year Spirit,

Upon hearing this arrangement, we were all filled with delight and were floating on air (Mommy included)! We have been to Gardens by the Bay a few times already, but we are still excited to visit Singapore's iconic garden destination.
Spring @ Flower Dome
Daddy was so inspired by the photos we took, that he decided to make postcards from it.

For a full review of the spring celebrations, do visit here.
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Snake Year
It took about an hour to explore the flower dome. The colourful flowers make for interesting backdrop for photos. Louis decides to pose with the snakes instead.
The Spring celebrations will be on display for the whole month of February. from 10th to 24th Feb, you only need to pay 88% of the tickets fee if you are a Singapore resident. For the full details refer here.

Spring Celebrations
Excuse the overload of photos here. There are just too many good photos to share!

The throne seats decorated with pussy willows is a must take photo. Made us feel like Princes!
Not to forget the Lionheads that is found around the Flower display as well!

Cloud Forest

We took the opportunity to visit the cloud forest as well. The Waterfall never cease to impress us.

After getting drench by the waterfalls we proceed to the lost world in the clouds to cool off.
It was a delight to see it so well maintained after all these months. However we felt that the display could be change or updated occasionally similar to the flower dome to give it a breath of fresh air.
Lost World
Anywhere is usually a good place to take a photo with Mommy !
On our walk on the bridge we spotted something not far away
It is the Tadpole play area . We heard that this area would be ready by the 2nd half of the year. It is an area build especially for kids (adults allowed only with kids). In addition, this 5 ha area is going to be focus purely on play! Waterplay will also be part of the feature of the Tadpole play garden.

The play area will be divided into 2 parts, one for toddlers age up to 5 and the other for age 6 to12.

Tadpole Play area
We could not wait to be back to the Gardens to experience this area!

Secret Garden

Take a walk around the cloud forest, be enchanted and transported to the lost world. Don't forget to visit the secret gardens as well while you are there!

Secret Gardens II
It was an enjoyable little trip to Gardens by the Bay. We wanted to take the skywalk, but we realised that we have overshoot the time as we spend about 2 hours plus roaming the gardens.
A tip for families with kids, do arm them with a pocket camera , I had fun photographing as much as Daddy while I was there!

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