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Kids Fun @ Changi Airport Terminal 3

LG Optimus G @ Terminal 3
What do you do when it is pouring in Singapore?

For most of us, we will be seeking the comforts of indoor warmth. In cases like this when the kids would like to play, Changi Airport would normally be our choice destination for an impromptu night out.

We googled for events at Changi Airport via the LG Optimus G and found out that Fascinating Russia is in town. Another good reason for us to visit the airport.

Christian Moller's Daisy
Our favourite spot in Changi Airport would be Terminal 3. Since the early days when it was marketed as a family destination, T3 has grown to be a bustling place to explore for families. Scores of Singapore families would head down to T3 for a meal and shopping. It helps too that there are attractions within the terminal that caters to kids.
The first stop for us at the airport would be to meet Christina Moller's Daisy. We are always fascinated with the giant windmill that seems to follow our every move.

Coffee Club
Before we set off to play, we need to fill our stomach. It is always difficult to get a spot at the restaurants during the weekends and queues could snake for hours. Luckily,We found a spot at Coffee Club tuck away at the corner of the departure hall, yeah, lesser waiting time means more playing time.

Coffee Club do serve a variety of food. Some of the selections were not avaliable, but hungry boys like us would not mind. It's good too that the space is spacious so we could roam before food is served.

Surfing on LG Optimus G
While we were roaming, Daddy decided to do some roaming of his own on the LG Optimus G. It's a good time to catch up on The Wacky Duo updates. Surfing on the Optimus G is a zip with the unparalled Quad-Core 4G LTE performance.

After a wait of 20 minutes, our food has arrived.



After savouring gobbling our food, we headed to the Fascinating Russia exhibition. Changi Airport occassionally have exhibits that showcase the destinations of the world. The best part about this is that they are mostly free and comes with play options for kids.

Fascinating Russia
We got our passports and ready to set out to explore Russia

There is an ice skating rink , but it is only open on selected dates. It was not operating when we were there. Nevertheless it is fascinating what you can set up at the airport. The last time at the same spot, we were transported to Africa and experience a Safari there.

Ice Skating Rink @ the airport
Admission to the exhibition is free and last from 16th March to 7 Apr. For Ice Skating , you need to spend $40 to redeem an activity pass for 2. The opening hours for the ice skating would be from 12pm to 10 am. The rink will be open to public on 30/31 March and 6/7 April.

Alice in Wonderland
We toured the exhibitions and picked up a little Russan culture such as picking up Russian and learning that Swan Lake is from Russia.

Spot the Russian Dolls!

Slide @ T3

We were disappointed that Ice Skating was not available during our visit. However it was quickly replace with elation when we saw the Slide@T3 .

This has always been our must do list whenever we are in T3. Entrance to the slide will be at the far end corner of the arrival hall.

To ride the tallest slide, you need to spend $10 at the airport for 1 ride. The smaller version is free.

Kids Painting Corner

Want to do Art's and Craft? Head down to B3, near the slides at the Kids Painting Corner for Arts activities.

Kids Painting Corner


There is a playground at basement 2. Meant for kids below 8, it is usually pack on the weekends.

Indoor Playground

Zone X

On the same level is an amusement zone - Zone X. Small but sufficient for us to play some arcade games.

Arcade fun at Zone X

Singkids Playsystem

If you are looking for more playground, there is SingKids Playsystem at T3.The playground is for kids age 1-12, but we think any kids above 8 may find it unsuitable. Per play is $18 for 1 or 2 hours depending on non peak or peak periods

Singkids Playsystem

Other activities

Most of the kids acitivities are found in the basement, away from the travellers to and from Singapore. Occasionally you may spot interesting 'performances' at hidden spots at the airport.

What are we seeing?
For this trip, we spend quite a while people watching.

We were amazed by some B-boys strutting their stuff at a corner in the airport. It is a lesser known fact that we are into B-dancing now.

Feeling inspired, I decide to chip in with my own moves.

I enjoyed my mini self taught Breakdance moment infuse with a little Jazz. Dance like no one is watching.

Changi Airport is always an interesting and relaxing visit for us. If the rainy season returns to Singapore, there will be little doubt where we will be when it arrives.


  1. Wow! Changi Airport at its finest! Who will ever thought that an airport can serve as a local family destination.

  2. Hi Diane, it's a good thing the airport is less than 10 minutes away fm the nearest residential area. That makes going to the airport a breeze. I think they did well, esp with t3. Feels like a heartland Mall especially at the basement levels.:)


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