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Day Out @ Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios
Watch out Universal , we are back!
As part of our staycation in RWS over the March holidays, our dear daddy decided that he would bring his brood over to Universal Studio.

Kor Kor and Frankenstein
Since we had a review for Universal for Kids in our previous visit, we decided to do a post highlighting a few additional sections that we have missed the first time round.


Beverly Hills Garage
For families with young kids , you may like to rent a stroller at USS. From experiences, kids age below 5 would not likely last the whole day walking or awake. A stroller comes in handy to save those arms for phototaking in the park. Parking for strollers are quite convenient within the park.
Single Stroller rental at $10 , Double Seater at $15.

Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase

Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase
There is a new ride in USS.The Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase has landed in Singapore. We had taken a prior ride before during RWS fans day out and the second time round was just as fun.

New Shops
Don't miss the new Sesame Street theme shops located near the rides!

There are 3 performances at selected time from the Sesame Street Characters. We had only seen 1 the last time round, so this is a chance to watch the rest.

There must be something about Sesame Street that makes kids age 2 to 80 love them.
Are you a fan?


Character Photo Taking

Elmo and his fans
The first time when we were at Universal Studios, we refuse to take any photos with the characters of the park. Eversince our breakfast with Elmo, we decided that this we love phototaking with the characters of Sesame Street.

We did managed to score pictures with Bert and Ernie whom we had missed during the last breakfast.

Tip: The best time to find a photo opportunity of Sesame Street Characters are after their performances.


Toddler Friendly Rides

King Julian
One of the best park for themeparks are that they allowed kids below 3 to enter free. However rides for younger and shorter kids are far and few in the park. At USS, there are about 3 rides that suits me ( Below 90cm)

I will be take care of you
The one that we like most is the King Julian's Beach Party-Go-Round. I think we took it for about 3 rounds on that day we visited.

There are characters from Magadascar for phototaking as well. Personally my favourite would be the penguins cause I think they are the brains of the show.

Another kids friendly ride would be the crate adventure. However it was quite dark during the ride and some younger kids may not be comfortable with that.

Far Far away
The next toddler friendly ride would be located at Far Far Away. Look for the Enchanted Fariways to take a ride on the Magic Potion Spin.

Far Far Away
It's another ride that is a hit with me.

Magic Potion Spin
You would be glad to know that these rides have short waiting time as well.

Only 5 minutes


Donkey Live
If rides are not your cup of tea, there are other indoor shows scheduled around the park. We decided to head down to Donky Live for a show as we had not seen it before. Other show around the park includes Monstor Rock located at New york and the Waterworld show located at The Lost World.

Game of throne
We decided to skip the rest of the shows as we had watched them before. However being fans of dance , there is one show we would not miss.

Time to rock!
It's the Rockefellas show located at New York City

Just watch the below video and you would know why we took up the center front seats for the show.

One of these days, I am going to join them as a dancer. I am already practising my breakdance routine every night. Hopefully one day I will be able to do a performance similar to Rockefellas.

With the end of the performances, it marks the end to our chill down trip to Universal Studios. We may not leave Singapore during the March holidays, but being in USS does make us feel that we are transported to another part of the world.

We will be back soon. Hopefully for the fireworks which we did not have the chance to witness over the last 3 visits to USS.

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