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LG Optimus G Review

Being appointed LG ambassador, The Wacky Duo are allocated a LG Optimus G for review and use.

Being non expert in the field of smartphones, I would not go into the technical specifics in the phone. You could probably find excellent reviews from CNET and Engadget . Rather for this review , I would highlight the key features of the new flagship phone from LG.This premium phone would be completing in similar price range and capability of Samsung S3 and the Iphone 5. Being classified in this pedigree class of smartphone, there is high expectations for this phone. Touted as the best LG phone ever produced by CNET when it was launched, we are pleased to receive this class act from LG.

The following few key features that makes the LG Optimus G a standout amongst its competitors.

Unparallelled Quad-Core LTE Performance

LG Optimus G is Powered by Snapdragon S4? The aid-Core Krait CPU is tested and proven to be the most powerful and fastest processor build with the latest LTE capabilities. If you want the phone with the zippiest performance till date, don't settle for the second best. * (As of Feb 2013)LG Optimus G is also awarded the well known DL editor's choice award

DL Editor Choice - LG Optimus G
Switching between screens is a breeze. Customizing the phone is less of a chore compared to IOS system. Within minutes, the phone is up and ready , customised and fully loaded. Compared to spending half a day setting the IOS device, this is fast.

True to Life Viewing experience

Brillant screen display
The 4.7 inch HD IPS display with 320ppi high pixel density will make eagle eyes out of most. No surprise that Apple had ordered its screens from LG. Another award winning feature is the zerogap technology. There is no air gap between the glass and the film sensor thus increasing touch sensitivity as well as reducing the thickest of the display. Making it one of the slimmest smartphone available.

Our favourite game on LG Optimus G
Be wowed by the richness in colors and sharpness of the screen. The large screen size made viewing website a absolute breeze. No more straining of eyes on a 3.5 inch screen. The phone is now the bona fide choice of 'break-time' phone for the boys. After games on a bigger screen always look more appealing to the boys.

Ultimate battery capacity and efficiency

800 charging cycle
Compared to other smartphones that has 500 charging cycles, LG comes with 800 charging cycles, thus expanding its lifespan. LG display capabilities also meant that it uses less than 70% less power than AMOLED display.
However in terms of daily use, the battery drains much faster than what we were used to. I discovered that if live gallery is selected, battery lifespan reduce by 25% in a typical day. A lightly use phone can last 12 -14 hours fully charged.

Ultra high resolution and ultra slim camera

If you love snapping pictures with the phone, the 13 MP will ensure you printable photo quality. Armed with functions such as smart shutter, time catch shot, live shot and cheese shutter, the phone is a viable camera alternative for those impromptu shots.

Instagram photos with LG Optimus G
The picture quality is not DSLR standard but acceptable for general use. Be prepared to be impress with the HD video quality taken with the phone. The build in Video Editor is a charm to use.

Masterpiece design

Jewel like back
A minimalistic jet black exterior with a jewel-like sophisticated back enhance the premium feel of the phone. The face that is made of Corning glass both front and back speaks of quality compared to other brands use of plastic for the body.
Perhaps LG should consider to change their slogan from Life's Good to Look's Good.

Greater user experiences with enhanced UX features for multi tasking and fun


Perhaps the most fun bit of the Optimus G would be the UX features particular to the phone. Loaded with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 , it offers multi- tasking features such as QSlide and Quickmemo. In addition, features such as Icon Customiser , dual screen dual play and nifty camera functions make it fun to explore and use.
With the extensive functions, it deserve a second look. I will be covering some of the features as we explore the phone over the next few weeks.

Free pick up and return service

In case your LG Optimus G decide to give you a break, you would be please to know that LG provides a free pick up and return service only for the Optimus G. This is applicable for repairs only and for pick up in mainland Singapore ( that means Sentosa and Tekong is out of the list). Simply call 65120555. Now that is what we call Good Service.


First impression counts for everything in technology. Prior to this, I was not even aware LG smartphone exist. For the last 5 years, the boys and I was only exposed to IOS devices. However it is a breeze for us to handle this phone and the transition was almost painless.
We love the customized features of the phone, the speed and the enhanced UX features of the phone. Certain apps in Googleplay was a letdown compared to the same apps in IOS. In addition, although Google Play store claims to have more apps than IOS, it would seem that the offerings are a tad older compared to App Sore. This is of no fault of LG, but whatever works on android, works like a charm on this phone.LG Optimus G may not be as famous as its Android Brethren but it is the phone that converts a harden IOS user to Android latest fan. In the past, if you ask me if I would ever touch an Android phone, I would most likely say no. After this opportunity to review the LG, I would gladly take up the offer of having an Android phone... make that an LG Optimus G!
After all , with a name like Optimus, you are sure to be in the company of Greatness

So Live Grand, Look Good, Love Greatness and pick an LG Optimus G to stand out from the masses.
Life's Good.

The Little Details
LG Optimus G is available at any M1/Singtel/Starhub outlet.Visit LG Mobile Singapore Facebook for the latest update on Optimus G
The LG Optimus G retails at $798 without contract.Main Specs :1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor and 2GB RAM.Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) .13.M pixel Camera.

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