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Spring Celebration @ Gardens By the Bay

Spring Celebrations @ Gardens by the Bay
Marina Bay Ambayssador : Media Invite

Flower Dome
Spring has arrived in Singapore!

Celebrate the Lunar New Year at the Flower Dome
Singapore is known to have 2 seasons. Hot or Wet.
This year, we get to transport ourselves to the joys of Spring right at our very own world class Gardens by the Bay. Spring is also the time that coincides with the Lunar New Year which is also known as Spring Festival or 春節.

Chinese Pavilion
From the moment you step into the Flower Dome, be prepared to be transported to another era.
Scores of Red Lunar New Year decorations adorned the trees near the entrance.

Spot the Chinese Pavilions
Themed as the "Spring Celebrations", the Flower Dome updates its floral displays with over 8000 colourful blooms to welcome the New year ahead.

Lunar New Year Deco
Be wowed by the peonies, camellias, cheery blossoms, chrysanthemums, dahilas, asaleas, orchids such as Cymbidums and Pahlaenopis and 8 different varieties of kumquat (Citrus) plants found within the dome.
Spring Gardens
Flowers play a big role in the Chinese New Year Festivities. It is no surprise to see hoards of folks who head down to the nurseries to get their yearly Chinese new year plants. Each plant comes with a different meaning. It's amazing to see all these plants in harmony in one garden. Prosperity, longevity, luck and good fortune are all found within the Flower Dome.
 Kumquat - symbolises prosperity
Chrysanthemums - symbolises longevity
Bamboo - symbolises luck
Pussy Willow - Symbolises good fortune

Spot the kumquat snake!
A main attraction of the Spring floral display is the presences of many Kumquat snakes. Some of the snakes are as long as 3 meters in length!

Thorny Blooms
Look our for pots of bonsai within the gardens as well. Some of them are as old as 200 years old!

There are sakuras in the garden for those who wants to get a glimpse of Japan. There are also Chinese Pavilions in the Flower Dome to add to the festive ambiance.

The flowers will be display at the Flower Dome on Feb 1 to Feb 28th.
The boys are not with me on this trip, perhaps a trip down with the Grandparents are in the cards during this Spring Festival.

There are other events ongoing during the same period. You may like to plan your visit around these events for a more engaging experience at Gardens by the Bay

Lunar New Year - Year of the Snake : An NHB Heritage on the move travelling exhibition
19 Jan -24th May , Exhibition Room, next to Cloud Forest , Free
Find out about the origins, practises and customs of the Lunar New Year; as well as the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac calendar, particularly the Year of the Snake.

Family fun under the Sun : Wishes on fishes
1 -3 Feb, Various Timings, Supertree Groove, The canopy and Chinese Gardens , Free Max 15 pax
Personalise your Chinese New Year origami ornaments!

Family fun under the Sun : Flowering Fortune Tour
1-3 Feb, various timings, Chinese Gardens, limited to 20 pax, free, first come first serve
Guided tour on auspicious plants

Spring Surprise
1 -3 Feb, Various Timings, Activities are free, charges to conservatories apply

For more details, refer to Gardens by the Bay

Pussy Willows
The Little Details
Spring Celebrations Floral Display
1 to 28th Feb 2013, Flower Dome , 9am-9pm
Singapore residents rate : Adult $12 . Child $8 (3-12) ,Senior Citizen (age 60 up) $8
For the first 15 days of the Lunar new Year ( From Feb 11) , local residents pays 88 % for ticket to the conservatories!
Year of the Snake

Marina Bay Ambayssador's Feast
Before we know, it was already late into the night. The giant lanterns that line up the passage from the Flower Dome to the Visitor Center emits a soft glow. It may be interesting to take a night walk around the gardens to experience lights and nature. I shall make it our agenda for the outing with the boys.

Do visit Gardens by the Bay during this festive season for a brand new take on Chinese New Year 'to do' list. There will be a total of 11888 festive blooms ( wow they really count them) on display within the gardens.The serenity of the gardens compliments the hustle and bustle of Chinatown.

It's like having a glass of fine wine with cheese.
Or in this case, chinese tea with bakwa.

1/2 km of Red Lanterns @ Gardens by the Bay
Daddy M was invited to preview the Spring Celebration a. No monetary reward are given. All opinions are 100% his own.

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