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Hokey Pokey @ Millenia Walk

Hokey Pokey @ Millenia Walk

Media Invite

Over the long Easter Weekend, we were invited to Hokey Pokey @ Millenia Walk to take a spin in their new premises. Hokey Pokey had moved from Suntec City to its new spot and is ready for business. With Suntec City under a major renovation, Hokey Pokey decided to make the move to a larger premise so that its fans can still enjoy their time at Singapore Largest Playroom.

Entrance to Hokey Pokey
Hokey Pokey is an open concept play ground that targets kids from age 6 months to 6 years. Perfect for us as we are in the age group. Actually we would not call Hokey Pokey a playground, but more like a toys haven for kids.

Open Concept
The first thing that strikes you as you walk into the entrance is how vast the space is. Furthermore the open concept is great for parents to view their kids from the outside. Adults are allowed to accompany the kids in, but we reckon that for kids age 3 and above, it is relatively safe for them to have a free roam. The floors and walls were well padded and most of the toys are relatively safe. We do recommend that you still keep a close eye on the kids

The Slide

The 'Big' Slide @ Hokey Pokey
There is a slide for those indoor playground fanatics. Do not expect it to be as cowabanga slide as it caters to a younger set of kids. Nevertheless it is a big hit with us.

Sliding time!
We discovered that there are more than 1 way to head down the slide.

For the tiny tots, there is a smaller version by the side.

Smaller Slide
If you find these slides familiar, they are actually from the old premises at Suntec.

Let's Rock bro!
We are glad that most of the play equipments are toys are back at Hokey Pokey. They were fun the first time we experience them and they are still fun now.

Swimming in a pool of balls

Bouncing Castle

Bouncing Castle
Given the larger premises, there are new additions to the new place as well. The bouncing castle is one for wacky boys like us.

Happy Camper

Train Set

Train Set
One of our favourite toys is the train set from Melissa and Doug. There must be something with trains and boys as this was the first toy we zoom into after the earlier slide euphoria.

Choo Choo

Costume Play

Costume Play
Another new addition from the last time we were at Suntec was the costume play area. It is not a big selection, but it did not stop us from being police and chef

Police and Chef

Cooking Area

Cooking Area
Another part of Hokey Pokey that we like are the cooking stations. There are at least 3 separate stations that are link with each other to create a multi-tier kitchen. With numerous food options and utensils available, it inspires us to be masterchefs.

Birthday cake

Toys Area

Toys area
We love the wall of toys and the car set station at one corner of the room. Loaded with toys of all shapes and sizes, this is indeed a toys heaven for kids.

Tunnelling through
Hokey Pokey uses quality toys at their premises. You can find Fisher Price , Thomas the train, Imaginarim and lots more toys options there. Great place for a toddler playdate if you are intending to have one.

Quality Toys
We could stay here the whole day if we choose to. We spend over 3 hours at Hokey Pokey and refuse to leave when it is time to do so!

Let's play!

Castle Tower

Castle Tower
A new addition to Hokey Pokey would be the Castle Tower. If you are into Lord of the Ring Lore, this castle would provide endless fun options for kids. A hit with older boys.


Cars Cars Cars

If you are into cars, there are various options available at Hokey Pokey. With the bigger premises, it means more space for us to drive around. At the time we were there , there was hardly any accident. I do think it is because they were afraid of the Police chief in patrol.

Police Chief
Daddy thinks its because most of the kids are young, thus still considered as L Plate drivers. As they are still in learning phase, they tend to drive slower and cause fewer accidents.
As for Didi, the dare devil's favourite ride is the car slide, which is about the fastest car in the premises.

More Play options

More play corners
There are more play areas tuck into every corner of Hokey Pokey. For the girls, there is the dresser, doll play house and nursery to play at. There is also a reading corner for kids as well as a baby ball pit nested at different ends of the room.

For the adults

For the adults
There is no kitchen within the premises. However there are drinks options available at Hokey Pokey. In addition there are seating areas facing the playground that allows parents to keep a close watch while they can work on their computers or chit chat. Given the open concept of the place, having a vantage view of the kids is possible at the seating area. There is also a thoughtful pram parking area as well as lockers to store your bags while you play.
Party Room
With the larger space, Hokey Pokey is able to have a separate party room. This allows them to open the playground even when there is a party. Prior to this at Suntec, they do close for private events from time to time. For party details do refer here

Almost full house!
For those that are new to Hokey Pokey, there is a poster on the wall that tells the history of how 5 mothers come together to open a playground with the view that their kids can enjoy playing in it. We think their concept is a successs as could be seen with the large crowd that visited the place. It's only 3 days into the open an already there is a big crowd at Hokey Pokey.
You would be please to know that the rates are still kept the same even though they have moved to a bigger space.

Thanks Hokey Pokey, it was certainly fun spending the holidays with you!

The Little Details
9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk
#02-42/42/44/45 (Next to Parco)Singapore 039956
Tel : 68845385
Weekday (Unlimited Play)
$15 members $25 Public
Weekend (2 hours)
$15 members $25 Public
Membership at $50, siblings package available, terms applies.
Do refer to Hokey Pokey for more information.
The Wacky Duo were invited to roam the playground. No monetary rewards are given. All opinions are of our own

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